The Strike Against Erythnul.

Just in time...

Encounter roll: Sagla 3 (1 + 2).

As planned before, Eximere, Xan and Fury had put on the rusty coloured hoods on and Xan had put the manacles on Sofir "Disable Device 21 (10 + 11), it looks like they are actually locked, but it takes only a move action to unlock them, without the key.

As you arrive you see the Erythnul camp, the stink of rotting flesh is present in the air.

There is a 5ft tall stone wall around the north edge of the camp, as well as parts of the east and west side, rubble (difficult terrain) surrounds the damaged areas. Three tents and a watch tower (15 ft high, with a Gnoll in it) (m:n,4:5) make up the main part of the camp. A rubble (Archtecture and Engineering Fury 18 + 5) that formed a chapel sometime ago and a well (V:W,9:10)

There are three bodies, one of a heavy warrior lie on a large wooded circle, next to it a table full of small torture like equipment. Another table, with some leftover food is located S,8:9 with a Gnoll eating some meat and a Bugbear barking orders (Unknown language).

Large rocks around BB,17 and O,19 provide some shade as they are almost 10ft tall at their peaks. Two large bushes (difficult terrain that provides cover and blocks line of sight).
A tree growing in S,15 provides cover bonuses (+2 AC and +1 Ref) if you occupy the same space (S,15)

You notice an Ogre sitting against the ramains of east wall, resting.

The fire in Q,1 has been lit as it is _just _ starting to get dark.

All enemies look like they are doing well and are healthy (eating their 5+ a day, except the ogre… for him it’s more like 25+ a day).

A Gnome in rusted coloured robes stands in O:4, a frog sits on his sholder and two hooded man stand in P2 and S2.
There are a total of 5 Gnolls around the camp that you can see.

Erythnul camp11b

Xan, you talk to the Gnoll and easily convince him that you have a prisoner. 13+ (6 + 7 + other bonuses including your hoods and the fact that he wants to believe you). Sense Motive Gnoll 6 + X. He wags his tail and barks in crude common “Master, they caught the last one!”

You make your way closer and at that stage Thundor and Sagla appear from behind the rock.


Notes: when using the horizontal scale past z, just use double letters to indicate capitals (FF:GG,7:8 is the area the Ogre occupies)

Health Stats:
Eximere- Near Death
Fury- Near Death
Sagla- Near Death
Xan- Near Death
Sofir- Near Death
Thundor- Slightly Injured

ogre – Unconscious/Dead


Just to be clear that before walking in Thundor cast Shield of Faith on both Sagla and himself, I will update this on my character sheet also.

Thundor calls out “There are the scurvy dogs, slay all of them in the name of Pelor!”
He then quietly whispers to Sagla “Cast your bison to charge that giant Ogre thing over there.”
Thundor then casts Doom on the Ogre.

Necromancy [Fear, Mind-Affecting]
Level: Clr 1
Components: V, S, DF
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Target: One living creature
Duration: 1 min./level
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

This spell fills a single subject with a feeling of horrible dread that causes it to become shaken.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

If that is too many actions for a surprise round, Then Thundor only casts the spell.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

This is a surprise round, so only standard actions. Sagla, you are not allowed to summon any monster to fight the Ogre.

Sagla and Thundor have Shield of Faith on.

Ogre save vs will DC? He gets 16 and the spell doesnt work.

Only include important info when using a spell, I dont need to know it has 1 standard action casting time and requires Clr level 1 etc… :P

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Xan, Fury, Eximere and even the prisoner (Sofir) are no longer paid attention to. If they act, enemy will be counted as being flatfooted.

Ogre stands up and grabs his large staff.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I had pre declared that I was going to cast mage armour before being chained up. (see my last posts in “Undead ambush”)

I remain still and continue pretending to be a captive for this round.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

“Oh boy,” mutters Sagla under his breath as he decides to cast cure light wounds on himself. (1d8+5)

“I’m. Out. Of. Spells!” he says, readying himself to meet the incoming onslaught.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Er, something that I just realized, are we still keeping with the 4/5 words per round thing? If so I don’t say the “Oh boy” part >_>

The Strike Against Erythnul.

OMG, they disabled the firewall at my work!!!
I was just about to go home and tried obsidianportal.com! Worked. Sweet, Im probably going to get fired now… spend my whole work week updating obsidian…

Sagla, you cast cure light wounds: 12! (7+5)
Only 4 words as a free action allowed.

Eximere does nothing.

