Old Holborn

This small fortified town that lies in the west of the Watt’s province, near the Holborn lake. It has a very similar setup as Summit and was built around a temple.

Old holborn

Old Holborn is the most fortified stronghold and second most populated place in the Watt’s Province.
It’s economy is exceptionally stable and has not been hampered by the recent undead invasion of the area.
Majority of the population is human with about 20% made up of other standard races.

The official language is Terran.

Unlike most other troika-church formations, Old Holborn contains four religions (Boccob, Fharlanghn, Olidammara and Celestian) each having their main church in one the fortified corners.
Old Holborn was originally built by the dwarves as a mining fort, but was then abandoned when their tunnels were overwhelmed by the dark creatures from below.
Crown had later established it as one of their frontier points and used their own means to block the evil creatures surfacing from below.

As the Crown faced a new threat, it pulled it’s forces from Old Holborn, which left it vulnerable. At that point, a small party of powerful mages had defected from the lands of Kama. Seeing it’s potential, the mages had forcefully taken over the Old Holborn. Ever since, it had been ruled by the five.
When one of the 5 mages was assassinated while on a mission in the Crown City, the Old Holborns laws were reviewed and drastically changed to protect it’s citizens. It included laws over-ruling Crown’s authority in Old Holborn’s jurisdiction. This has instantly boosted it’s economy and trading traffic.

Ever since then (especially with the lack of details regarding the mages death), Old Holborn have distanced themselves from the Crown and at the same time from the Watt’s Province (Watt’s Province being very pro-Crown).

There is a populated area around Old Holborn, which grows its food and welcomes any travellers. It follows all laws of Old Holborn.

There is a very strange rule, once you enter inside the fort, you must stay there for 3 nights and once you leave, you may not enter back for also 3 nights. This is a very strange security measure.

To enter Old Holborn you must have a pass. (This is a piece of material with a magic mark on it).
To gain this pass, one must show your knowledge in the arcane arts, be educated or understand a small script of magical writing. There are other ways, but they are more complex, such as being sponsored.

The four main religions are described below:

Boccob temple:
Has all of your magic needs. Although it does not specialize in any school, the knowledge contained within its library is immense. The basic services are available to anyone who enters Old Holborn. More specialized needs would be costly if you are not a member of the church and are usually inaccessible to visitors.

Fharlanghn Shrine:
This temple specializes in travel and to some extent protection and luck. Any traveller is welcome here.
Transmutation school spells can be found here, as well as limited Divination and Conjuration spells.

Celestian Observatory:
Celestian is actually the brother of Fharlanghn and so the temples are very similar. The only minor difference is that Celestian temples provide more help to the ones who need it and have a minor specialization in Abjuration spells instead of Conjuration. They are adept in Divination magic.

Olidammara Guild house:
This temple is the most run down out of the four. The priests are vague and are not as friendly as the rest of the Old Holborn. This church specializes in trickery, luck but mainly in disrupting law (playing one of the main parts in pushing Crown influence from Old Holborn lands). This church specializes in Illusion and Enchantment schools.

There are also two groups that function inside the Old Holborn, these operate within all of the four churches.

The Elementalists who specialize in helping and fighting elementals, as well as keeping order in the universe. This particular settlement specializes in the Earth element, as seen by the number of earth elemental guards patrolling the fort (inside the earth and out).

The Paragnostic Assembly is sometimes described as a group of religious fanatics with a scholarly bent, and sometimes as an association of knowledge-seekers with faint religious overtones, depending on who you ask. In truth, this organization’s members are scholars, as faithful as they are educated and as knowledgeable as they are zealous. They whole-heartedly believe that knowledge is the ultimate prize and the ultimate power—beyond riches, beyond magic, beyond the gods themselves.

Crown also used to have a presence here, but has been promptly moved out some time ago.

Old Holborn

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