Undead Ambush!

Very unexpected...

The party had continued on through the light fog and reached, what appeared to be a camp site.

As soon as they heard the enemies (Gotta 16 + 8, Party 3 + 6) they armed themselves.
They could not have seen the enemies approaching (Gotta 6 + 8, Party 6 + 6) and so were partially surprised. The enemies were not able to capitalize on the surprise, except for the two hooded humans who were wearing medium armour.

They began casting spells and the undead skeletons near them bolstered, with brighter red eyes and unholy strength.

Mushroom battle 1
Minimum Initiative required: 0

The skeletons were armed with shields, swords and torn banded mail, while the dwarf was wearing plate armour with a light shield and a warhammer. The humans have two-handed flails.

Nature: (Gotta 16 + 12, Eximere 4 + 4 (Fail), Fury 16 + 5) The Mushrooms are extremely poisonous to humanoids and cause eye irritation if anyone comes within 5 ft and possible blindness.

Spot: (Party 8 + 6, Gotta 12 + 8) There is some highly flammable dead grass around the P13 square, so is the tree and the branch in the M-N:3-4 area.

Nobility and Honour: (Thundor 7 + 4, Fury 7 + 5) (Fail)

Religion: (1 rank required Sagla, Thundor, Fury) The skeletons look better preserved than usual…

Other notes: M-N:3-4 is difficult terrain, so is 5D as it is the trunk of a dead tree. The area around the tree is not difficult terrain.

Xan is F6 and Gotta is 5H.

The area you are in had the fog disperse to the limits shown…

Round Two View so far :
Mushroom battle 2

Round Three View so far:
Mushroom battle 3

Round Four View so far:
Mushroom battle 4

Round Five View so far:
Mushroom battle 5

Round Six View so far:
Mushroom battle 6

Round Seven View so far:
Mushroom battle 7

Round Eight View so far:
Mushroom battle 8


You also have your standard array of spells at -2 from each tier. Example Fury would have 2 level 0, 2 level 1, 2 level 2 and 2 level 3 spells already used.

Fury, Xan, Gotta and Sagla, please make a default array of spells so that I can keep track of which spells have been used.

Your HP is at maximum -5 HP

Your characters will be fighting as is on obsidian character profile (obviously only to your disadvantage…)

Undead Ambush!

Here are some additional rules.


Undead Ambush!

Okay lets see how this goes (I somewhat forget if you can do this in your version of the game so please let me know if anything violates the rules).

Thundor will cast Shield of Faith on himself, while if possible going into the partial defense stance. (Thundor now has 4 spells of each level [0,1,2] available to him)

Undead Ambush!

Sofir moves to L 11 and casts burning hands on squares M12, 13, 14, N12, 13, O12. Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: 15 ft.
Area: Cone-shaped burst
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Reflex half
Spell Resistance: Yes
A cone of searing flame shoots from your fingertips. Any creature in the area of the flames takes 1d4 points of fire damage per caster level (maximum 5d4). Flammable materials burn if the flames touch them. A character can extinguish burning items as a full-round action.

Level 3 caster so damage will be 3D4

Undead Ambush!

If we have not slept since last time, I still have Mage Armor (cast with the extend spell rod, it lasts for 10 hours). If this is not the case, then one of my Magic Missiles is a Mage Armor (having not been cast for that day yet). I would argue that if I am down to 2 spell then I would have already cast Mage Armor on myself, with the extend spell rod.

My spells are:
Level 0: Disrupt Undead, Detect Magic
Level 1: Magic Missile x2
Level 2: Melf’s Acid Arrow, Command Undead
Level 3: Magic Circle Against Evil, Fireball

If I DO have Mage Armor cast one me already: Move to K6 and cast Magic Missile: 2 bolts at the plate male dwarf, 1 bolt at the hooded human.

Magic Missile
Evocation [Force]
Level: Sor/Wiz 1
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Targets: Up to five creatures, no two of which can be more than 15 ft. apart
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes
A missile of magical energy darts forth from your fingertip and strikes its target, dealing 1d4+1 points of force damage.

The missile strikes unerringly, even if the target is in melee combat or has less than total cover or total concealment. Specific parts of a creature can’t be singled out. Inanimate objects are not damaged by the spell.

For every two caster levels beyond 1st, you gain an additional missile—two at 3rd level, three at 5th, four at 7th, and the maximum of five missiles at 9th level or higher. If you shoot multiple missiles, you can have them strike a single creature or several creatures. A single missile can strike only one creature. You must designate targets before you check for spell resistance or roll damage.

If I DO NOT have Mage Armor cast on me: Move to K6 and cast Mage Armor

Mage Armor
Conjuration (Creation) [Force]
Level: Sor/Wiz 1
Components: V, S, F
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Target: Creature touched
Duration: 1 hour/level (D)
Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance: No
An invisible but tangible field of force surrounds the subject of a mage armor spell, providing a +4 armor bonus to AC.

Unlike mundane armor, mage armor entails no armor check penalty, arcane spell failure chance, or speed reduction. Since mage armor is made of force, incorporeal creatures can’t bypass it the way they do normal armor.

A piece of cured leather.

Undead Ambush!

Sagla casts Searing Light on the undead at O13. Ranged touch attack roll is 1d20+3 (Just my BaB.) If it hits, (which it never does) 5d6 damage.

Undead Ambush!

Er, I reflexively hit submit. Do we still have 3.5g rules? >_> After that standard action, I move to L6.

Undead Ambush!

It seems the others were all posting the stats for the spells, so just in case my earlier post lacked clarity;

Shield of Faith
Level: Clr 1
Components: V,S,M
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Touch
Target: Creature Touched (In this case Thundor himself)
Duration: 1 min/level (i.e. 5 mins)
Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)

This spell creates a shiummering, magical field around the touched creature that averts attacks. The spell grants the subject a +2 deflection binus to AC, with an additional +1 bonus for every 6 levels you have (maximum of +5 deflection binus at 18th level).
Material Component: A small parchment with a bit of holy text written upon it.

Grish, please let us know if we dont have to type this stuff out everytime.

Undead Ambush!

Thundor Successfully cast Shield of Faith. You do not need to cast on defensive as there is no one to take the attack of opportunity at the time of the casting. You now have Shield of faith and have finished casting your spell.

Please post all of the main sections of the spell. So for Shield of faith: Duration and target.
For a spell like Burning Hands, I would need the following:
Type of save (Reflex, Will, Fort)
Spell resistance
Area of effect
Damage dice

Essentially I dont want to be working all the stats.

The more information you give me the better. Also, Always include the Material Component :)

Sofir, you set squares O12 and N13 are on fire! You also have Mage Armour from the last battle.

Fury, You move to K6 and release three missiles of energy from your hands! Two strike the dwarf for 6 damage and the third missiles flies right through the skeletons rib cage (between his ribs) and hits the hooded human for 3 damage! You also have Mage Armour, but Fury’s version.

Sagla, you project a blast of light from your open palm, the the searing ray hits the very top edge of the skeletons shield, redirecting the whole ray directly under his jaw, through his head (20 +3, 7 +3). The skeleton takes 28 Critical damage! The upper torso is turned into ash and whatever is left crumbles into a pile of bones.

It wouldn’t have crit normally… but everyone is flatfooted at the start of the round… so No +1 Dex bonus. YOU are very lucky.

(Screen shot or it didnt happen!)
!http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/70017/Searing_light_crit__Zomg_.jpg(Searing light crit zomg )!

Then it’s the enemies turn!

The Dwarf takes a step forward and blasts a 10ft radium area originating between Fury, Eximere and Thundor with a tremendous cacophony! Sagla, Fury, Eximere and Thundor are affected by the sonic blast! They ALL take 7 points of (sonic) damage.
Fort save vs stun (as per your character sheet)
Eximere: 2 + 6 = Fail, Eximere is now stunned and drops his two weapons.( I have now have AC of 13…)
Thundor: 14 + 6 = save and resists the shattering noise!
Fury: 4 + 3 = Fail, Fury is now stunned and drops his staff.( You now have AC of 12, welcome to the club)
Sagla: 15 + 6 = save and resists the shattering noise!

Stunned: A stunned creature drops everything held, can’t take actions, takes a -2 penalty to AC, and loses his Dexterity bonus to AC (if any)

You now notice a small item in his lips that might have generated all of this sonic chaos!

