Crushing the Necromancer's soul.
Fighting the first necro-sould spark.

The party had searched through the rest of the dungeon, trying to find something that would show that the necromancer was really dead, and could not be revived.

Merrick and Fury had remembered that to free a trapped soul from a necromancer you must destroy a specific item m that his soul is connected to, otherwise he will be brought back to life in about a year’s time.

The ranger and the rogue had also seen Thundor’s soul trapped behind some blue coloured, magic doors in their afterlife.

The party had decided to empty the pit of bodies by unplugging what seemed to be the plug.

Searching through all of the remains, they had found what seemed to be a magic box.
The box had layers of magic protecting its blue gates, just like the ones Eximere and Xan saw.

Upon getting past the protective layers, the box opened and from it a Necro-Soul spark spawned.

It’s accurate attacks quickly took down the monk.
The rest of the party using ranged attacks to wear it down.
It’s protective magics made almost every blow unnoticed.

Merrick had remembered the very weakness of a soul spark, it can not be far from the item it had been bound to or it will vanish!

Quickly reacting, he had grappled the tiny soul spark while Eximere picked up the box and threw it towards Fury.

The necro-soul spark was defeated.

In the box they found a beating heart, caged by a protecting skeleton hand.

Fury used his magic to incinerate both the heart and the hand.
The party unanimously decided that that was the final part of free Thundor.

Now all that was left was the small barn/tavern that was located up a very narrow and long staircase.

Xan had sneaked up, but while looking around had tripped and burst through the decayed door.
He found nothing around him but an old barn.

He reported back to the party and they had decided to clear it out.

Upon arrival, they had found that the bar stools were trapped and strong poison located at the bar.
They must have disguised this place as a tavern and lured unsuspecting travelers to be sacrificed to the necromancer.

There was not a lot of foot traffic and the blood on the floor was very dry, confirming that the necromancer had not feasted for a while now.

After burning down the barn they returned back to the summit camp.

The last of the three Nerull's crypts has been purified.
The tourtured souls have been released.

After searching the bodies of the defeater casters and acid goblins the party investigated the door on the balcony.

Sofir climbed the walls using his spider climb and helped the rest of the party up with Erathor.

The door was closed and trapped so the party used the pot of acid near by to try to open it. Unfortunately the acid did not have as much effect as it was hoped.
Sofir had activated the trap and he lost control of himself.
After attacking Xan and Erathor he was able to again gain control of his body.

Fury had then stepped in, to use his magic to successfully open the door.
From previously pouring acid on the door, a large part of the stairway down was covered in dangerous acid.
Everyone managed to mostly avoid the acid, except for Sagla, who rolled through it in his heavy armour.

Setting off traps and smashing through wooden doors they arrived at the resting chambers of his servants. Searching through they did not find anything really noteworthy.

The door next to the resting chambers led straight back into the original room, close to the entrance to the Necromancers crypt.

Eximere and Erathor smashed the main door and they entered a small chamber with a tomb, a closed door and a leaver in it.
Closer investigation of the tomb revealed something inside it.
The party prepared action to attack anything that comes out of it, but they were not prepared what came out. Hundreds of spider crawled out of the tomb and attacked the party.
The only effected way was to throw vials of acid at them.

Each tomb had a swarm of spider or bats (or both) as well as a hand print.
The party had discovered that putting a hand onto the print would decrease the power around the necromancer sarcophagus.

The party about to open another door.

At this point Xan the party’s rogue, did his job and found a dozen of traps which he disabled, whether it was taking the bold out, breaking it or setting it off!

They had also met a member of the dungeon masters guild, who had been taking care of all the traps. He had only told them that the leavers would not hinder their goal in anyway.
The party had also discovered that a narrow stairway leaves the dungeon and heads straight to a small tavern.

The necromancer had layers of protective magic surrounding his sarcophagus.
The only way this protection could be taken down was for all four of the hand prints to be touched at once.

They decided that Eximere would gain the necromancers main attention and he was not damaged from the previous encounters due to his acid resistance spell.

Fury would use his magic to do the majority of the damage while Sagla, Xan, Merrick and Sofir would activate the hand-prints. Xan had also set up two traps around the sarcophagus

As soon as the necromancer got up Eximere charged (with a successful jump) and Fury had shot a barrage of spells. The rest of the party quickly join the two in taking down the soul stealer.
Everything was going to plan but then a ball of frozen ice had left the palms of the necromancer and headed straight for the party.


