Decracious Reidith

King of Summit


Decracious Reidith (also known as Derek Reid) is the King of the Summit province.
He is an experienced Human Paladin with the an unfortunate past.

He was a hard labour worker for a small mining company in the underworld and a regular drunk at the local tavern.

The party had learned about his miserable past and decided to help out by getting his armour, sword, shield and honour back.
When they had returned all four back to him, he had returned to his full strength and went on the search for his loyal horse.

As a reward for the great deed the heroes had done, he had given Xan, Eximere, Fury, Thundor, Sagla, Erathor and Sofir the Lord of Summit title and told them to meet him there.

They met again in Summit in about a years time, Decracious taking the role of the King and the heroes as his advisors.

He worships the god of Paladine and has a small group of loyal knights who follow him in his travels.


Decracious Reidith

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