The suprise round is over.
You are not sure why the Ogre was not surprised!

Obviously if any of the strike team acted, it would ruin the plan as the enemy can only act after the surprise round.

Sofir, you have mage armour. Fury, so do you (from way back then, from memory you used extend spell, so you have 1 rod charge left for today).

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Can I make a request that when you begin the round you set to send us an email? I didn’t know it was created. Also, 24 hours to answer a surprise round seems unfair, since none of us new you created the post.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

^ It’s a surprise! Da da! I didn’t get any notification either. I saw the forum post, though.

Moving on:

[STD] In order to distract the enemy, Xan does a bluff check (+7), points to Sagla and Thundor and yells “ENEMIES! GET THEM!”
[MOV] Xan moves from P6 to R10. As part of his move action, Xan draws his rapier.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Also, as a supplement to my action Grisha said “Xan, Fury, Eximere and even the prisoner (Sofir) are no longer paid attention to”. This coupled with the fact that the enemies should currently see us as allies means if I move past enemies in O11 or R9 I should not provoke an AOA. Furthermore, even if bluff isn’t a STD and is actually a MINOR action, I will still stay with the same actions.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

He readies an action to say “Guys, stay back”, take a 5ft step to O8 cast fireball: once the gnolls move to attack Thundor and Sagla.
Fireball is centered on the intersection of PQ:34 – radius 20ft (4 squares) at a height of 5ft (this does not cause range to be reduced in terms of its ability to hit the dudes on the ground but it does envelope more of the tower).
Fireball: Range long – no physical barriers in the way so no attack roll. Damage 5d6 – Reflex halves, SR: Yes.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Actually, can I say “Guys, stay back” as a free action before I set the remainder of the readied action? You let us take 5ft steps so this should be ok.

If this is allowed, I take the speaking action before the setting the readied action.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor says so only Sagla can hear “Bison-Charge Ogre now”
Thundor then charges the enemy in O11 by moving to P12 (according to charge rules this is fine)
Mace attack 10 (7 per character sheet, 2 charging, +1 guidance), 1d83 damage (+2 STR, +1 ENH)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Weird it seems to auto format with underline when i put in a “+” symbol but only sometimes
The above post should read: Mace attack + 10 ( + 7 per character sheet, + 2 charging, + 1 guidance ), 1d8 + 3 damage … etc.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

ready action to close and attack the nearest enemy once fireball has been cast. standard unarmed strike 1d20+5, 1d6 +1 dmg

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Begins to be cast or has been cast?

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Xan, you try to distract the enemy again. 2+ (-5 + 7 + other bonuses). Enemy sense motive: 5 + X. Your command falls on deaf ears (they will still attack, just not under your guidance). Bluffing is a standard action.

Xan, the enemy see the four of you as allies and are flatfooted to your first set of actions.

Thundor, your charge fails as the bushes are in the way. (requires a direct line to the closest square which is O,12) Have a look at the picture on page 154 in the PHB if you are still unsure. You take no action.

Fury, readying is a full round action in which you can take a 5ft step. So all of your actions are successful. Also, I hope you are aware Sagla is not protected from the elements…

Sofir, once Fireball has been cast, you will close to the nearest enemy. (You can only ready a standard action)

Jono has not posted yet…

Eximere readies to shoot at the closest enemy after Fury casts his spell.

Enemies turn. Also, the initiative counts is 1 for this battle (This means Sagla can not be the first to post his actions during any round, except for the surprise round)

The gnome mage shouts “Rise and slay intruders.” He starts casting a spell…

The two hooded men cast a spell each on themselves. (between the three of you, you identify the spell as mage armour. One of them shouts “Wake up, we’re under attack! Alarma!” The other, moves to P,6 from Q,8 and also shouts. “Alarma! Time for slaughter!”. Note, that the two hooded man are not wearing armour, just the robes.

The bugbear charges Sagla with his morningstar, he is wearing scale mail and has a large wooden shield. Just as you thought he was about to run out of breath, by some divine power he gains a boosts and smashes into you! 15+X+2. His overpowering blow glances off the magic shield Thundor had cast on you, seconds ago. Thundor, since you are so close, you automatically understand that this bugbear is a trained warrior and posseses the power to deal more damage than usual, at the expense of accuracy.

The gnoll in the tower out his crossbow and fires at Thundor: (9+X), missing.
The other gnolls close in, all barking something about “slaughtering”.
The only gnoll not to close in, was the one sitting down, eating. He stands up and moves to R,11 as he needs to go through difficult terrain (the seat T,8:9) and then exit the difficult terrain square.