The both remaining skeletons charge, one catching Gotta flat footed! 17 + X! Hit and does 2 + 6 for a total of 8 damage.

Sagla, the other skeleton charged you! 19 + X, 7 + X, his attack connect but in the last second you manage to block a hit your head! You still take 4 + 6 damage from his scimitar!

Eximere Action: Stunned until his next round …
Xan and Gotta are now on full defence.
Round two! (You have until Sunday to post your actions, even if it’s just “stunned”)

The Hooded man charge in!
One charges straight for Eximere, trying to take him down while he is stunned, but causes a AoO from Sagla: 7 + 5 (Character sheet not updated…) and just misses the enemy. The man attacks stunned Eximere: 5 + X and also misses!

Xan (who is on full defence) is attacked by another hooded man 2 + X and he also misses!

The last hooded human charges through the fire (Reflex save: 12 + X and catches fire! Taking 1 point of damage… but he still on fire! He attacks Sofir: 3 + X and misses.
All three missed…

Undead Ambush!

I should probably proofread my posts…

Undead Ambush!

Single strike enemy in front of me with my staff
attack 1d20 + 4 (+1 staff + 1 str + 2 BAB) inlficts 2d6 +2 (1 str + 1 staff) frost damage on a hit

Undead Ambush!

Did we take damage previously?

If I’m hurt – I combat cast cure light on myself. (1d8+5)
If I’m not hurt – I hit him normally with my rod/light mace (1d20+6, 1d6+3)

Undead Ambush!

Jono, at the start of the battle you were at full health – 5, you then took a further 7 points of sonic damage… Not sure if that would classify as “hurt”. Please repost your action.

Undead Ambush!

Sofir: you strike at the enemy and misjudge your attack! 1 + 4, (Dex check 12 + 3 = you don’t fumble).

Undead Ambush!

Ok, so if I read it right I was on full health when the battle started, and now I’ve taken 17 damage. In which case, I attack with my mace. (1d20+6, 1d6+3)

Undead Ambush!

Thundor moves to O7 and attacks the guy in P6 with his mace (1d20+5, 1d8+2), likely provoking an AoO from the enemy in M6.

Undead Ambush!

Oh also casting Guidance as on orison on his attack roll to make it (1d20+6, 1d8+2)

Undead Ambush!

Sorry Jono, your total health is 32 (8 start + 5 Con + 4.8 × 4). At the start of the battle you were at 27 and have now taken 17 damage which puts you at 10 HP…

*You also did not state who you are attacking… 1,2 the hooded man, 3,4 the skeleton. Roll = 1.
Sagla attacks the hooded man: 12 + 6 is enough to hit him! You do 4 + 3 points of damage! With your heal skills (passive) you can tell he is at about half health.

Thundor, as you pass by the Skeleton who lunges at you: 18 + X, he hits you for 1 + 6 (7)damage!

You ignore the wound and strike at the dwarf: 18 + 6 and hit! Dealing 3 + 2 points of damage with your heavy mace.

Eximere: finishes being stunned…*

Undead Ambush!

Xan: Performs bluff check (+7 from memory) in order for enemy adjacent (F5) to become flat footed.
Then, Attack with Dagger +1 (1D20 + 1 + 4 to hit), 1D4 + 1 damage and additional 2D6 sneak attack damage. Then take a 5ft step to 7G

Undead Ambush!

Xan: You can only do 1 standard action per round. Using bluff in this way (feinting) is a standard action.

You try to feint: 18 + 7 which beats his 10 + Sence Motive + Base Attack Bonus. Success! The hooded man will not be able to dodge your next attack as effectively! You move to 7G.

The Enemy dwarf takes a 5 step back to R6 and casts a spell directed at Thundor!
Thundor rolls a will save: 9 + 8 (mind effecting) and saves, just!

The skeleton fighting Gotta attacks again: 6 + X, misses Gotta.

Sagla, the skeleton makes an attack against you: 10 + X (Im assuming you have a light steel shield and Half Plate)

Gotta is still on Full Defencive and Fury is no longer stunned.

Round 3

The hooded man on fire takes a step to N11 and takes a full round action to extingusih the flames: DC 15: He rolls 8 + X and is still on fire. He takes another 1 point of damage.

The hooded man in 5K attacks Eximere: 12 + X and just misses him.

Xan, the hooded human you had tricked takes a 5f step back to G5 and casts a spell at you!
Spell Resistance: 8 + X = Enough to bypass your resistance.
Will save: 5 + 1? = 6. You are filled with horrible dread and become shaken.

_A shaken character takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks. _

Undead Ambush!

Okay, if Thundor was to close on the dwarf in R6, would that mean that if the dwarf was to on his turn take another 5ft step backwards that I could continue to move in on him? I basically want to stay in base to base contact as much as I can here, and am a little unsure of if it is possible to do so.

Undead Ambush!

I have a fullplate (which I commissioned in Summit and picked it up on the last session) and a magical light steel shield.

I also now combat cast cure moderate on myself. 1d20+7 concentration, then 2d8+6.

Undead Ambush!

Single strike enemy in front of me with my staff
attack 1d20 + 4 (+1 staff + 1 str + 2 BAB) inlficts 2d6 +2 (1 str + 1 staff) frost damage on a hit

Undead Ambush!

Thundor: You can ready a charge to charge him if he casts a spell. But if he doesn’t cast a spell you will waste your action, you will also charge if he casts a level 0 spell (if he can). Readying a charge in this way causes it to be a partial charge, meaning you could only more your speed (not double) as you can only ready a standard action. Otherwise you would need an ally to help you out. By yourself it would be very hard to keep in base to base contact without taking feats. Might want to do some researching yourself on this one.

Sagla: Concentration check DC 17: 16 + 7, You sucessfully heal for 8 + 2 +6 (16) points of damage!

Sofir: (I’m guessing you take a 5ft step? You try to stike the enemy 3 + 4 = 7, not enough to hit your flamming friend. Why dont you try using flurry of blows?

Undead Ambush!

Fine then, Thundor makes his own ally to help him out by casting Summon Monster II.

Thundor casts Summon Monster II normally with d3 celestial dogs in S5 S7 Q5 (in that order).

The celestial dogs that are successfully summoned then attack the dwarf, using Smite Evil if the dwarf is in fact evil (1d20+2 [plus any flanking], Damage: 1d4+1[+1]).

Undead Ambush!

Thundor you start Summoning your friends:
Check this or SRD20 for further rules on Summoning.

Sagla, the skeleton continues to hack at you! 1 + X = miss! (Rolls Dex check: 8 + X, passes)
Gotta is also attacked by a skeleton! 19 + X! 19 + X! 2 + X , almost a double critical! 2 × 2 + 6 = 10 damage. You are now on 17 HP.

Thundor, you notice that the dwarf took a small moment to watch you cast (Sense Motive 18 + 5), He has identified your spell (Spellcraft 14 + X vs DC 17)! The dwarf makes a small gesture with his hand to quickly cast something, takes a 5ft step forward and tries to strike you: 12 + X = Just hits your AC! (15 from Character sheet + 2 for Shield of Faith). You take 5 + 2 points of damage and are now on 18 HP. Before your next turn, you will have to make a concentration check on at least DC 19 (10 + 7 + 2)

Eximere: Tumbles to K7, quick draws his bow and shoots the hooded man with his +1 (Composite +2) Longbow in L5. Tumble = 6 + 12 = 18 (The DC was 15 + BAB of the enemy) No AoO from the hooded man. Ranged attack: 5 + 11 = hit! 7 + 4 damage killing the hooded man!

Yet to act: Fury, Xan and Gotta.

Undead Ambush!

Fury, Xan and Gotta pass on their turns and are now in full defence stance.

Round 4

Hooded man that is on fire (seeing that you cant really hit him…) takes another 5ft step back to O10 and tries to put out the fire (DC 15) He rolls a 10 + X, just not enough… and takes a further 1! (This is the 3rd one I rolled for this guy, he’s not very flammable!)

Gotta is attacked by the other hooded man. He takes a 5ft step to the right and Casts a spell at Gotta. Gotta rolls a save vs Will: 14 + 8, makes a the save!

