The battle with the lightning beast!
The first dragon has been slayed, just.

As the party used magic to enchant their skills and abilities, the draconoain (Druga) had left to distract the Dragon.

The dragon was no where to be seen, only his kobolds counters and draconian guards were on the edges of the layer.

Sofir, Xan and Eximere had sneaked around the back while the rest of the party waited for the signal to rush the lair. Xan and Eximere went right towards the back of the cave while Sofir using a potion of invisibility had come only 30 or so feet from the dragon, ready to attack him with a flurry of shuriken if he attacked his allies.

As the draonian spoke inside the layer, the dragon immersed partially from the treasure pile and the floor. Druga had delivered the news that there was a traitor that was stealing the treasure from the dragon. The dragon was furious, wanting immediate information and to action the punishment right on the spot.

Eventually the dragon started to notice cracks in the draconians information and using his body tried to intimidate.
Xan, seeing this a threat to Druga’s life, had shot the dragon with a dragon slaying bolt, which sparked a chain of actions from the rest of the party: Eximere firing his bow, Gotta, Fury and Thundor moving into the layer and Sagla was finally able to move closer towards the entrance in his noisy plate.

The dragon was now enraged and had his kobolds and draconians moving in to help out.

As the heroes were fighting the dragon and his allies, the dragon let off a beam of lightning. The protection the party had proved to be well worthy neglecting the majority of the damage.

Xan had continued shooting from a distance with his collection of different bolts while Eximere switched from his longbow to his magical Halberd and joined in the melee combat.

Fury was using his magic to weaken the dragon and hitting the dragon with his Melf’s acid arrow before being forced to defend himself against the draconian guards.

Thundor had charged the dragon and was trying to grant advantage to Druga from the opposite side of the dragon.

Sagla, trying to cover as much ground as possible was hit hard by the beams and fell before he could confront the dragon with his spells.

Sofir, breaking his invisibility threw his shuriken but was not able to penetrate the dragons scaly skin and moved in for close combat.

Gotta had summoned his Giant Owl to face the dragon and used his bow to pick off dragons allies.

The dragon had fallen, but more of his followers were heard coming from the tunnels.

Fury had quickly searched through the treasure pile and used one of his last spells, a fireball to scorch the vermin in the tunnels. Xan, Gotta and Eximere dragged their allies all the way back to the main sewer entrance. There they had using healers kits and potions on their allies. Sagla and Thundor having many healing spells left from the battle, used them to heal everyone up.

Druga, not happy with the condition of the dragon (not dead) had used magic on Sofir to disguise him as a draconian.

They travelled back to the cave and convinced the panicked draconians and kobolds that they are here to “heal” the dragon. While the audience was with one, the other had finished off the dragon with a Coup de grâce.

As they returned, Druga gave a piece of the spine to Sofir as proof of the kill.

After leaving the dragons cave system, they departed with the draconians and travelled safely to Crown to claim their rewards from the churches of Pelor, Ehlonna and Corellon.

Enemy's enemy is your friend?
Let the light guide you...

The party had decided to go down the path with the spider webs.

They were hit by a couple of cage type spike traps with Oozes and a dead end.
Returning back to the room with the three sewer entrances the party realized that only half the party could go up the water way as the current was so strong.

Xan checked the water way out but found only that the further he went the more naturally eroded the tunnel was.

They decided to try the way up the sewer with the foul stench.
The sounds became more clear and Sofir had realized that they were not of mercy or pain, but of vengeance and hatred.

The main sewer tunnel had many smaller sewers merging into it and from one of these sewers came the voice.

They followed the voice and found that it led to a dungeon of some sort.
The creature bound to the wall had now become more vicious than before and was cursing them in draconic as they peered through the sewer grate with their everburning torch.
“Come closer you vermin creatures, so I can rip your head off!”
“Hiding in the sewer will only prolong your inevitable death from my claws!”

They broke the lock on the grate and climbed in.

This was obviously a torcher dungeon.

There were four half-human half-dragon creatures. One was decapitated, another had its body slashed almost in half. The third was hung upside down, blood trickling down its body from hundreds of small cuts.

The forth, cursing furiously at the party.

Rogue searched the room and found some tools and a bag with a scroll and a necklace.

Sofir, Thundor and Sagla tried to get the dragon creatures to join their fight, but even after healing the creatures, had no luck.