The iceball inflicting major damage to the party and taking down Sagla the party was also faced with another problem. The undead had risen from the pool of sacrifices and were attacking the party from behind.

The necromancer took heavy hits from the party’s ranged weapons.
Fury had noticed the necromancer was very pale and not as strong as he could possibly be, perhaps from the lack of sacrifices.
Taking no chances he took out his wand and blasted the checked necromancer with a ray of fire, finishing the necromancer off.

Searching through his remains the party had found some powerful items:

Circlet of Will +1
Ring of Protection +1
Amulet of Natural Armour +1
Cloak of Fortitude +1
Gloves of Spellcraft +3

Unknown Robes
Unknown Belt

Potion of Fox’s Cunning
Unknown Scroll
Unknown Potion

Boots of Minor Striding (+5 ft and +2 Jump)

Necromancers Staff:
Staff +1
1/day False life

If the user is Evil:
Vampiric Touch 1/week

Thundor’s Soul

Past the gates of no return.

After resting deep in the wood, but not too far from Nerull’s dungeon, the adventurers woke up.
As Gotta was preparing his spells for the day, he had the sudden urge to climb the rather large tree they camped next to.

From there he was able to spot a small ruined building.
The party decided to investigate the ruins before heading into the dungeon.

The ruins showed something resembling an old workshop.
Further searches found weapons, scrolls and armour, broken trapdoors and a number of footprints.
The place had been ransacked for sometime and the party decided to move on.

Entering the dungeon Xan quickly investigated how the statue of Olidammara was doing.
Unfortunately it looked as if someone had come out of the crypt and had attacked the statue.
The half stone half flesh statue was not ruined, the joyous face of the statue had been disintegrated and the rest severely damaged.

Smashing in the wooden door they discovered a large room with stairs leading to a pool of acid on the left and on the right a 35ft indoor tower dominated the right hand wall with gargoyle and spikes shielding the rim.
As they moved in, from the balcony three mages appeared and started casting acid arrows and acid elementals.

The party was ready for this and protection from acid was cast on Sofir and Eximere.

Ethathor and Sagla charged the acid goblin archers, while the rest of the party dealt with the mages and their summons

During the battle Gotta had miscast and instead of a summon, he had conjured a large cloud of fog that now separated the party.

Sofir had cast Spider Climb to get into some close combat with the mages.
As he closed in, the mages fell one by one right in front of him by the attacks of his allies.
He leaped at the last standing mage and smashed him of the balcony. The mage had barely survived the 35ft fall, but was not prepared for the impact of the gargoyle statue that followed right after him.


Although the fog was somewhat difficult to move through, they managed to defeat the casters and their summons.

Two unopened doors and the main door to the crypt was all that remained unexplored.

More adventurous than some may think.
Necromancers, werewolves, drakes and dragons, what else could they find?

After protecting Argor and helping it recover, the adventurers headed back to Summit.

Having a quick rest and re-equipping, they set off to recover Thundor’s soul…

On the second day of the travel they had unknowingly encountered a toxic gas cloud which had hampered their travels.
At night time, they had camped on an open hill to make sure they avoid the heavier gas that may be lurking below.
Unfortunately, a couple of dragons had “spotted” their camp and picked at their magic items while they slept.
The party managed to respond quickly and damage the young dragons.

It was a miracle that Eximere was able to track them back to a stand alone mountain.
Fury quickly recalled that this was the Mt Dragmaur; rich in resources but just on the boarder of Summit, so it was very hard to source resources from it.

It was decided Xan would sneak in and recover Fury’s rod and the Summit banner that was given to Erathor.

Getting past brutish and magical dragon traps, Xan was confronted with heated drakes that continuously fought within the deep fire caves of Mt Dragmaur.

At the end of the main tunnel he found the dragon’s den with drakes taking safe refuge in the smouldering mountain exit and draconian workers carrying out various duties.

He was able to recover the two items and quickly get out before the two main dragons got back.

After trying to take down one of the last drakes, they quickly got back on the road to the Crown camp.

The party continued and met a friendly mining camp.
This camp had found a deep vein of gold and had expanded nearby to really take advantage of the minerals.
They had not heard back from the second camp for the past two days and asked the Lords to investigate, as they had encountered werewolves and had suffered heavy casualties.