Thundor: Concentration check: 19 + 6 (pass), (D6 rolled: 2) 1 dog appears in S5. After moving to R5 he attacks the dwarf: 15 + 2 + 2(flanking), hitting the dwarf for 6 points of damage!

Undead Ambush!

Can I see if the dwarf at Q6 is wearing armour? If he is, I’m going to cast heat metal with my rodmace’s property of casting at a speed faster. This is without combat cast, so I incur an attack of opportunity. (Range of 35 squares, dwarf’s will negates)

If the dwarf isn’t wearing any armour, I’ll just attack the skeleton in front of me at M6 with my normal basic attack. (1d20+6, 1d6+3)

Undead Ambush!

Sorry, I didn’t quite make it clear enough – if the dwarf is wearing armour and I cast heat metal, I intend to attack the skeleton in front of me as well – which is why I didn’t combat cast.

Undead Ambush!

Curses! Why can’t you edit your own posts? Anyway, I also forgot to add that the DC to save against my heat metal is 16 – 10 + 2 (Spell level) + 4 (Charisma)

Undead Ambush!

Ok I weild my mace in 2 hands then attack with my mace on the guy in front of me (1d20+5+2 flanking, Damage 1d8+2+1 for two hand attack)

Undead Ambush!

(Dog also attacks where appropriate)

Undead Ambush!

Sagla: You attempt to cast Heat Metal on the dwarf who is wearing Half Plate armour (DC 11 Spot check: 8 + 4) The skeleton gets an attack of opportunity against you: 1! Fumble, Dex check 1 + 1… D100: 88. The skeleton is prone and unarmed. His weapon is lying in his square.

You can not make an attack of opportunity against him as you have provoked one yourself (letting your guard down)

The dwarf in plate armour makes a save: 2 + X (Anything over 4 would have made it…). You have successfully cast Heat Metal on him!

You attack the skeleton: 16 + 6, doing 9 (6 + 3) points of damage.

Thundor you attack the dwarf also: 5 + 5 + 2, although your weapon makes contact, it could not bludgeon through his plate armour.

Eximere attacks the hooded man in 5H: 14 + 12 = 26 hit. For (6) 2 + 1 + 3 points of damage.
(Also, I just found out the Tumble has been removed from Rangers Class Skill list…It’s only Rogues, Monks and Bards that have tumble as a class skill. Cant even put cross class points into it) I think this is the 3rd time I have used it since putting 6 ranks in it. Damn.

Undead Ambush!

Close and Single strike enemy in front of me with my staff
attack 1d20 + 4 (+1 staff + 1 str + 2 BAB) inlficts 2d6 +2 (1 str + 1 staff) frost damage on a hit

Undead Ambush!

Sofir, you roll a 10 + 4, 14 which is enough to hit him. You notice some damage has been done to his armour by the fact that he is on fire. You do 12 + 2 (14) (1 magic, 7 bludgeoning and 6 cold) damage and put out his fire.

The dwarf tries to identify the spell cast on him that is currently in effect: 16 + X. You see that he is suddenly very alarmed! He takes a 5 foot step to P5 and casts a spell on himself: You notice his wounds heal.

The skeleton strikes Gotta: (9 + X = miss)
The skeleton strikes Sagla: (3 + X = miss)

Gotta, Xan and Fury are all on Full Defence Stance.

Round 5

The hooded man that was on fire takes another 5ft step back to P9 and casts a spell on himself: You see some of his wounds close up.
The hooded man in 4H sees his buddy in trouble and casts a spell on Sagla! Sagla tries to make a Will save: 3 + 10, just not enough. You are now shaken.

Undead Ambush!

The Celestial Dog takes a 5ft step to Q5 and attacks the dwarf: 11 + 2, not enough to pierce his plate.

Undead Ambush!

Thundor casts Cure Moderate Wounds on himself (2d8+5), and uses his free actions to request that some of his party members actually try to take out the enemies instead of just standing around.

Undead Ambush!

Yay! I really didn’t think heat metal would work.
This is the first and seventh (last) round of Heat Metal. The armour only feels warm to the touch and does no damage.
In the second (next) and sixth round, he will receive 1d4 damage.
In the third to fifth round, he will receive 2d4 damage per round.

I will keep announcing the damage dealt each time on my turn.

I also attack the skeleton that’s prone in front of me with my light mace. (1d20+6, 1d6+3)
Free action: I point at the dwarf I cast heat metal on and yell, “Don’t ice that dwarf!”

Undead Ambush!

Er, I made some retrospective changes to my post above and messed up my original sentence. I meant that this is the first round of heat metal, and it does no damage – same as the seventh and last round.

Undead Ambush!

5 ft step to the enemy i have been chasing and ready an action to Single strike enemy in front of me with my staff if he takes any action.
attack 1d20 + 4 (+1 staff + 1 str + 2 BAB) inlficts 2d6 +2 (1 str + 1 staff) frost damage on a hit

Undead Ambush!

Thundor: You casts the spell successfully: 4 + 4 + 5 (+13 HP)
I will let your allies respond to your second action…

Sagla: This is now the second round of your spell and the dwarf takes 3 points of damage.
You attack the skeleton: 15 + 6, you hit and do 5 + 3 (8) damage.

Sofir, your action is noted.

The dwarf takes a 5ft step to O5 and uses his whistle again to cause the thundering noise originating in the J:K-5:6.
Fury, Eximere and Sagla take 8!!! points of damage. Fort save to avoid being stunned:

Eximere: 17 + X = pass
Fury: 9 + 4 = not enough! You are now stunned!
Sagla: 3 + 8 = not enough! You are not stunned! (you drop your mace, but not your shield)

Eximere moves to K5 (where his shortsword and longsword lie) and takes a shot at the dwarf. Cursing the dwarf in elven. 12 + 12 (5 BAB + 5 DEX + 1 Point blank shot + 1 Magic weapon) = 24, 2 + 4 = 6 damage.

Undead Ambush!

Well since I am stunned I can’t exactly do much.

As soon as I can I take the following action:

IF picking up my extend spell rod is a minor action, I pick it up and take a 5ft step back to J6 and cast Melf’s acid arrow on the Dwarf. I tell Eximere: “Spread out”.

IF it is a standard or move action to pick it up, I pick it up and take a 5ft step back to J6 and cast disrupt undead as a “cantrip” on the Skeleton in M6. I tell Eximere: “Spread out”.

Acid Arrow
Conjuration (Creation) [Acid]
Level: Sor/Wiz 2
Components: V, S, M, F
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
Effect: One arrow of acid
Duration: 1 round + 1 round per three levels
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

A magical arrow of acid springs from your hand and speeds to its target. You must succeed on a ranged touch attack to hit your target. The arrow deals 2d4 points of acid damage with no splash damage. For every three caster levels (to a maximum of 18th), the acid, unless somehow neutralized, lasts for another round, dealing another 2d4 points of damage in that round.

Material Component
Powdered rhubarb leaf and an adder’s stomach.

A dart.

Disrupt Undead
Level: Sor/Wiz 0
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Effect: Ray
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes

You direct a ray of positive energy. You must make a ranged touch attack to hit, and if the ray hits an undead creature, it deals 1d6 points of damage to it.

Undead Ambush!

Correction: I cast Melf’s Acid Arrow with the extend spell rod.

Undead Ambush!

How long does shaken/stunned last for? Kinda fml.

Undead Ambush!

Fury, you can only act or ready actions during your turn (if you have on ie not stunned)
You will have to repost your actions.

Skeleton attacks the stunned Sagla: 10 + X, hitting the plate but not doing any damage.
Another skeleton attacks Gotta: 19! 4. Hits for (4+6) 10 damage!

Round 6

Fury, you are no longer stunned an may state your action. You are unarmed (you had dropped your staff in K6). Please no if’s. Look up the rules :P
Sagla, you are still stunned as you acted in the last round and may not act. You are going to be shaken for a while, just like Xan.

The plated dwarf takes 6 points of fire damage!

The hooded man near Gotta starts casting a spell…(a full round action)
The other hooded man starts to Combat Casts but not before Sofir gets an attack!
Sofir: 17 + 4, doing 9 (3 + 4 + 2) damage.
Concentration check vs damage (DC 19 + spell level) He rolls 6 + X and loses the spell!

Thundor’s Celestial dog attacks after moving to P5: 3 + 2 (miss)

Undead Ambush!