Fury, you cast fireball! Btw, the positioning of your fireball is devastating.

  • It explodes at the designated point causing fiery circle of devastation. (Including the DC would be helpful :P) The DC is 17. Save vs Reflex for half damage (17 total, 5+5+5+1+1)
    Sofir: 7 (1+6) Fail, you take 17 fire damage, you are still up, just a bit toasted :)
  • The gnoll on top of the tower: 11 + X, Fail takes 17 points of fire damage. Because the wooden flooring in the tower is made from wood about 1 inch thick, it disintegrates instantly. The gnoll then falls further down, taking further 6 damage as he plunges through the burning structure to his death. The tower is still standing, but on fire, black smoke spirals into the sky (probably from robes, paint, etc).
  • The tent at M,2 catches fire. A retarded child’s cry of pain comes from the tent. You see a large dwarf lying down in M,3, not moving, scorched. Local Knowledge (Fury and Xan: 8 (3 + 5) and 21 (15+6)). Xan, this is not a large dwarf, but a young ogre.
  • Another hooded man’s body lies next to him in M,2: 11 + X.
  • Hooded man in S,2: 2 + X = Fail, He takes 17 fire damage and falls to the ground, burning.
  • The fire that the gnolls had started, burned out, only charcoal remains.
  • Gnome is not able to get out of the way (11 + X) and is scorched for 17. He is still standing. He also fails his concentration check DC 27 (4 + X) and rolls on “fun chart” – his face gains a slight red glow.
  • His frog familiar falls to the ground from his shoulder, not moving.
  • Hooded man in the second tent (T,4) 19 + X and takes only 8 fire damage.
  • The tent catches fire. The barrels around the tent are burned up with whatever was inside them also being incinerated.

Sofir, you attack the hooded man Q,8 in with your elbows, head etc… 19+5. hit for 3 damage (2 + 1)

The ranger fires off his acid arrow at the hooded man right next to him. Because the enemy considers Eximere an ally, he is flatfooted, so not only does he lose his Dex to AC but gets no AoO :)
Attack: 17! (4 + 13) (BAB 5, DEX 5, POINT BLANK SHOT 1, MAGIC BOW AND ARROW +2), hit for (12) 5 + 2 + 1 magic + 4 acid damage.
The hooded man, just falls to the ground (good team work Sofir :))

Ogre: The ogre’s staff bursts into fire after he reads a scroll (spellcraft 25 + X). He is now holding the “staff” in two hands! It’s actually a Large Great Club (which is now burning with piercing flames)!!! Now that you have really noticed the ogre, he is wearing large hide armour. He roars in common with a deep voice: “Slaughter them both, hahahaha!”

Sagla will be put on defence stance if he does not post tomorrow.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Hi! Sagla suddenly snaps into action and hits the trained warrior that hit him. (1d20+7 [3BAB, 2STR, 1 Magical mace, 1 weapon focus], 1d6+3 damage)

After his attack, he notices the ogre, and yells, “Uhh… going defensive soon!”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury casts Magic Circle against Evil, targeting himself as the center.
10ft radius from self. All in the circle get a +2 deflection bonus to AC and +2 to saves, cannot be charmed or possessed and non-good summoned creatures cannot enter.
He moves to P13 and, as part of the move action, draws his Crossbow.
He shouts as loud as he can: “Dispatch injured, rally here!”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Grish my charge does not fail – “You must have a clear path toward the opponent, and nothing can hinder your movement (such as difficult terrain or obstacles). Here’s what it means to have a clear path. First, you must move to the closest space from which you can attack the opponent. (If this space is occupied or otherwise blocked, you can’t charge.) Second, if any line from your starting space to the ending space passes through a square that blocks movement, slows movement, or contains a creature (even an ally), you can’t charge. (Helpless creatures don’t stop a charge.)”

In other words the closest square from which i could attack the creature was directly ahead, as in I could charge to P12. If i was to charge as you think to O12, then yes my move would have been blocked by difficult terrain, but just to be clear O12 is not the closest square from which I could attack him. This is because it would take me 40ft of movement (even ignoring difficult terrain) to get from P19 to O12, while to get to P12 (a square from which I could still make an attack) it would only take me 35ft of movement. This means that from my starting square of P19 to my ending square of P12, there was nothing blocking my movement, and as such I should have been able to charge the creature.