As they left, Xan shared the necklace with the rest of the party that he had found. The necklace was of the Sun. Sofir remembered that the creature cursed him: “The light shall scorch you”

The party went back up and found out that the dragon creatures were actually part of a sect called the Shador Guard. Thundor and Sagla were very excited as this group had Pelor’s followers in it. Xan took the superior locks off.

The dragon creatures had shared some basic information with the party, such as that they were draconian and came to kill the dragon but unfortunately thats as friendly as they got to the party.

They were able to compromise and join forces, to slay the dragon.
Unfortunately, only the draconian called Druga was able to help them as the other draconian, Zodil was missing his hand and part of his foot.

Druga and the others made a plan for Druga to distract the dragon, while the party took positions and ambushed him.

As they were planning. a couple of guards came in, and before the guards could turn and run they were slayed, with the Druga biting one of the draconian guards heads off to make sure he was dead.

The plan was set and they made their way to the Dragons lair…

Into the Dragon's den.
A forky situation.

Hiding in the forest line, the party was planning the best way to get inside the dragons cave.

From where they were, Gotta could see traffic in the mouth of the cave, humanoid creatures entering and exiting freely.

Xan had scouted forward and found two guards standing at what seemed to be a tucked away entrance on the side of the rocky hill. A very rough path led from the forest through the rocks to the guards. The main entrance did not have any dedicated guards, who would seriously go into the mouth of the dragon cave head on?

The party then sent Eximere out, to scout further around the large hill.
He came back with information that there is a medium military facility with dragon like humanoids around the back of the hill.

After much debate, it was decided that they would use the side entrance.

Sofir had used his magic to enhance the party’s movement with a spider-like ability to climb over the rocky surfaces.
Xan and Eximere had come behind the two half-dragon half-human well armed guards and waited for the rest of the party to attract attention before attacking from behind.

Gotta had turned into an eagle and circled the hill waiting for the right time to land and strike.

The rest of the party had managed to come surprisingly close to the guards before they were spotted. This was achieved by walking under the bridge, scaling vertical rocks and mainly being very very lucky.

One of the creatures had used magic to accelerate his speed and skill with his halberd, while the other was casting other unknown magic on himself as he drew a crossbow.

Eximere and Xan attacked the surprised crossbow guard, Xan dealing substantial damage with his precision.

Gotta landed and turned back into his human form and summon a bear to fight the crossbow guard, unfortunately the guard had high enough protection to essentially ignore the bear altogether.

Further away, Sofir powered with Thundors divine magic as well as his own, charged the creature and was holding his own. Soon Sagla joined in and Thundor assisted with his celestial dog.

They managed to dispatch the guards quickly, with only Xan going down due to what could only be called a “lucky shot” from the guard’s crossbow.

The party recovered and soon discovered the entrance to the door was magic.
Using expertise from Xan, Thundor and Sofir they managed to open the entrance. The floor below them turned into steps and they descended into the dark path below.

After a couple of hours of walking they reached a large hall with three large, sewer like entrances.

The one on the left had not been used in a long time and had no liquid running out of it; small cobwebs littered its sides.

The middle one had a significant amount of water running out of it. This water was not polluted.

Faint noises were heard from the one on the right. Sofir was able to distinguish the voices and it sounded like someone begging for mercy in draconic. Foul sludge came out of this entrance.

The party took a small break to make its decision on which entrance to take.

A night by the lake.
Sleeping in the dragons workshop.

The party decided to camp inside the fortified building on the side of the lake.
They made no effort to hide the bodies of the slain kobolds and others.

They had put up sentries and after about 2 hours a half dragon half humanoid came out of the water. After emerging from the water it freely stood up and walked like a deity across the lake water to the camp.
It had examined the area and did not detect the party that was hiding inside the house.
It was obvious this creature had no interest in the dead kobolds.

After about half an hour, two kobolds appeared from the forest.
They had exchanged something with the creature and waited for it to leave back into the lake.

As soon as the creature submerged, the party opened fire from the house at the two unsuspecting kobolds.
They were both taken down quickly with a volley of arrows, bolts a magic missile.

The party then camped in the house with two watches.
First watch was Eximere, Sagla and Xan.

As they took their watch, a pack of wolves came in and scavenged from the littering corpses.
The wolves searched the area and ripped and fed on the hobgoblin and bugbear bodies, barely tasting the dead kobolds.

The party stood as still as possible not to attract attention.

Their watch had passed and after exchanging information, Thundor, Gotta and Sofir took the next watch.