Also, no need to post the whole spell description, just the important facts, Example:

I cast as a swift action Disrupt Undead at the skeleton in G6. Range 35ft, No saves (spell penetration: Yes, D20 + 5) Ray spell, D20 + 4 vs touch AC. Does D6 damage on a hit to undead.

I hate when Champions League is on while I try to post, took me about 2.5 hours to post so far…

Undead Ambush!

Thundor moves to N6 (through O7 so no opportunity attack) and attacks the enemy in M6 (with flanking) 1d20+8 (3BAB +2STR +1feat +2flank), 1d82 damage

Undead Ambush!

Thundor: 9 + 8 = 17! You hit! for 7 (5 + 2) damage! The skeleton crumbles with your last strike into a pile of partially broken bones.

Undead Ambush!

Ready an action to Single strike enemy in front of me with my staff if he takes any action.
attack 1d20 + 4 (+1 staff + 1 str + 2 BAB) inlficts 2d6 +2 (1 str + 1 staff) frost damage on a hit

Undead Ambush!

Fury picks up the Rod is a move action, takes a 5ft step back to J6.
He then casts Melf’s acid arrow on the Dwarf with the Extend Spell Rod marking its second use for the day (Standard action, components: V, S, M, F. No Saving Throws. No SR. Attack: 1d20+4 vs touch AC, Hit 2d4 acid damage per round for 4 rounds).
He tells Eximere: “Spread out”

Since I did not perform movement (I took a non-movement Move Action) I can take the 5ft step. As explained in http://bit.ly/otnw1y and the SRD

Acid Arrow
Components: V, S, M, F

Undead Ambush!

Sofir, your action is readied.

Fury you cast your spell at the dwarf: (You also take a penelty as the dwarf is in combat with an “ally” (Thundor’s celestial dog). You roll 11 + 4 – 4 and still just hit, doing 2 points of damage. He is now acidified.

Also, I saw that the spell required a focus: dart. You will have to carry darts with you and can’t cast this spell without one, from now on. The focus is consumed after casting the spell. If you use MW/magic darts they will give you a bonus to hit and damge ie +1 Dart would be +1 to hit and +1 magic damage.

Undead Ambush!

Two things: docs.google.com

Grisha – Make a spreadsheet online with a summary of our current hit points, effects, our spells and if we have used them etc. Set it so you can edit and we can all view. It will make it a lot easier.. Also for the player icons on the map you create, too many of them look the same. Make simple icons for our characters with some text so we can easily identify our character.

Next thing: Xan is back. Xan draws Rapier.

Undead Ambush!

Thanks for the tips Kirk, I will try to implement something for the next battle. That was some good input :)
Here are the current estimated HP Totals (requires a heal check to know the true value or to read everything above… :

Eximere 20
Fury 10
Sagla 20 Shaken 3/10
Xan 20 Shaken 2/10
Sofir 20
Thundor 20
Gotta 10


You now have your rapier out (you have your silver dagger in the other hand) Also, note that since it’s a silver dagger it’s -1 to damage. Link

The skeleton attacks Gotta: 3 (Gotta’s fav number!) + X = miss
Sagla’s skeletonian friend attacks him: 8 + X = miss

The plated dwarf moves one of his hands quickly (Concentration check DC 18 =12 + X, pass) and a small wound ever so slightly heals, he then attacks Thundor’s dog: 20! 10 + X, enough to crit AC 15! 3 × 2 + X = the dog parishes. He then moves to O6.

Eximere: Leaves his Longsword and shortsword in K5 and moves to L2 and takes a shot that the hooded man attacking Gotta and as a free action “Gotta watch out!” 7 + 12 =19, 2 + 4 = 6 damage.

Round 7

The hooded man next to Gotta casts a spell on himself: His wounds seem to magically close up.
The hooded man next to Sofir takes a 5 ft step back, provoking a ready action (attack) from Sofir.

Sofir: 20! 18, confirmed crit!: 20 points of damage! (6 × 2 + 2 + 2)
Sofor, with a couple of precise and readied strikes, you manage to hit him right in the throat with the cold end of your staff! Crushing, freezing and shattering his windpipe and most of his neck. He is well dead.

The plated dwarf then takes 5 fire damage from Sagla and 5 acid damage from Fury!

Undead Ambush!

Move action: I pick up my mace.
Standard action: Smack the skeleton in front of me. (1d20+6-2[shaken], 1d6+3)

Undead Ambush!

Lol isnt Sagla not standing next to anyone?
Thundor takes a 5ft step to N5, free action to yell to “Sagla, charge the dwarf!”, then minor action to cast Guidance on himself, then standard action to attack the dwarf (1-handed as casting orison) with his heavy mace (1d20+6, Damage: 1d8+2).

Undead Ambush!

According to D20 Srd:

Focus (F)
A focus component is a prop of some sort. Unlike a material component, a focus is not consumed when the spell is cast and can be reused. As with material components, the cost for a focus is negligible unless a price is given. Assume that focus components of negligible cost are in your spell component pouch.

I cast Disrupt Undead as a cantrip on the skeleton in g5 (D20+4 vs touch AC, 1d6 positive vibes damage, Save:No, SR: Yes) and with the remainder of my action I attempt to knock burning coals at the hooded guy in H4 from the fire next to me using my rod so that I don’t burn myself.

Undead Ambush!

Close to P7 (next to the dwarf)
attack with frost staff: 1d20 + 6 (+1 staff + 1 str + 2 BAB + 2 flanking) inlficts 2d6 +2 (1 str + 1 staff) frost damage on a hit

Undead Ambush!

Sagla, you are see a glimpse of doom and swing your mace wildly (good RP, I like it ;) ) At least you have your mace.

Thundor, casting is a swift action and is not part of your standard action, so you could have attacked with a two handed attack. 10 + 6 = miss, your blow is blocked by his plate armour.

Fury, regarding the focus, you are right, I didn’t realise it had to have a gold value in the spell desc. You still get the bonus for your attacks with a magic dart and it will not be used up. Disrupt Undead: 4 + 4 – 4 ( as he is in combat). Your ray misses.

You attempt to knock burning coals at the hooded guy next to Gotta (improvised weapon, ally near by): 3 – 4 – 4 + 2 = miss. You hit the coals and they scatter about 4 inches away from your rod.

Sofir: You close in a attempt to strike at the dwarf: 7 + 6 = miss.

The dwarf takes a 5ft step to P6 and attempts to cast a spell: (Concentration check vs ongoing damage DC 15: 7 + X, he doesn’t make it and the spell fizzles.

Eximere: Shoots at the hooded man attacking Gotta: 18 + 12, 6 damage! (2 + 4)

The skeleton attacks Gotta! 8 + X, miss, Gotta avoids being hit.

Undead Ambush!

So was that round 8? As in, is it the new declare?

Undead Ambush!

Fury calmly draws (standard) and loads (move) his crossbow and whistles a merry tune (swift) while stepping into K5 (free). All the while, he ponders why a highly flammable enemy never seems to cluster together, far from his allies. Letting out a sigh as he lets the daydream of raining fiery destruction slip away as he finishes winding the crank, nestles the crossbow into the crook of his elbow and takes a step to get a better shot at his enemy.

Undead Ambush!

Lol oops. I was looking at the wrong round picture :D

If this really is the new declare, then I can’t exactly charge the dwarf at O6, but I will close to N5 and attack the dwarf with my mace. (1d20+6, 1d6+3)

Undead Ambush!

This was not a new round… Fury is just not paying attention :P

Xan and Gotta are now in full defence stance.

Round 8

(You may now declare)
The hooded man casts a spell on himself that creates a shimmering shield around him. He also shouts in common “Retreat! retreat!” as he moves to H0.

The ongoing damage will be done when you have posted an action or at the end of the round if you do not post.

Undead Ambush!

Xan and Sagla are still shaken, indefinitely.

Undead Ambush!

Fury calmly draws (standard) and loads (move) his crossbow and whistles a merry tune (swift) while stepping into K5 (free). All the while, he ponders why a highly flammable enemy never seems to cluster together, far from his allies. Letting out a sigh as he lets the daydream of raining fiery destruction slip away as he finishes winding the crank, nestles the crossbow into the crook of his elbow and takes a step to get a better shot at his enemy.

Undead Ambush!

