The rescue

Zook and Erathor were notified that there was a a disturbance of magic coming from the Nerull temple. Knowing that their friends were in there, Zook organised a small search party with the help of Raglin, a loyal mercenary mage of the Crown.

Erathor had to be charmed by one of the mages to overcome the fear of dungeons and leaving his fathers sword for a non-magic alternative.

Gaining the support of a couple of the adepts, they entered the dungeon. They fought off the Sword spiders that had defeated their friends and slayed a necromancer that was in a cloak of invisibility . The necromancer was identified as who they were hunting for by the supporting adepts. Checking for their friends vitals, they found Gotta and Thundor not responding to any healing.

Later checks found Gotta to be in critical condition and unfortunately, the wounds Thundor had suffered had been too much for his body to handle and his soul had departed his body.

Returning to the Crown camp, Lord Novartis himself congratulated the team for defeating the necromancer and gave them 5,000 gp.

Later on, reports of the three mages claiming that the real necromancer is still alive and that the group had faked the death to gain Crown’s favour and the reward. All were put under the guard of crown soldiers, with Zook in charge…

Entering the final Dungeon of Nerull, the Dungeon of death.

The party had once again encountered the large Crown crusade. Led by one of the crown lords, the crusade had set up camp and levelled the surrounding forest area.
Within the camp they found only the basic wares as most of the Crown ignored them or withheld useful information.

Zook, the party’s Bard and also a Master Sergeant of the Crown found out that the Crown were after a legendary necromancer that has been constantly just escaping from the grasp of their might.
Coincidently the crown were interested in a dungeon they had discovered not far from their camp and asked the party to scout it out and notify the knights if they find something. This was going to be the last of the three dungeons representing the very aspects of Nerull (Decay, doom and death).

Party entered the last of the Dungeons of Nerull, in the hunt for the last part of the artefact that should be able to return some of their fallen friends to life.

After passing through a wide, dark tunnel made up of blackened stone, they encountered 3 Sword spiders. A battle had commenced but it looked unfavoured towards the adventurers. Fighting for their lives they all went down, one by one.


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