Xan had setup some crude traps outside the door to discourage any intruders.

They had spotted an injured wolf limping and unfortunately the wolves senses did not spot the obvious trap and was taken down by it.

Seeing this, Gotta ran down and healed the wolf. He then used his nature magic to calm the animal down and talked to it. The wolf was being hunted by 3 humanoid creatures.

Gotta took the wolf inside and told it to stay in the corner.

Outside, two kobolds and a hobgoblin wearing camouflaged gear were following the exact path of the wolf.

Noting the traps they opened the door and confronted Gotta, Sofir and shortly the wolf (which did not obey the “stay” command). Gotta set a bear and lighting on to the enemies while Sofir overwhelmed the enemies with his close combat and magic missiles.

Thundor was using his crossbow to take down the enemies from the distance on the top floor.

As they were taking the last kobold down, the wolf attacked Sofir.
Sofir took a couple of hits before subduing the wolf with a single strike.

Gotta quickly revived the wolf and set him free, the wolf before leaving ripped the off the hobgoblins head and an arm, dragging the main body into the forest with him.
Fortunately, the rest of the party was not awoken by the fighting and in the morning they moved out and made it to the edge of the forest where they could clearly see the cave entrance.

The Charged Saphire.
The heroes stumble upon another kobold camp.

The party had decided to hunt down the shaman that had escaped their last battle.
Eximere was able to easily track him as the hobgoblin made no effort to hide his hastily retreat.

After almost 3 hours of tracking through the forest the party came to a stop as Eximere and Gotta had spotted a band of kobolds.

There must have been a dozen of them and a handful of well equipped bugbears and hobgoblins.

There was also a large building which had large windmill and smaller waterwheel.

The party had retreated to plan an ambush.

It was decided that Fury would blanket himself in invisibility and cast fireball at the large group of kobolds. As the kobolds would panic and run into the woods the party would ambush them and cut them down as they ran past.

Everyone got into their positions.
As Fury cast fireball his invisibility was dispelled.
He had targeted a large portion of the kobolds, but these sneaky vermin were able to evade some of the burning fire.

The hobgoblin boss who had been partially burned by the fireball successfully relied his troops and moved his troops into the forest.

Another battle in the dense forest.
As the party fought on, the kobolds were getting the upper hand. Thundor was overwhelmed, Eximere was checked. Monk was doing his best by tripping his opponents and deflecting incoming missiles, into the enemies. Xan was staying out of sight and taking shots of opportunity. The Fury and the Druid were doing their best to keep the enemies at bay with their magic.

The party managed to defeat the enemy and as the last of the kobolts were getting away, using his newly acquired magic, Xan made a marksman shot and killed one of them, through almost 80ft of dense forest.

Searching through the dead bodies and the house they found the following:

12 suits of small studded leather armour
3 suits of medium studded leather armour
1 suit of half plate

Lots of arrows
10 Masterwork arrows
10 Short bows
8 vials of Spider poison (1D3 strength damage) DC 14
+1 Long spear
2 x Masterwork battle axes

2 x Potion of water breathing
1 x Masterwork bow makers kit (5 charges left)
1 x Masterwork trap makers kit (10 charges left)
Scroll of Water walk

Food and drink
Sleeping bags (camp stuff)
Orders to keep the surrounding area clear.
Notes that require deciphering…

4 x charged Sapphires
These Sapphires were being charged by the water and wind power. The felt static and gave you a small tingle when you touched them.


Kobolds camp! Ambush?
Another failed attempt at an ambush...

The party split up and tried to gather as much information as possible regarding the Blue Dragon.
They found that the crown has very thin patrols throughout this area and that trade has been really impacted.

They also found that the powerful half-dragon half-human creatures have been sighted in this region.

They set off, but not following the path to the dragon’s cave. Instead the party took the rout through the forest.
Gotta and Eximere traveled ahead guiding the party through the dense forest to avoid being ambushed on the road.

The party almost stumbled into a kobold camp.
Gotta returned to inform the party of the camp not 100 ft ahead.

As the party was deciding on how to deal with the kobolds they didn’t realize that their voices had alerted the vermin.

The party found themselves ambushed by a dozen or so forest kobolds.