Acid Damage continues.

Undead Ambush!

If he can Thundor charges the hooded guy in H0 1d20+8 (3BAB +1 Feat +2STR +2 Charging) for 1d83 (+3STR 2-handed).

Otherwise Thundor casts Guidance as a swift, moves via O4 to P5, then attacks the dwarf in P6 with his mace, 1d20+9 (3BAB +1 Feat +2STR +2 Flanking +1 Guidance) for 1d83 (+3STR 2-handed). As a free action he yells “Huzzah” and “By Jove!”

Undead Ambush!

“By Pelor!” you mean?

Undead Ambush!

After staggering slightly from an over-swung attack that was supposed to hit something that didn’t, and pretending he was just practicing his swinging arm, Sagla begins to charge at the dwarf in Q6, lightly bashing him to death with a 1d20+6 (shaken and charge nullify each other) 1d6+3 damage mace.

Undead Ambush!

Sofir calmly tries to remove yet another enemies throat with his frost staff this time hitting in rapid succession with a flurry of blows:
first attack: 1d20 + 4 (1 staff + 1 str + 2 BAB + 2 flanking -2 flurry) inlficts 2d6 +2 (1 str + 1 staff) frost damage on a hit
second attack: 1d20 + 4 (
1 staff + 1 str + 2 BAB + 2 flanking – 2 flurry) inlficts 1d6 +2 (1 str + 1 staff)

Undead Ambush!

Fury, your crossbow is now loaded. The dwarf curses as the acid damages him for 3 acid damage.

Thundor, there are no “ifs” as I had stated earlier on. I will only take your first action. You can not charge the enemy as there is difficult terrain in the way. Have a look at the SRD20 if you are unsure, before you declare.

Sagla, there is no dwarf in Q6 to charge… you move to O6 and attack the dwarf in P6: 7 + 4 (no charge, shaken) and miss. The enemy takes 4 fire damage and curses yet again!

Sofir: 5 + 2 = miss, 19 + 2 = hit ! (No flank)
Since you attacked with the other end of your staff which isn’t magical it deals only standard damage: 3 + 1. He is now Near Death (Sagla’s heal check).

The dwarf curses you in common “Erythnul will feed on your soul!” he attempts to run off into the fog provoking attacks of opportunity from Sagla and Sofir.
Sagla: 19+6! dealing 7 damage! (4+3). You take him down before he gets away.
Sofir: 4 + 6 + 4 miss, the enemy is already down on the ground and you still only dent his plate…

Eximere moves to H2 and tries to take down the escaping hooded man (in H2) with a shot from his longbow: (Concealment 20%) 3, hits! 8 + 12 = 20! 4+3 damage! The hoodedman falls down on the edge of the fog.

Party search: 18 + 6 = 24.

You find the following:
3 x double handed flails
Light steel shield
Dented Half Plate armour

Cure Light Wounds potion
3 x Long Swords

200 Gold
Scroll (non magic) Decipher script (party roll as no one is trained, max is 20) X + 4:
The scroll contents are undecipherable to you. You do make out that they are some sort of instructions and mention Erythnul, god of slaughter.

Nobility and Royalty: Thundor: 4 + 5 = 9
Fury: 12 + 5: The paper that this message is written on is VERY similar to the official letters from the Snow druids. Basic forgery check, as no one is trained: 12 + 4 = No further information.

Remains of items in the scorched grass.

A potion of False life (1D10 +3) and Masterwork Manacles.
Religion: Sagla 5 + 6, Fury: 14 +6 – Probably to use for torturing their captives.
Thundor: 10 + 3

You now have until Wednesday to decide what you should do next. It’s currently late afternoon and you have 18 days until Summit rolls. Here are some options:

Camp here, it looks like a safe place?
Go back to the teleport tree.
Continue until you find something else.

Eximere asks if he can get a heal as he has been hit a few times.

Here is everyone’s estimate HP:

Eximere 17
Fury 8
Sagla 18
Xan 19
Sofir 20
Thundor 18
Gotta 7

Fury, you HP on your character sheet is one higher than actual. Always round down.

Eximere votes to press on (after being healed), perhaps healing an enemy and getting some info out of them?

Undead Ambush!

Thundor suggests that Gotta goes back through the Teleport tree and goes to find the snow druids to see if he can figure out why this note was written on the same type of paper, this may also work with his current inability to fight effectively.

He then suggests that Fury uses the cure light wounds potion that we just found, while using his own cure light spell on Eximere (1d8+5 hp).

Thundor also queries if anyone else might like the light steel shield, if not may he use it?

He is also undecided as to what to do next as he has less than half of his spells left, and isnt the best equipped character at the moment, so could quickly turn into somewhat of a liability.

Undead Ambush!

Thundor heals Eximere for 6 + 5, 11 HP total. Eximere still looks a bit injured.

Eximere also picks up his weapons that he dropped due to being stunned earlier on.

Undead Ambush!

Since we’re out of combat, I can take >1 round actions, right?

Fury says “Please, gather the items we have found and the bodies of the enemy before. Including that note. I will see if any magic is at play here. Quickly, before the auras fade”

Fury focuses his mind for the possible overwhelming necromantic energy, trying to centre himself so that he is not rendered unconcious by powerful forces (Grish, note that these have to be Deity level spells to be overwhelming). He casts Detect Magic and examines the items collected for magical properties and the bodies to determine any concealed magical items/active spells, including the scroll, before Gotta leaves. He focuses for three rounds to determine the strength and locations of any active or lingering auras. Spellcraft = +14 vs DC of (15 + spell level or 1/2 caster level for non-spell effects). Since he can concentrate on the spell for up to 5 minutes, he repeats this action in a 360 degree arc, focusing for three rounds per 45 degree rotation, trying to locate any other sources of magic within 60 feet of the ambush site.

Aura Strengths and Lingering times are here, Grish: Detect Magic

He suggests that Sagla or Thundor do heal checks to determine whether any of the enemy are alive/can be questioned.

“Perhaps saving potion, against the day that you or Sagla are unconcious and cannot yourselves administer healing, is a more prudent option.”

Undead Ambush!

Fine, Thundor casts another cure light wounds on Fury (1d8+5), and then performs heal checks on all targets suggested by Fury (heal +4).

Undead Ambush!

I am keen to press on if everyone else is able, I escaped damage in that battle and am ready to keep going. if we can’t get any information from these enemies perhaps we should return to the tree?

Undead Ambush!

I say we move forward. We came here to get rid of the undead problem, so lets do it.

Grisha, how do I get rid of the shaken effect?

Undead Ambush!

I can press on also, but we should interrogate anyone we can, otherwise we are pretty much just walking blindly through a fog, filled with undead.

Undead Ambush!

I check the health of enemies who are not just bones. If I find any live ones I will use my normal healing ability (without using healers kits) to stop them from outright dying.

In the mean time, I suggest that we should camp some time soon as I am running out of spells.

Undead Ambush!

Thundor: You heal Fury for 13 (8+5)

Sagla, I’m guessing your heal is +12?

Heal check (Thundor) (Sagla) Current Health
Hooded Man: (13 + 4) (19 + 12) -12
Hooded Man: (4 + 4) (13 + 12) -1
Plated Dwarf: (5 + 4) (9 + 12) Dead due to extensive burns and acid digestion.

Sagla, you attempt to heal the hooded man that is on -1: 4 + 12 – 2 (No healers kit) and can not heal him.
Thundor: 17 + 4 – 2, 19. You manage to bring him back to consciousness.

Rebecca just gave a me a Corona so “I can feel like I’m playing dnd” … sad, but it certainly did.

Fury: You cast Detect Magic. Concentration check… not required :)
Also, thanks for pointing out the link, had to revise the spell.

You find that a dim (Spellcraft 4 + 14) Transmutation aura coming from the dwarf. You search the body again and find a single Bolas (Arcana check 24! (12 + 12)) They are +1 Bolas.
You also find a small closed flask containing 5 worms. Planes check 15 + 5. These are knowledge (Religion) worms. Eating one gives you a +2 enhancement bonus to your next Knowledge (Religion) check made within the

You also, while doing the 360 turn notice a faint (Spellcraft) 11 (1) (-5 + 14) unknown aura coming from the ground in the burned out area.
Otherwise except for the auras coming from your allies you find nothing else.