The party reinforced the camps defences and continued to the second camp.

Upon arrival they saw a number of bodies and had spotted three half-beast and half-wolf creatures feasting on the bodies.

Acting quickly they were able to neutralize them and Sagla was able to save a couple of the villagers from turning in these accursed beasts.

Arriving at the Crown camp, something was not right, no guards at the gates, no one questioning their visit…

They had found out that the rest of the camp had left back to Crown, only those who wished (or forced) to stay at this now permanent Crown outpost, stayed.
Moving on, they travelled to the dungeon of Nerull and managed to open one of the side doors next to the main gate.

Inside they found a talking statue of Olidammara who convinced them to play her tinkering mind games in return for some of their life force.


They managed to win some of her games but decided to rest outside the dungeon and return the next day as they were running out of spells and tired from travels.

This was against her wishes…

Third Battle for Argor - Bloodstone gnomes
Outnumbered five to one, they fight for Argor, for Summit.

After being warned by the two saverly injured dwarves of the challenge ahead, they had scouted out the enemy positions in Argor.

The plan was for Eximere and Sofir to sneak into the main fortified building and after surprising the Drow, in someway let the rest of their allies know to attack.

Fury and Merrik were to attack from the side and Sagla, Erathor and Gotta were the main force who were to march into the thick of it all and tear up the enemy.

Eximere and Sofir managed to take out half a dozen unsuspecting drow. Eximere cast create water on the large bloodstone pedestal that was in the middle of Argor.

As the water splashed all over the stone, the Drow sounded the alarm and scattered the Bloodstone gnomes to find the intruders!

Seeing the oncoming party of gnomes, Fury cast invisibility on himself and Merrik used his innate magic to fly up a tree and hide while they pass.

The main force moved in and took on the gnomes and what appeared to be the main drow, head on.
Swarmed by dozens of gnomes they fought to the end.

Fury in his invisible form tried to push over the large wet bloodstone. Only on his third try he was able to achieve this feat.

Each member was now fighting for his life. Once again the party’s “ambush” plan looked like it was going to backfire…

Sofir was challenged by two drow monks, that both looked like they were better trained in martial arts.
Eximere was trying to hold his own on the upper floor of the main building, gaining an advantage by forcing the enemy to fight on the stairs. But the odds were against him.

Merrik was taking on two drow rangers who were ripping his soul spark apart.

The mage was attacking targets of opportunity. This time Fury was actually landing decent hits with his crossbow.

The brave fighter Erethor and Sagla were defending themselves from what appeared to be endless waves of gnomes. Sagla fighting defensively while Erathor went “all out”.

Gotta was trying to use his summons to lessen amount of gnomes attacking Erethor and Sagla, but his bears were quickly overwealmed.

Sagla was beaten almost unconscious; Eximere was also knocked out by a powerful monks headbutt.

Fury was showered with shuriken and a crossbow bolt and went down. Thundor was beaten by the last drow ranger.

Sagla and Erethor were taken down by the gnome masses and the drow sniper that was weakening Erethor with every hit.

The druid retreated into the forest, only to come back with a surprise attack on the gnomes trying to sacrifice Erethor.
Getting Erethor up with his last spell he was able to avoid the rest of the gnomes with his quick movement.
Erethor used his last resort and drunk the potion of Cure Critical Wounds. With his new health he dispatched the rest of the gnomes and their leader, but not before Merrik pulled himself together and recovered through inner strength, to take out one of the last standing monks.

Img 20101207 000829s

With the leader down, some of the gnomes scrambled and left for the forest.

Searching for any more enemies, Merrik opened the door to the house where the two drow rangers came out of. Not noticing the trap, he was splashed in the face with burning acid.

The party also encountered a gnome hiding in the church of Moradin.
In the churches crypt were the poor Argor villagers that had been tied down and bathed in poisonous gasses which kept them weak.