Seeing as I did read the rules correctly but you have continued on with the next actions, could i instead have a readied action to attack the anyone that comes within melee range of my P19 square (it only seems fair as my action was valid, but I undersand that now its a lot to go back to try to correct it).

Ok anyhow, Thundor casts Guidance as a swift action, then on the defensive attacks the guy that charged Sagla in Q18. Mace Attack: + 4 (+ 7 Sheet + 1 Guidance – 4 defensive, also the guy presumably has lower AC since he charged), Damage: 1d8 + 3.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

As a move action I free myself of the chains then I cast burning hands effecting squares O 4/5, p 4/5/6 and q 4/5. inflicting 3d4 damage reflex halves, (not sure how to calculate DC sorry grisha) on the enemy in O4.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I think what Thundor is saying is that there is no difference between these two options

He is moving in a straight line to a square in which he can attack the dude. This is “theoretically” the shortest distance (since you are not taking the extra square for the first space of diagonal movement as per 3.5g – 3.5 vanilla counts the second square as double). If first diagonal movement costs the same as horizontal/vertical movement, there is still no shorter route he can take – both are equivalent. Either way, this still fulfills are requirements for a charge. Nothing dictates which square you must attack from – just that you take the closest route to a square you can attack from (which he is).

Also – of interest for the future:
“If you are able to take only a standard action or a move action on your turn, you can still charge, but you are only allowed to move up to your speed (instead of up to double your speed). You can’t use this option unless you are restricted to taking only a standard action or move action on your turn.”

So it seems we can still charge on a surprise round as long as we do not move double speed.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Your DC is 10 + spell level + charisma (for Sorc).

The Strike Against Erythnul.

You strike at the bugbear, he is slightly caught off guard (-2 AC for charging). 20, hit! (13 + 7) and do 5 + 3 damage!.

Round 2 begins.
(You have until Wednesday night to state your action)

The gnome curses is gnomish “All of my acolytes!” and casts a spell, originating from OP,78.
A cloud of golden particles covers everyone and everything in the area 10ft radius from intersection OP,78. Will save for Eximere, Fury and Sofir vs blindness:
Sofir: 20 (13+7) not blind
Fury: 8 (2 + 6) you are now blind!
Eximere 14 (12 + 2) also blind!

All three of you are highly visible as you are covered in glittering golden dust and take a -40 to hide checks.

A hooded man comes outside the tent (k,7) and casts magic missile at Fury: for 5 damage.

The hooded man at T,4 moves to R,6 and also casts a spell. A cone of searing flame shoots from his fingertips originating from QR,67.Reflex save for Eximere and Sofir to avoid 4 fire damage.
Sofir: 20! 14 + 6. You take no damage due to your evasion feat
Eximere: 19! 14 + 9 – 4(blind) Eximere takes 2 points of fire damage. Eximere’s rusty cloak is now on fire.

Although it looked liked the glittering dust had been burned, it cant actually be removed and continues to hamper your vision and the ability to hide.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Guys, you have to wait for the round counter to tick…
Please repost your actions taking the above actions into account.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Regarding Thundor’s charge:
Both O12 and P12 are the same distance apart.
Directly towards the opponent for me means the only direct route. I have read something about this in the past.

I’ll find the text, possibly in DMG or PHB2 that stated you draw a line from the centre of your model to the centre of theirs. The square nearest and that is adjacent to the enemy with the most “line” is the square you must attack from.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

As a move action I free myself of the chains then I cast burning hands effecting squares Q7, R/6 6/7/8 inflicting 3d4 damage reflex halves, DC 13 (10 + 1 spell level + 2 cha) on the enemy in R6.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury casts Magic Circle against Evil, targeting himself as the center.
10ft radius from self. All in the circle get a +2 deflection bonus to AC and +2 to saves, cannot be charmed or possessed and non-good summoned creatures cannot enter.
He tries to move to P13.
He shouts as loud as he can: “Dispatch injured, rally here!”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Scratch that, Fury, blinded, does not move and instead tries to get the dust out of his eyes.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sofir: Xan had done a fine job of disabling the manacles (you almost throught they would not unlock!), but they do. The hooded man tries to avoid your burning hands: 3 + X, he doesnt. He takes 7 (3 + 1 + 3) damage and falls down burning. His screams are silenced by the burning sounds of the surroundings.

Fury, a circle of protection radiates from you.
The tents, and items inside them continue to burn. It’s funny how much damage bat
guano and sulfur and do.