To save time (and I think he would) Xan searches the area for traps: 17 + 10, no traps found.
You carefully uncover the scorched area and find a small crate that had been slightly burned. It contains a broken potion (damaged by the fire) and whole potion. Spellcraft check by Sagla 10 + 3?, not enough. Thundor 18 + 2. It is a potion of Cure Light wounds (the same type as found on the dwarf)

Xan searches the area (17 + 10) around the crate and find more burned and damaged food and camping gear which was missed as it was carefully covered.
Xan finds the following with his seeking hands:
Violet Garnet (200 gp) (0.5 lb)
1000 sp (20lb worth of weight)

Eximere volunteers SSB to carry the silver.

THe majority vote is to press on. One more day to discuss etc…

Undead Ambush!

I don’t mind pressing on blindly, I’m just saying I can probably only be of limited use. So was there any objection to me taking the light steel shield? If not I will do so and add it to my character sheet post haste.

Also I am happy to carry the Knowledge (Religion) worms as I have plenty of magical space in my backpack and assume they are probably worth 1 magic point (or whatever the proper name is). I suggest that 2 people other than myself and Sagla pick up a cure light wounds potion each so that at least 4 people have some sort of ability to heal etc.

I also take the potion of false life, and suggest that we use the masterwork manacles on the character that I have just revived. (as a point of note Grisha I probably would have done this before healing the guy, but since he is only just concious i have no problem with doing it now.
If doing so proves overly difficult I will get the others to restrain him while I do unarmed nonlethal damage to him to knock him temporarily unconcious – Attack: 1d20+1, Damage: 1d3).

I then ask the party (out of earshot of the prisoner if he is still awake) “is anyone here particularly good at interrogating prisoners, I am not bad, but am much better at negotiating and lying so maybe if someone is particularly threatening we could try ‘Good Paladin, Bad Blackguard’ on him”. I then ask Eximere if he can fashion out of materials from the surrounding area to make two pairs of attached circles to cover the eyes with a reflective yet see through material to be held on over the ears, along with the something to act as a fake moustache. (Thundor just really wants to sell the whole interrogation and also to finally use his disguise check.)

Undead Ambush!

Sagla points out that he is happy to press on, but at this point his only usefulness is his healing ability outside of combat, and maybe a few very small heals in combat.

He also strongly suggests that Thundor destroys the contents of the potion he’s picked up, as it reeks of necromantic power. Using such spells on oneself risks the ire of the God of Healing, who vehemently hates Undeath. [[This part assumes we all know what the potion is, since there wasn’t a knowledge roll for it.]]

As for the interrogation we should try move away before we start, as there could be more of them coming here. Perhaps Eximere could cover our tracks as we leave?

I’m also quite happy with my current armament so feel free to help yourself with the shield.

(As a side note I will really try to update my character sheet tomorrow!)

Undead Ambush!

Oh right: Sagla also takes the silver, albeit hesitantly. A dark look flashes by his face momentarily, as he remembers the last time he was sent to Pelor’s halls after being trusted with goods of value.

Undead Ambush!

Fury sees that one prisoner has been revived and considers this enough of a lead to go on. He says " There’s no point trying to heal the second hooded man, you said he is on the brink of death, it is better to put him out of his misery. Also, I suggest beheading the corpses and any other measures (Relgigion check + 10) to prevent them coming back as another undead monstrosity. This is place is crawling with undead as it is."

Turning to the now concious, but restrained prisoner, he says in Elvish “~Perhaps Xan, being skilled at locks as he is, try to use the manacles on the prisoner? Or at least examing them first. These are the enemies manacles after all and they may know a fail-safe for getting out of them.~”

“Sagla, take the Violet Garnet as well, it’s best you carry all the gold, like we did that one time…oh wait. Well, all that unpleasantness is behind us, knock on adamantium.” Looking at the magical bolas in his hand “Perhaps Exemire should take the Bolas; being a skilled marksman, he has the best chance landing his mark.”

“Thanks for the heal, Thundor, I feel much better. Not quite good as new but getting there.” (speaking of health, Grish, I thought I worked it out as correctly but maybe not – I’m taking a trip to Melbourne in November BTW, I could pick up everyone’s character sheets…)

Undead Ambush!

Ok for some reason, including ~ squiggles makes everything messed up. That said “Perhaps Xan, beig skilled at lockas as he is, should put the manacles on the prisoner? Or at least examine them first. These are the enemy’s manacles after all and they may know a fail-safe for getting out of them.”

emies manacles after all and they may know a fail-safe for getting out of them.”
Undead Ambush!

Religion check: 35 (20 +5 +10) … The only way from preventing the necromancers and evil clerics from raising or using parts to make undead, is to destroy the bodies.

Xan, being shaken is a state where you are slight fear or shock. You may ask your allies to help you resist this effect with magic. But this particular spell that had been cast on you wears off after a minute or so. Shortly after, so does Saglas.

Since you had gone down this road: Eximere puts the manacles on the prisoner. Xan checks (escape artist) 9 + 12. He thinks they are secure, unless the guy is a rogue…

Eximere follows Fury’s advise and piles the bodies up next to the dead bush and gets some rotting brunches from the tree near by, (Survival 14 + 8) find more than enough dry wood.

The guy eventually wakes up and to see his friends bodies being burned.
This gives you a circumstance bonus to intimidate but a penalty to diplomacy …

Eximere says he is only good at intimidating drow… dead drow >:)
I take the Bolas, unless Sofir or Xan would like them as I think they might make better use of them.

Lets not talk about what happened to our last SSB… Fury, where did you find adamantium?!

Undead Ambush!

“It’s an expression, Eximere. Sometimes knocking on wood just isn’t enough…”

<elvish> (Sorry Sagla) – “Hrm, perhaps Thundor could be intimidating, threatening to take him back to the Snow Druids so that they could do what they like. I hear they have ways of making trees grow faster, so they tie you down on your stomach over a sapling accelorate its growth so that it grows through your gut and out the other side. It takes days or weeks to die, and that doesn’t happen until the trunk of the tree gets wide enough thtat it separates your spine, a process that takes hours in itself. By ‘I hear’, I do in fact mean ‘I just made this up’ but our shackled friend doesn’t know that…” </elvish>

Undead Ambush!

The “By ‘I hear’, I do in fact mean ‘I just made this up’ but our shackled friend doesn’t know that…” part is said in a conspiratorial whisper.

Undead Ambush!

Sagla helps to burn the corpses. He then stands menacingly in front of the chained prisoner, well used to his team’s sudden breaks into elvish hijinks.

(I really only posted to say it would be amazing if you could get my character sheet, and to leave this image.)

Undead Ambush!

Regarding character sheets, my parents are coming to visit at New Years and I will ask them to bring the character sheets and my book.

<elvish> Is anyone actually going to intimidate the guy? Or are just going to stand around waiting for him to talk? <elvish />

The hooded man is sitting down on the ground with his legs stretched out. He is wounded, keeps looking around and every now and then stares at the burning fire.

The air smells like slightly burned chicken…

Undead Ambush!

If my wizard dies, can I roll a bear?

Undead Ambush!

<elvish> Why don’t you intimidate Eximere? I could disable this device over here points but I’m not sure that’s very intimidating. We do need to interror-gate this guy. We should find out who is giving them orders, why they are here, what their intent is, and if they like vanilla or chocolate icecream. </elvish>

I don’t really want the Bolas. You take it Eximere.

Undead Ambush!

Hey, did the Erythnull scroll flash as magic at all?
Also, can I do a religion check to figure out if there’s a famous case of cults of Erythnull using a cipher or similar?

<whisper> “Thundor or Sagla, could you try intimidating the guy? You’re more charismatic than the rest of us are and these dudes may take the threats of a vengeful Pelor follower, obviously displeased with all the necromancy going on, a little more seriously. Maybe flash your holy symbols around a bit and threaten him with sending him to the Snow Druids :P”

Undead Ambush!

Glancing back and forth between Thundor and Sagla and appraising them. “Hmm maybe Thundor should do it after all.”

Undead Ambush!

Fine, Thundor rolls to Intimidate the prisoner <elvish> “everyone draw their weapons and look somewhat menacing around this guy” </elvish>. <common> “You have defied the sacred decrees of the Holy Church of Pelor by inviting the undead amongst to be amongst your brethren. Tell me why you are here and maybe your death shall be quick and merciful!” (as Fury suggested holding my holy symbol of Pelor and also holding my mace in a menacing way – Intimidate 1d20+5).