After a thorough search the party found the following noteworthy items:

+ 1 Halberd
16 x + 1 Shurekin ( + 1D4 acid damage)
2 x Robes of the Shining Hand + 1 ( + 1 AC)
Half plate
Breast Plate
Ring of Lesser Acid resistance
2 x MW Short Swords

6 x Scroll of charm person
Scroll of Ventiloquism
Scroll of Detect Thoughts
Scroll of Detect Object
Scroll of Touch of Idiocity
Scroll of Suggestion
2 x Scroll of Melf’s Acid Arrow

Scroll of Command
Scroll of Hide from Undead
Scroll of Iron Silence (CA)

Medium Bloodstone
Documents regarding “Grove of the Silver Leaf”

After searching through the house that had the majority of the drow, the party also found notes and another red scroll with the same markings as the two previous scrolls they had found.

Some of the documents found had directions to a “Grove of the Silver Leaf”
This grove is hidden from all who are not “pure”. Drow were instructed to use any force possible to find it and desecrate it, pillaging all worthy items and bringing them back to the Matriarch.

Hunt for the Firestarter
Hunting for the Firestarter, twisted Firestarter.

The party had made the decision to sort out their arcane problems before going to save Thundor’s soul from the inevitable consumption by the Necromancer.

After reorganising their equipment, the party ventured forth to Argor.

On the way there, they spotted something moving in the forest and got off their horses. This took away their disadvantage of being attacked while on horses as non of them were highly trained in mounted combat.
After trying to investigate the cause, they were ambushed by a group Bloodstone gnomes led by a Drow Priestess riding a dryder.


Eximere was ambushed first and held his own against eight bloodstone gnomes before falling to their overwhelming numbers.

Merrik was able to avoid the main battle and challenged the Drow Priestess. He was able to get her attention but also fell.

The rest of the party banded together and managed to dispatch the bloodstone gnomes, but didnt manage to finish off the drow.

Adventuring closer to Argor they were met by two Summit guards, one who had lost his arm, the other had his eyes torn out.
They were alerted by the events that took place in Argor: the drow had come with the bloodstone gnomes and captured the residents of Argor. The invaders (which were thought to be defeated by the Lords months ago) were looking for something. Unfortunately the dwarves had no more information as they were ordered to retreat and warn summit of the invasion.

The party had a quick rest while going through the plan of attack to save (once again) Argor.

Third month of Summit Rulership
Arcane magic - currently as popular as Black Dragons in Summit

The next morning, as the Crown forces were getting ready to leave The Lords of Summit asked if more healing could be provided to the recently resurrected Lords.

The Lords were notified that in a couple days time they would have to take up the reigns of Summit.
This time they had Sagla, Xan and Eximere to help with taking care of Summit, but unfortunately, Thundor was still dead, his very soul, stolen by powerful magic.

They had decided to elect the following Lords to oversee the twelve kingdom attributes:

Attribute (Ability) Invested Points Character Previous Score D20 Current Score
Military (Str) + 4 Eximere 2 12 1
Scouts (Dex) 8 Xan 2 16 1
Espionage (Dex/Int) + + 10 Eximere 0 23 1
Royal Guard (Con) 2 Fury 1 18 0
Mining/Industry (Con) + + 1 Sagla 4 20 5
Arcana (Int) - - 12 Fury -3 16 -5
Treasury (Int) 6 Xan 3 21 3
Trade (Wis) 12 Sagla 1 21 1
Agriculture (Wis) + 8 Gotta 3 16 2
Religion (Wis) 8 Gotta -1 27 -1
Politics (Cha) - 6 Sofir 0 7 -3
Diplomacy (Cha) - - - 2 Sofir -1 24 -2

Some of the attributes are affected by the races that reside within. Miscellaneous bonus’s are represented by pluses and penalties are with minuses. Usually the bonuses outweigh the negatives.

Also note that due to Arcana being at -5, Religion automatically loses 1 point as well as it is a related ability.

Rules for running a small province

Total amount owed to the church of St Cuthbert: 208,850 gp
Amount in Summit savings: 2,300 gp

After 6 long months, the party is almost back together.

Having defeated the necromancer, the party began to search the chamber for any more information that could help them enter the main necromancers chamber and save their fallen comrades.
Only Sofir, Fury, Gotta, and Zook were conscious.

They sensed magic energies around the throne, Fury and Gotta took a couple of swings with the Mithril hammer.

Soon after Gotta felt that the very nature that empowers him was slowly leaking away from him.

Fury’s elf senses had detected an abnormal crack on the wall, behind the throne. Upon investigation, it was secret door which had some old Druidic runes on it.