Eximere throws off his burning cloak (STD) and tries to get the glitter out fo his eyes (MOV)! “What kind of magic is this, I cant see?!” (SFT + FRE)

Thundor, for this round you may substitute your move action for a standard action (effectively gaining two attacks, but remember, only one spell can be cast per round). From my perspective, to charge you have to hit the target “head on”. If you are unsure of an action, just post it in the forum section and I will answer it asap.

Xan, since you have not acted, the enemies are still flatfooted against your attacks and perceive you as an ally.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I would also like to point out that because you are blind and the spell you had cast requires you to draw a 3ft circle, you would need to a roll a spellcraft check, using your dexterity as the base: 30 (18 +12). Even though you cant see, you still drew a perfect circle.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

My bad, I thought the cirle was only needed for bind extra-planar creatures.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

That seems fair enough Grish,

Thundor (bolstered by the brilliance of Pelor) uses his move action to attack the bugbear in Q18 with Guidance as a swift action, Mace Attack: + 8 ( + 7 sheet, + 1 Guidance), Damage: 1d8 + 3.
He then uses his standard action to attack the creaure in P18, Mace Attack: + 7, Damage: 1d8 + 3.

Also what is the thing in X7, i cant quite figure it out.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Did my last attack go through?

I also attack the same guy again. (1d20+7, 1d6+3)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor, You attack the bugbear 12! 4 + 8 (he is also still recovering from his charge) but you still miss.
The creature in P18 is a gnoll. (Knowledge Nobility and Royalty (24: 18+6) reveals the gnolls have not been trained in any particular style of combat.

You strike the gnoll in P18: 20 + 7! critical hit (confirm: 7 + 7, miss). You deal 10 points of damage to the enemy (7+3). He is badly injured

You cant what is in X7 from where you are standing (the well blocks your view)

Sagla, you did hit last turn, but I said “You” instead of Sagla, it’s just before Round 2 started. (You strike at the bugbear, he is slightly caught off guard (-2 AC for charging). 20, hit! (13 + 7) and do 5 + 3 damage!)

Sagla, you strike at the bugbear: 26! (19+7) for 5 damage (2+3). The bugbear is injured.

Xan is still to act, otherwise he will be put on full defence stance.

The bugbear attacks Sagla, he bellows anglily in an unknown language a few foreign words and strikes 5 + X, miss from his heavy attack of his morningstar.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Take a 5ft step to R11, attack enemy in S11 with Rapier.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

^ Sneak attack. Enemy is still denied their dexterity bonus.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Nobody understands the language?
I swear someone in the part speaks Goblin…

The Strike Against Erythnul.

As a free action outside my turn, can Fury make a spellcraft check to determine how long glitterdust will last (I already know but figure I shouldn’t metagame :P )? Or do I have to do this on my turn?

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I should specify that Fury is trying to remember (since he has had this spell on his list before) the duration, not analyse the magicks around him to determine the duration, if that makes a difference to determine if I can do this outside of my turn?

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Xan you try to strike: (make sure you state your bonuses next time in your action as it makes it easier for me, also updating the obs character sheet would be great :P) 15! 8 + 7. You strike the gnoll while he is still just recovering from the surprise attack: (11) 4 + 5 + 2. The gnoll falls to the ground growling. He is still moving, but is on the ground.

The gnoll on the ground next to Xan takes a final breath and strikes: 7 + X (- being on the ground) and misses. He is no longer moving.

The gnolls shift around (Thundor sense motive: 9, 4 + 5) and as if listening to the bugbears command, strike at Sagla (from left to right)
Gnoll: 15 + 2 + X hit! He also manages to pierce your armour and digs his weapon even deeper for 9 damage!
Gnoll: 11 + X miss!
Gnoll: 3 + 2 + X miss!

The ogre moves up, with his Huge flaming club. Xan you are close enough and see that he is wearing some sort of leather armour. His eyes are glaring at you.

Fury, you can do a check as a free action on your turn. (a penalty will apply as you are blind)

Round 3 starts:

The Gnome mage does a small expression with his face (Sofir Sense Motive: 11 + 2, not enough) and disappears!

The last standing hooded man moves to F7 and casts yet another magic missile at Fury! 5 points of damage!

The bugbear strikes at Thundor and mutters something in mid swing in an unknown language: 16 +X and hits you for 7 points of damage.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

If I attack someone while blinded, does it provoke an AoO?