Undead Ambush!

Intimidate: 16 + 5 + X = 21+.
Just to let you know, while using the intimidate skill you look as menacing as possible.

The target cowers and tells you "My orders are to patrol this area and kill anything that moves so that my master can finish his summoning spell, a slayer from another plane. I dont know what he is summoning, but what ever it is it will bulster his forces and then he can make a final attack on the “Old Holborn”.

Polmak (the dwarf) was an ex-crown guard and had been converted to to serve Erythnul.

Master has camped a days walk north and Old Holdborn is about 2 days walk north west.
Spare my life as I still haven’t reached my slaying quota for the week…

I dont know what the scroll does."

Fury Knowledge (religion) 18 + 8 = 26. Erythnul clerics hide information about their orders and slaying orders to prevent anyone knowing their next target. Only senior or most trusted followers know how to navigate through the scroll. The scroll itself is not magical.
Planes check (Fury) 18 + 6. Erythnul followers are most likely to summon a fire type demon that is tough and quick. It could be possible to stop the summoning if you kill all of the summoners..

Knowledge (History) (Fury) 18 + 5 (23) The Old Holborn is a small town created around a temple. The god(s) they worship seem to escape your memory.

Eximere takes the bolas. The offer still stands if Sofir wants them.
Sorry Sagla <elven> We should get going, this summoning business doesnt sound it will do any good. Lets finish him off and go </elven>

Undead Ambush!

Sagla makes a mental note to learn Elven, before saying, “We should not wait here too long. His friends may come around if they notice a lack of a returning patrol.”

He then picks up the violet garnet and puts it in his pack, and prays to Pelor and ‘sanctifies’ the burning bodies. (‘Sanctifies’ because it’s not really a spell/skill, just something to make himself feel better.)

Undead Ambush!

“What do you mean by “slaying quota” you wretched dog?"
Gathers Sagla, Thundor and Sofir (i.e. religious knowledgy people)
<whispers> "I have a thought, and it’s a thought I really don’t like… If Erythnull is the god of slaughter, slaughter in combat is likely to give him power. If these heretics have a “slaughter quota” I think that the death that they bring might be helping the summoners draw power in the name of Erythnull. What do you think? If we come across any more patrols, perhaps it would be better to subdue them, rather than slay them outright, lest we inadvertently contribute to the slaughter and power whatever summoning they are performing. I think this is a good idea at any rate, since the clerics of Erythnull hide messages within scrolls such as these. We might need to capture a cleric of theirs to use his knowledge to decipher the scroll. If we decipher the scroll we might find out what they’re doing here [Grish, who was carrying the scroll?]. Also, it’s likely that they are summoning some sort of Fire elemental. Does anyone have any spells that would per poweful against such a creature. Thundor, you are resistant to some of the elements, no?"

Arcana (or spellcraft?) check to determine whether hitting the summoners with a fire spell would help them in summoning the demon.

Undead Ambush!

I thought I had posted something regarding Eximere coup de gracing the hooded guy…
Anyway, Sagla you do your sanctifying on the burning bodies.

Hooded man – We must slaughter or/and sacrifice enough enemies of our great god to make sure he is pleased and blesses us with our powers daily. We were sent to find the last worthy foe to sacrifice at the camp.

Religion check: Sagla: 8 (3 + 5?), Fury: 16 (6 + 10) and Thundor: 28! (25 + 3).

Sagla, you dont know much about Erythnul, you have no encountered his followers in your travels.
Fury, you remember reading about being cautious when dealing with Erythnul followers as they believe that dying in battle is a worthy cause. Whether that is true, depends who you ask.
Thundor (lucky 20!): The slaughtering in the name of Erythnul definitely acts like a catalyst in the summoning. Slaying of his own followers is only slightly unfavourable to the god as he has less of them spreading the chaos. For the followers, being killed in battle brings them closer to their master as they can then take part in the eternal battle in his domain, if they reached their quota…

Spellcraft (Fury) 31 (17 + 14). Hitting the summoners with a fire spell would not help them summon the demon, it would however, burn them.

Eximere: I suggest I just finish him off right now? I do not have any spells of significant benefit as I had used them in the battle previous to the one just passed.

Undead Ambush!

You keep the bolas Eximere, I already have shurikens to use at range.

I yell the the prisoner to tell us where their camp is.

Undead Ambush!

(I motion everyone out of earshot of the guy, but ask eximere to keep his bow trained on the guy) Okay guys as far as I can tell us killing the guys will not make the summoning spell go faster, we should just kill all followers we meet in orderto stop them slaughtering in their god’s name, which does bolster Erythnul. Yes fury I am someone resistant to fire nowadays, and also have a couple of spells that could make others the same, however this would beat the expense of some major healing so I would only do this if certain we would be facing some kind of elemental damage.
If the summoner’s are a day north then I say we head that way and just hope we dont run into any patrols in the night (Grish – is it reasonable to think that we can rest overnight in this place or is the area not really that hospitable, say kinda like how you would normally avoid sleeping in an underground crypt).

Undead Ambush!

Fury glances at the sky trying to ascertain what time it is. Still speaking out of earshot he says “I still have my most powerful spells. I would be OK with pressing on. The buried equipment leads me to believe that this is something of a regular camp. If we do decide to make camp, I don’t think we should do it here.”


“He mentioned they were sent to find the last worthy foe. Someone, preferably waving a holy symbol, ask if this was a case “We need this one last specific foe” or “only one more foe of sufficient power, doesn’t matter who it is”."

Fury pauses, looking worried for a moment.

“If it’s the first instance, if we find out who it is, we can prevent their death and delay the summoning. If it’s anybody, we should push ourselves and continue on to disrupt the summoning, before they have a chance to find a worthy sacrifice. Let’s just hope we aren’t too late.”

He looks excited as an idea starts to dawn. "Hang on. If we take their robes, we can masquerade as some of them. Sagla can pretend to be Polmak. Eximere, Xan and Thundor, who need to use their weapons, can take their robes. You can take me and Sofir “prisoner” as sacrifices to the summoning, since we do not need to have weapons at the ready. Hell, even put the manacles on Sofir since he’s handy enough at kicking and it’ll look more convincing."

Undead Ambush!

LOLOLOLOLOL! Im not entirely sure that either Thundor or Sagla (actually anyone in the party that worships either a good or a lawful god would be happpy with masquerading as clreics of Erythnul (although Thundor might not be terrible at it).
I go ask the prisoner who exactly they are searching for – is it a specific death sacrifice they require or just someone with a certain amount of power.

Undead Ambush!

I’m not completely comfortable with trying to trick people but if I’m not the one pretending to be an evil cleric I suppose this is for the greater good…

Undead Ambush!

I feel like my earlier message did not in fact demonstrate exactly what I was trying to say to Fury. Just remember Fury that you are asking worshippers of Pelor (x2), Elhonna, Corellon, and Heironeous to undertake in this deception. Now Thundor is all for fancy dress, but as followers of Erythnul … really?

Undead Ambush!

“I’m not asking anyone to lie. All I’m saying is that if we throw on some robes, slap some manacles on Sofir and walk into their base and they think we’re followers of Erythnull, whose fault is that?”

Undead Ambush!

Sagla peers at Fury suspiciously. He is frowning. His eyes are narrowed. His arms are also crossed. “Sacrilege! A Cleric of Pelor will never masquerade as a cleric of another god, much less one like this!”

He glances around, searching for Gotta, but turns his gaze back towards Fury after a failed effort. “It’s like asking that druid to wear Arcane gear! Or asking Eximere to marry a dr—-…”

He pauses momentarily, his air slightly deflated. Much quieter, he says, “Some things are better left unsaid. I disagree with that plan.”

Undead Ambush!

Fury Knowledge (Local) 6 + 5 = 11, this is just a small non permanent camp. Xan tries to help you out with his knowledge (Local) 7 + 6 = 13, hiding their equipment may mean that they travel long distances and not always come back to the camp on the same day.
Thundor the prisoner seems to be quite a simple person and genuinely likes you and trusts you. Sense Motive (X + 5) and you believe him, you had won him over with fear!