Gotta was able to decipher the secret word and the wall opened up.
An old throne, furry, bear like throne was the only thing standing in the opened room.
Gotta became suspicious and begun casting a bear.

The throne, instantly took shape into a large furry beast!
Aspect of karaan
Quickly understanding that it was weak against magic, Fury released a barrage of magic missiles. Sofir jumped onto the throne and managed to keep it busy by using the throne to his advantage.

Zook, badly wounded from last battle, took his time and let off the final bolt that took down the mighty beast.

The party recovered and found that the creature was sitting on a chest, which had skeleton heads on it with rusty crowns. One of the heads began to release a wave like dark red smoke.

Within minutes the skeletons they had earlier defeated, started to reassemble themselves.

At first, breaking the bones into smaller pieces seemed to be working, but the magic was too powerful. They party was also concerned about the health of their fallen friends who could be losing further health as they were in the dungeon of Nerull.

Sofir felt it was not within his ethical code to leave something so evil to exist.
He did a powerful kick at the skull that was emitting the magic and hit. Instantly the skull released its negative energies. The beam of pure destruction missed the monk by a few inches. The rest of the heads fell off and were shattered by the party.

The create contained:
Leaves and twigs
Scroll of Summon Nature’s Ally level 2 (Used by Fury)
Scroll of Bears Strength
Scroll of Cure Light Wounds

Potion of Delay Poison
Potion of Cure Minor Wounds

Staff of the Savage Hunt

On the return to the Crown camp they met up with some of Zooks friends and safely made it back. After arrival to the camp, they split up.
Sofir took Gotta to see the priest, who attempted to convert Gotta to the Heironeous ways, which didnt work.

It seemed that everyone that was skilful in the art of magic was able to detect their orb.
The cleric of St Cuthbert told them that it is best he and some Crown troops travel with them back to Summit to make sure the item is not lost.

They arrived at Summit and found that the St Cuthbert cleric was able to make the three part staff whole.
He then let them know that because it was going to cause him to use his gods energies to use the staff, they would have to agree to his terms of service:
*210,000 gp for Eximere’s, Sagla’s and Xan’s resurrection.
*At least 30,000 gp to be repaid yearly to the church of St Cuthbert in the Crown city.
*Help the church of St Cuthbert where required.
*Uphold Crown laws within Summit.

They agreed to make this agreement between themselves and the church of St Cuthbert.

Eximere and Sagla were returned back to life. Both were too weak and required some long term rest before any adventuring, but not before horrifying everyone with their news.
They both said the same words when they awoke: “We must save Thundor!”

Xan’s resurrection was a lot more difficult as his body was destroyed in the bag of holding when Sagla miscast and died.
All that remained is the powder left from the miscast.

The cleric confirmed that the dust does contain some humanoid dust.

By using more of his god’s energies the powerful cleric was able to use the staff to bring back Xan.

His ash appeared to grow into roots and soon the roots took shape of his body.
He also, came to life with the message that Thundor’s soul had been taken and he could not be brought back to life.

Total amount owed to the church of St Cuthbert: 211,350 gp

The last piece of the puzzle
Survived, with the party's HP totaling 5.

Entering deeper into the last Nerull dungeon than ever before, the party reached an area of naturally occurring stalactites and stalagmites where a large door blocked any further passage.

It was determined by Fury, Zook, Sofir, and Walmart that it was protected by necromatic energies and to pass, a sacrifice would need to be made. After some discussion (which included if the party should sacrifice the family of mice that lived in this cavern) Norrel had enough and touched the door.
His very soul could feel the finger of Nerull corrupting it with its filth. But then, something happened! He was able resist any of the damage and ward away the evil energies, as if an angel of Moradin was watching over him.

Continuing past, they discovered an ancient crypt of a powerful necromancer. On the gate to the crypt it read: “All those living who pass, will be turned in to the living undeath. All undeath who enter shall be gifted with a blessing of Nerull.” next to the gate, on the right hand side was an old wooden door and on the left was a door made of hard metal and wood with a mithril lock on it.

The party decided to open right side door, which summoned negative energies and gave life to a couple of magical skeletons, which were defeated quickly.

Deciding to choose a different route, the party used its mithril hammer to bypass the lock which led them down a dark stair way.

Not having anyone with good sight in the front, the party walked straight into a deadly trap.

