With Ehlonna's blessing they went forward.

To the Watt.

Xan had talked with his contacts and was able to convince the party to go on a quest in the name of Ehlonna in the Watt’s province.

The party used tree travel and soon found themselves in a land depleted from life. Even the mages (Fury and to some extent Sofir) could feel sorrow for the dead tree trunks that had spaciously littered the fields ahead of them.

The mission was clear, the undead were a threat to Summit and the party pressed on.

Passing by a very sickly skinny looking girl near one of the hand-full of trees that were not cursed with the almost inevitable death.
They approached with caution, only to find it was a nymph. The nymph had been slightly tainted with the undead stench, but seemed to be partially resistant to it.

There was nothing they could do except to give her water and the party continued.

Not an hour had passed when they had entered light fog. As cautious as ever they had bunched together to give better protection to each other. They were only partially surprised when a huge undead giant, and warrior like skeleton and a meaty humanoid with missing flesh charged them head on.

The combat was fierce, but the party was able to get the upper hand on the battle with Sagla using his undead turning powers and Xan skillfully striking from behind. Fury hurling his spells at the easy targets while Thundor, Eximere and Sofir took the undead head on with their weapons (Thundor’s and Sofir’s weapons proving effective at breaking the undead bones). Gotta’s bears had some resistance but managed to take the majority of the damage from the undead who could not perceive summons from the living.

The battle had taken little of their resources.

Xan had searched the corpses to find that these undead were not marked by the usual mark of Nerull, but a a mark NONE of them had seen before. Although some of the mark was decipherable.


Do we still get bonuses for posting lol


Nah, now you get bonuses only by physically being here* ;)

  • Here is where ever I am at the time.

I am where you are – on the interwebs. So, bonuses for me :)


So is this where we post what our characters do? Or are you setting that up in the forums?


Im still setting it up. But it will be essentially round by round images posted in one adventure log per battle.
Trying to get an integrated dice roller activated on here so I dont have to roll the dice or use third party programs.

This comment took me almost 2 hours to post as I found out we are going to Ministry of Sounds this weekend (which is 10 minutes away) :)))))

The first battle map should come online shortly.


So what I need is picture of your character from head to toe AND your stats/items sent to me via Obs, face or any other form of mailing system (excluding actual, physical mail)


There is a dice roller on obsidian, look at the top of the page to the right of Blog and click on the image of the dice


Yes, I know. But I would like one where you could execute the random DX roll instead of me.

Something like: I attack the dragon[ [D20 + 5] and if I hit I do [D8 + 4] damage!

Actual post: I attack the dragon 14 + 5and if I hit I do 3 + 4 damage!

But apparently that is not something that is on their priority list…
I shall do the results and rolling until further notice.


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