“We were looking ofr someone of significant power, Polmak said a couple of you were radiating with tainted energy and were perfect for the sacrifice!” – He looks at the burning fire… and sighs.

“I was just thinking, we have to follow patrol routes to get back to the camp, about 6 hours, but you can just go straight there and it will take you less than 3 hours.”
- He smiles “You can all then be sacrificed to the mighty god of SLAUGHTER!!!” He tries to stand up (Balance check 2 + X) doesn’t make it and rolls on the side…

Thundor: Eximere and Fury roll Geology to find out the threat in this area. Fury: 0 (-5 + 5) Eximere: -4 (-5 + 1). This place is dangerous and most likely has hordes of wild acid gorillas…

Takes the Bolas.

He has a long thought about this and then states the obvious:
“Guys, I think I know exactly what is going here! They have teamed up with the drow! We must slay them all.”

“I dont mind wearing these rusty coloured robes if that means my blades will pierce another drow! But I’m probably not the best person to talk if we encounter any more of them, as my Elven accent is quite strong…”

“Sagla, I hope you meant a fine seasoned elven gal, otherwise I will leave no drow for you to kill! Come on Sagla, for an old time sake, just wear this shitty robe, I’m sure your god will forgive you. As Sofir said, for the greater good!”

“We just have to be careful not to encounter the mighty acid gorillas…”

“Xan, you can trail behind as you are quite stealthy and sneaky. If we get into trouble you can flnak them!”

Undead Ambush!

Thundor is somewhat skeptical of wild acid gorillas, but in his mind is ready to cast resist energy (acid) on himself if the show up [DM side note – this is not a ready action]. Thundor simply refuses to wear the robes and says that if any of you guys puts them on he will actively endeavour to foil the ruse by loudly yelling ‘these guys are in a disguise, they dont worship the heretical Erythnul, and all those that do are dicks and should attack all of us’. There, is that enough of a discouragement to wearing the damned robes?

‘Now obviously I was wrong about this guy being my friend, so have we got all the info we need out of him and do we think its reliable – is anyone else good at reading people cos i obviously am crap at doing it on this guy. If we then think its still good intel, what do we do with him. Also if the camp is only 3 hours away then lets just go kick some Erythnul worshipping ass.’ {I assume there is still enough time til sunset to get there.]

Undead Ambush!

“Thundor, if you so obviously don’t want us to succeed, you can just stay here and face the acid gorillas. If it makes you feel better, how about we lead you and Sagla as “prisoners” since you are probably the ones radiating the “tainted” energies. Putting on robes from someone else’s order doesn’t matter to me in the slightest and no one is forcing you to put them on. If you prefer, bring up the rear and charge in once we infiltrate the camp."

Undead Ambush!

“Infiltrating camps in disguise has worked well before, right Eximere? Remember that business with the Orc Fort and the magic chest? Man that was a rush.”

“Anyway. A two pronged attack could work fine, as long as we catch some of them off guard. The whole charade is a means to get our heavily armed fighters into the their camp and spring the attack on the summoners before they have a chance to form up a defence.”

“If we attack it with a head on charge, we’re likely to hit a defencive perimiter, which isolates us from the summoners. We’ll get bogged down and within moments we’ll have the whole camp between us and the summoners. We’ll maybe even have to retreat if they can mount a strong enough defence. If that’s the case, and even one of us falls, they’ll likely not bother with taking a prisoner, just hoist that guy onto a sacrificial alter and be wearing that unlucky bastards innards as a scarf before we even have a chance to regroup.”

“Infiltration alone, or a two-pronged attack, gets us inside their camp, allowing us to do some damage to their summoners before they know what’s going on. If their force is too great, we can just disrupt their casting and retreat this buys us time. But at the moment, time’s just something we haven’t got!”

Undead Ambush!

“Fury, Eximere backs up the idea of getting inside (maybe with some magic protection) and striking the enemy first (especially the drow!)

I dont konw about splitting up, but we could get Xan to do all the talking when we enter. Game plan: Eximere, Xan and Fury dress up in the robes (If Sagla comes he can pretend to be Polmak.) Sofir comes as a person to be sacrificied. Dont worry Sofir, we wont sacrifice you… only if it’s for the greater good wink. Sagla and Thundor come in from behind.

I would also ask for a heal as I am still damaged, something a bit more powerful that my own healing"

DM: I will start the encounter in exactly 24 hours so let me know if you would like to change anything in the game plan or cast some spells, (Example: just before going in I would like to cast maximize cure critical wounds on Eximere.)

Undead Ambush!

I would rather leave my spells open for energy resistance as I have a strong feeling we are likely to face a lot of fire. Sagla are you able to heal Eximere? If not then i suggest Eximere drinks one of the two potions. Should i possibly cast energy resistance (fire) on Sofir if he is to be the prisoner? If anyone can think of a way for me to not have to wear those robes yet still keep my equipment, I am fairly good at both disguising myself and lying through my teeth. Suggestions welcomed.

As a side note – I would like to cast shield of faith on myself just prior to our party talking to the Erythnul guys if I am not part of the party to be talking but instead charging from outside as I feel like cloaking myself in Pelor’s magical wardings may not help my ability to present myself as on their side lol.

Undead Ambush!

“I like this plan. I have a magic cirle of protection against evil that I can cast. I’ll cast it as soon as I get the chance so stay close to me if you want protection – don’t go running off.”

Undead Ambush!

“I guess what Sagla and I could do is hang back and just as you guys are heading into the camp but before they get too close to see who you really are, the two of us could just stumble into the camp both with shield of faith on to serve as beacons of Pelor in order to take their attention away from you guys. Then while they rush at us we go on full defensive, then as their guard is down you guys take out their controllers that have been left relatively unguarded. This way neither Sagla nor I have to lie/dress as worshipers of Erythnul, you guys dont have to act very well (and Xan can respond when in fact someone needs to), and also we might have some sort of tactical advantage. The only thing is that both Sagla and I will need to be as defensive as possible in order to take the hits, so what help can you guys give us. Again, I can give the two of us resistance to fire and shield of faith, but thats about it, and i still will be relatively easy to hit. Do any of the mages have the ability to cast and warding, deflective, shielding or some sort of natural help to either of our two defenses?

Undead Ambush!

Actually I dont know enough about this magic circle thing you mentioned Fury, but you have seen me cast shield of faith – would they work together or would on be better than the other?
I also wonder if Sagla should cast his amazing magnificent bison to wreak havoc amongst the Erythnul campsite."

Undead Ambush!

Hey, I dont have time to post the map and all the details for the next encounter. So I will do it this weekend.

Undead Ambush!

That’s cool, it gives a chance to talk more.

“Well, the circle that I cast offers protection, whether from Evil, Chaotic, what have you. It deflects the attacks of those of that nature and prevents mind control and other such spells of those within the radius of the spell. Summoned creatures, cannot enter it or touch those within it. The spell moves with its target; I will just put on myself and act as a rallying point. I think choosing protection from Chaotic creatures is probably the best option; Erythnul delights in the chaos of battle, and these hooded dogs are searching for a worthy opponent rather than slaughterning anyone they find. They may not be evil down to the last man but they certainly are chaotic. Likewise, the elemental they summon may simply be chaotic rather than have a malign intelligence bent on evil.”

Undead Ambush!

But I was thinking that maybe you cast your spell on either sagla or myself before you guys head in, then if its a protection against evil that adds to our ‘worthy-targetness’, and then you can just cast it on yourself once the battle starts. But if it only as you say deflects attacks and you can only cast it once, then that sounds like shield of faith on sagla and myself might have to do for the two of us. And it might be useful to use your insight/knowledge of our opponents once you see them to determine if you should protect yourself against evil or chaos.

Undead Ambush!

Seeing there’s a decent chance I will end up in manacles which will impede my casting I want to cast mage armour on myself before I get chained up. In battle I’m happy to cause havoc with my feet.

Undead Ambush!

Eximere uses Coup de grace, saying a quick prayer to all the innocent souls this bloodthirsty, drow smelling creep had slain.
Eximere takes one of the poitions and drinks it: for 7 HP (6 + 1) “Feels much better”

The party presses on.

Undead Ambush!

Encounter roll:
Xan rolls: 17 + 2 = 19!

Undead Ambush!

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