The stairs they were going down suddenly transformed into a slide, the whole party bar Sofir slid down to the mercy of 4 skeletons, a skeleton owlbear and a necromancer who began casting magic from his throne.

Just managing to defeat their enemies the party found the last item to complete the staff of resurrection, the large, dark blue Orb.

Other items that were found:
4 x +1 Short Swords
1 x Gloves on Concentration + 2
1 x Ring of Iron Will

1 x Scroll of Sonic weapon (CA)
1 x Scroll of Guided shot (CA)
2 x Scroll of Protection from Good
2 x Scroll of Protection from Lawful
1 x Scroll of Mage Armour
1 x Scroll of Desecrate
1 x Scroll of Sound Burst
1 x Scroll of Death Knell

2 x Potion of Inflict Light Wounds
1 x Unknown potion

Regrouping for the final assault
Who will be the next casualty to Nerull's dungeon?

With Zook left to look after his friends in the large tent, the party had no way out. While they were planning their next steps, Zook had befriended one of the advisors of the Crown (A Cleric of St. Cuthbert) and talked him into sending his friends to investigate the rest of the dungeon. This was only possible as he was entrusted with his friends freedom and all actions they would make while under his supervision, would directly impact on his position in the Crown Empire.

It was past sundown but Fury and Sofir had talked Zook into going for a walk around the camp. Fury wanted to investigate a magic presence he felt while walking around the camp earlier and Sofir had noticed a lighting bold on one the flags near the armoury.

Using his spells he was able to find auras around the camp and finally finding a very strange tent made out of an unfamiliar material. It had such powerful auras that he could no longer maintain the spell and was force to end it, but not before identifying a very strong illusionary aura around a child outside the tent.
Outside the tent was a very bored Crown guard and a child sitting on a large stool.

After some small talk the child asked Fury if he was here for “kittens or toys”
Fury’s answer was straight to the point “You know what I’m here for”

With a small nod to the guard, the tent door was pulled back and they entered a magic shop.
At the shop they were overwhelmed with the choice of items and only 5,000gp to spend.
They ended up buying a spell book, some extra material for Fury to add spells to the new book and an Elven harp of charming from Gnomeblin.
One the way out the boy was no longer there, but a large troll was sitting his place…
On the way back Zook picked up some arrows and food for the party.

While Zook and Fury were spending the entire parties funds on their own equipment, Sofir was able to find a make-shift church of Heironeous. Upon entry, he gained some favour with a cleric was able to get gentle repose cast on Thundors body.

At the main tent, Gotta was able to bribe the guards (paying them their monthly wage) to let him out, for a walk. He had a mission to free a trapped wolf he saw earlier in the camp. He invited the dwarven Summit Knight, Norrel to join him to “have a look around the camp”.
Upon confronting the 3 lumberjacks (who were stationed just outside the Crown camp) he gave them the option of leaving. Not knowing any better, they threw insults at him and discussed how they tortured the barely breathing wolf. He swiftly destroyed them with his spells. Norrel had no idea what was going on as he was next to Gotta, in the tall grass.
Gaining favour with the wolf, he was able to heal it up before setting it back free.

On the way back they picked up some beers to thank Erathor for borrowing some money.

The next morning the party decided to find a crown scribe to record their adventure, so they had some independent evidence to show.
They found an adventurous halfling scribe by the name of Walmart.
He even offered to pay them for picking him…

Travelling down the road to the dungeon of Nerull (which has not taken two lives) Walmart shares a secret which he could not keep with Fury and Norell.
He had been told by Zook to carry this large crystal with him and not to tell anyone about this, for 200 gp.
Fury had quickly examined the crystal and realised that it was a powerful crystal of tracking. Using this crystal someone could know exact position of the crystal and potential listen, smell, see and even cast spells through it!
Gotta made a small floatable device out of the forest floor for it and they set it off on the near by stream to get rid of it.

Once they arrived at the entrance, they were greeted by some of Merrik’s ex-company. They had also spotted one of the main mages (Merrik’s master) lying on the ground, not moving.
It was an ambush!
Fortunately, the battle was in the favour as most dodged the fireball set off by the third hidden mercenary.
Merrik was now very confused as not only did his master betray him, he was also now dead!

The party pressed on and entered the dungeon, noticing that the initial field of magic that almost killed all who entered, was now much weaker strength, or even non existent.

Who’s life will this dungeon take this time?


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