Gotta summoned his bears to the front, dominating half of the supposed ‘ambush’ with a wall of teeth, claws and hair the likes of which the party had never seen before. Gotta then cast another spell. As he did lightning fell from the sky, taking out yet more of the enemy party.
Eximere shot back at the handful of camouflaged kobolds on the right.
Thundor was buffing the party and holding his own in the centre.
Xan was trying to takeout any that had put their guard down on both sides.
Sofir was doing absolutely nothing, instead thinking about chasing the kobolds on the left, trying to distract them from the main group.
Sagla was keeping an eye on the party, healing and buffing as well as taking a hammering from the armoured bugbear that had charged him.
Fury was conserving his powerful magic and using the lesser of his spells to take out vermin on the left flank. Eventually he decided to give up as a few bear claws nearly took him out on their way to their next victim.

The party had defeated all of the vermin, but at the expensive of a number of their resources.
This could have been a much easier fight had they had surprise on their side.

The party had gone inside the small hut made out of rocks and wood and after passing through the traps, (whether it was setting them off or disabling them) found some scrolls, gold and a document stating orders to the kobolds to protect this small part of forest.

They could not identify the signature at the bottom of the scroll.

Going to slay a Blue Dragon?
The leveled hero's face their first tpk opponent.

All of the heroes had gone to their respective churches to improve in their skills and abilities.
They had gained much extra power which they were eager to try.

From their churches they had gained additional information and quests regarding the current situation of the crown lands.

They had concluded that slaying a small nuisance to the crown, a blue dragon, would be the most beneficial for all of them. This dragon was seen only two days away from the city’s walls.

They had geared up and looked for a faster way to get there as they had limited time in the crown lands.

They had found two options:

  • To go with an old farmer, almost all the way and be paid 1gp/day/person for acting is his security
  • Travel with a small trader caravan, get paid 8pg/person, but they had to provide their own horses and its direction of travel would change after one day.

Xan took this decision into his own hands as he was fed up with the prolonged discussion that the party were engaged in and went to talk to the farmer.

He approached the farmer and tried to convince him to give them a bit more money, after all they were level 5 now.
The farmer refused, so Xan then threatened to kill the farmer and his family if he didnt do as he said.

The farmer picked up his scythe and threatened to use it if Xan came any closer.

When he came back to the party they had decided to go with the farmer and let him keep the money he was going to pay them… unfortunately after Xan’s diplomatic approach, this was no longer possible.

The party decided to travel by foot.

After traveling for two days they came within viewing distance of the cave where the dragon apparently resided.

The return of the King
To crown, to level 5!

As the heroes greeted paladins of Paladine they found that Decracious was only one day behind them.
They had used their resources to find the best way to greet Decracious.
They decided to use their skills and dividends that were paid from being lords to organize the return of the king.

Eximere: Talking to the wounded soldiers, getting as many ready for the next day as possible. He was quite successful, healing a leg of a warrior that had thought to be unusable.
Xan: Blended into the crowed and gathered intelligence regarding the grievances of Summit citizens, so some of these could be amended. He was able to confirm only the obvious grudges that the populous had.
Sofir: Knitting scarves with Decracious’s name on them and handing them out for free, unfortunately he was only able to make 10 of them as he had not previously used this skill, ever.
Sagla: Blessing the populous with his religious chant, reminding them of the importance of having a powerful divine king. He was able to get a fair audience.
Gotta: Managing the harvest for the feast and inspiring the populous with his forest knowledge. He was able to find the best and yet most sustainable food and drink from within the natural habitat for the feast. He was even able to find a very rare berry bush that gave the food an exotic “zingy” taste.

Thundor was then able to use all of this and give a formal speech to the Summit.
Unfortunately he had a terrible cough and was not able to throw his voice to the majority of the audience, he had also mispronounced Decracious name and quickly lost interest of the crowed.

Fortunately his allies had done a good job and the generous amount of money invested also gave a substantial boost to making this a celebration one to remember!

Once Decracious had arrived they had a filling feast.
He had told them that he had traveled to many damned places to retrieve all of his equipment, including his mighty stallion.
They exchanged information (such as he had a 50,000gp bounty on him and that Crown had tightened it’s laws) and the next day Decrecious had summoned them to the Kama’s portal level of Summit.

Here four great columns stood, curving at the end like scorpions tales, in a circular pattern around the runes that covered the center of the floor.
Next to each of them stood a paladin.

Decrecious had explained to them the basic workings, but Sofir knew the more advanced arcana behind this ancient system.

Sofir explained that traveling through this is like traveling up a very slow moving river, the faster you swim through the multicoloured wind patterns of magic the faster you emerge on the other side and the more control you have. The travel through these portals is not immediate and if there is not enough power or the traveler can not “swim” through it, one could be stuck in this medium forever.

The main hub is Crown and you can not tell if someone is accessing your portal until you enter the network.

Derek had explained that he organized for them to be greeted on the other side, but because of the distance, there is a small stop, a relay station and that they would have to activate the last part of their journey themselves.

They had not a lot of time to prepare and after saying their goodbyes departed.

Traveling through this portal was tough and mesmerizing at the same time. Waves of multicoloured wind would batter them from all sides and staying on track proved difficult to most except for Eximere who had time to slow down and time his exit with the majority of his friends.

When the party arrived at the relay station through the portals, what greeted them was a pair of giants; standing on either side of the portal. Though they were surprised and Eximere managed to draw first blood, the pair quickly organized themselves and began to attack Sofir, Eximere, Thundor and Gotta. Sagla and Xan were unaccounted for at the time, leaving four of the party to fend for themselves.

Frost giant

Upon gaining his feet, Gotta and the unarmed Thundor immediately moved out of the range of the giants and began casting their spells – with the former summoning his bears and wolves and the latter hindering the giants’ fighting capabilities with his spells.

With the druid and the favoured soul some distance away, the giants focused their attention on the monk and the ranger, who did well to avoid most of slow attacks. However their luck could not hold out forever, as all it took was a single hit to seriously injure Eximere and Sofir.

It was only then that Xan arrived, and shortly Sagla, both falling unceremoniously on the ground in a sprawl. Xan quickly moved behind one of the giants – the smaller of the two – and struck at vital and critical points with his sneak attacks, almost bringing the smaller Giant to the ground. Sagla soon noticed that both the ranger and monk were quite badly hurt, and began healing them as well.

With Eximere nearing unconsciousness and Sofir apparently holding his own against the giant, Sagla began to empower himself with his spells, strengthening his attacks as well as improving his defenses.

Thundor was able to keep the Larger giant busy with his continuous stream of celestial dogs.

The combined efforts of Xan, Gotta and Eximere were able to defeat the smaller giant, and the party soon focused their efforts on the larger giant. Sagla also finished his casting, and went in for the attack.

The frost giant was not unintelligent, however. Quickly striking out at Eximere and Xan, who had now circled around the giant, he was able to knock the two unconscious, and he quickly began to use his abilities to freeze the party. With their movement hindered, all the party could do was chase after him as best they could, but ultimately the giant was able to escape the chamber and run into the forest outside.

With the immediate threat over, Sagla and Thundor began tending to injuries sustained in the battle, and Xan’s search of the fallen giant quickly revealed that the two giants were there in an attempt to collect the bounty on the heads of the Summit Lords.

Sofir was lucky enough to just manage to active the ancient device and they all headed on to Crown.

Arriving at crown, which had a lot easier landing, they were greeted by a small company that claimed they were assigned by Decrecious to help the party advance in their skills.

The party dispersed, being guided to each of their trainers under their deity’s churches.

All of the party level up to level 5.

The return of Thundor and return to Summit
Thundor is finally back!

The party was crossing the last river before they reached Summit, only few hours travel away when Gotta had spotted that a tree that had passed and another one up ahead had a strange feeling to them. His nature knowledge kicked in and he remembered what these trees were.

He told the party to run as he cast a semi ring of hot ash before one of these creatures.
The large tree-like creatures moved in a caught the party just as they finished crossing the river ford.

The large creature slammed the party with their huge branch like hands dealing savier amounts of damage. A druid also came out of the forest a rolled a small ball of ice at the exposed party.

Mad treant

The party scrambled to avoid taking any further area damage.

Unfortunately Sofir and Merrick went down, but not before Merricks flame shield was able to burn one of the tree creatures.

Xan and Gotta retreated, Xan sneaking up on the Druid while Gotta summoning a bear to help in the fight.

Eximere fought on, making the fatal blow against one of the smoldering tree creatures and dodging powerful blows of the other.

A huge bolt of lightning hit Eximere and he went down shortly after.

Gotta and Xan were able to dispatch the druid and the last tree creature, Gotta’s bear ripping the druid to shreds and Xan making a precise and final blow to the tree’s head.

Getting the party back up, in the inventory of the dead druid they found that they had a bounty on their head (2,000 gp each) and so did the King of Summit, (50,000gp).

Gotta also misused some of the scrolls they found, but fortunately nothing dramatic happened.

On return to Summit they had found it had been infiltrated by a small group of goblins and bugbears. The guards had taken light casualties and the intruders were fought off.

They were also told by Dominique that a Werewolf was caught in one of the mines. Sofir investigated this matter and the miners had collapsed the mine (which had one the Mithril veins) killing two of their friends but rendering the werewolf. It was now chained up in the dungeon, under Summit.

Xan had made preparations for the arrival of Ehlonna’s priestesses in the forest.
He broke the stone and summoned them. She came through a tree, with about a dozen guards, all very well armed.

They had successfully resurrected Thundor, adding a silver leaf to his body to give him the final breath of life. As they left, two of the priestesses were told to stay behind at Summit.

The next day they started to prepare for their Summit duties.

They had decided to elect the following Lords to oversee the twelve kingdom attributes:

Attribute (Ability) Invested Points Character Previous Score D20 Current Score
Military (Str) + 6 Eximere 1 20 2
Scouts (Dex) 6 Sofir 1 22* 2
Espionage (Dex/Int) + + 8 Xan 1 10 -1
Royal Guard (Con) 4 Eximere 0 5* -3
Mining/Industry (Con) + + 1 Sofir 5 10* 3
Arcana (Int) - - 12/6 Fury/Xan -5 37 -3
Treasury (Int) 4 Fury 3 23 4
Trade (Wis) 4 Gotta 1 22 1
Agriculture (Wis) + 4 Gotta 2 8 1
Religion (Wis) 8 Sagla -1 18 -1
Politics (Cha) - 6/2 Thundor/Sofir -3 19 -4
Diplomacy (Cha) - - - 6 Thundor -2 16 -3

Some of the attributes are affected by the races that reside within. Miscellaneous bonus’s are represented by pluses and the penalties are with minuses. Usually the bonuses outweigh the negatives.

  • Are the rolls affected by the poor Arcana.

There has also been a positive effect from the donations made to the churches in Summit. This effect had an impact on Religion and it’s related attributes.

The return to Summit
Crown camp will never be the same...

After clearing out the necromancer’s dungeon and burning down the barn, the adventurers headed straight back to the Crown camp.

Upon arrival they had overviewed that the camp is no longer as tightly managed as it was when the Crown Lord was present.

A number of other travelers, including a group of elves and another group of goblins were trading some goods.

As they were getting some well earned rest, they felt the ground shake and loud thumping noises coming towards the camp.
Preparing for battle they saw a couple of giants with a large bag being threatened by the Crown forces.

Before they could interfere, Gnomblin told the guards to take the bag, gave the giants a small pouch, thanked them for the delivery and told them to leave, in Giant. As the bag was carried it sounded like there was a lot of metal in it.

Trying to find someone to help them resurrect Thundor the party got hold (through Zook) of one of the St Cuthbert priests who said the resurrection was possible by his friend if they party had made a donation to St Cuthbert of approximately 100,000 gp. But the party had to make a suitable initial donation for him to even consider this.

After making the initial donation the party looked at other, cheaper ways of getting Thundor back.

Xan had discovered a group of elves who had Ehlonna’s emblem on their armour.
He approached them and was able to gain access (by traveling through what appeared to be layers of bark of a tree) to a military camp of Obad Hai, Ehlonna and Corellon. Through another tree teleport, he was then taken to a priestess who told him that she would do it for a mere 35,000gp and gave him a blue stone. The party had to also surrender the mildly evil staff that had been carrying from the necromancer. She told Xan to break it when they were with Thundor’s body and she would be there as soon as she could.

As Xan traveled through the camp, which was based in a very dense forest, he saw elves in armour made out of metallic leaves, banners of Obad Hai, Ehlonna and Corellon and mages traveling on clouds entering a massive tree.

New high elf miniatures 2010 october

He met his allies back on the other side of the teleporting tree and told them about the good news.

As the elves departed from the party, Gotta risked it and spoke in the language of the nature. All five of the elves turned and demanded to know how he knew the language.
He was able to explain without causing any more trouble and the young female cleric had indicated that she will come with the priestess to resurrect his friend.

For the next couple of days that had traveled to Summit, but a small annoyance was stealing their gold while they slept…

Only one day from Summit and they had encountered something very unexpected…
(Gotta rolled a 3…)


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