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Nothing in the rules says that you would provoke AoO.
If you hear an enemy and successfully pin point them to a square (listen), you may attack them with a 50% miss chance (total concealment). You may also just find their general direction and try your luck (very low chance of actually hitting them, unless it’s an area effect, like fireball.)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

No more fireballs :P

Fury makes a spellcraft check to remember the duration of the spell making him blind.

If he thinks its more than one more round, Fury moves in the direction of gnome, not knowing that he is invisible but attacking because of hearing him cast a spell this round. Listen check to determine the location of my charge. Drawing the quarterstaff as part of my move. Strike with the quarterstaff in the square that he thinks the gnome is in (remembering that the gnome is small so no swinging at head-height :P) +2 to hit, 1d8

If he thinks the blindness will end in one more round, he will draw his staff and go full defensive and say, “Blindness should pass soon.” Total defence is a standard action BTW

The Strike Against Erythnul.

“Listen check to determine the location of my charge.” should be "Listen check to determine location of my charge. Fury is not charging since he does not have line of sight.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Also, Qstaff is 1d6 not 1d8.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury Spellcraft: 10 + 14 (include the bonus next time) You know the spell is Glitterdust, but dont know exactly when it will end. But you can assume in the next 1-5 rounds.

You cant draw a weapon as part of a charge as its not part of a move.

Listen check 12 + 4. You knew where he was, but right now, not the exact spot, just north-ish.
Your full defence stance wont do you any good as you have lost your Dex bonus due to blindness.
That is however the end of your turn.

The three gnolls move around and strike Sagla again. This time all gaining the flanking advantage (from left to right, clockwise):
Gnoll 11 + 2 + X. Not enough!
Gnoll 8 + 2 + X. Not enough!
Gnoll 15 + 2 + X. HIT! This time, while you tried to keep your ground against him and the bugbear, he managed to see a weak spot and strike at it! 13 points of damage!

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor will attack the same Gnoll as last time (P18) and uses a Cure Minor Wounds on himself. He then says “Sagla, follow me defensively”. After the attack he then moves to P20.

Note, Thundor is only doing the move action and the free action based on what Leon posted above about defensive fighting as being a standard action. Grish, if you decide that this is not the case then Thundor will do neither of those two actions.

Also somewhat relevant, should I assume the terrain below row 20 is much the same as above it and has no significant obstacles etc.?

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sorry the above post was meant to read Guidance not Cure Minor Wounds (duh). The stats for the attack are Mace Attack: + 8 ( + 7 sheet, + 1 Guidance), Damage: 1d8 + 3

The Strike Against Erythnul.

If we’re going with the standard action thing, then I’ll make a 5 foot step to where Thundor was and go full defensive. Otherwise I just go full defensive.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

As per SRD20, full defence is now a standard action. (I am going to be continuously updating the wiki to include any house rules, such as the clear definition of charging, thanks for pointing this one out.)

Thundor, you strike at the enemy: 7 + 8, the divine power of Pelor steers your attack straight to the gnolls head, avoiding his shield block, for 5 (2 + 3) damage. You hit the gnoll square in the head and he is now lying on the ground.

I will post more of the terrain once I get home (It has more obstacles and less open ground)

Eximere readies a stance: As soon as he is no longer blind, he will shoot the nearest enemy with a normal arrow.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla moves to P19 and is now in full defense (26 AC!?). Just a note that you can always take a 5ft step, even when performing a full round action as 5ft is like a free action. Unless you have already moved (charge, withdraw, stunned etc…) you can take it.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I heartily approve of the 26 AC :)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I thought i corrected that Fury was not charging but was moving to where he thought the gnome was?

The Strike Against Erythnul.

You wrote this:
“Listen check to determine the location of my charge.” should be "Listen check to determine location of my charge. Fury is not charging since he does not have line of sight.

So you did a listen check to determine, but didnt charge.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

But i also wrote “Fury is not charging since he does not have line of sight.”, eh fair enough, my description was iffy.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

oh shit right. I meant to write "Listen check to determine location of my charge. " which would have read as “If he thinks its more than one more round, Fury moves in the direction of gnome, not knowing that he is invisible but attacking because of hearing him cast a spell this round. Listen check to determine the location of my move. Drawing the quarterstaff as part of my move. Strike with the quarterstaff in the square that he thinks the gnome is in (remembering that the gnome is small so no swinging at head-height :P) +2 to hit, 1d8” which makes marginally more sense…

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fuck. Once again for the 5th time i write charge instead of move. pardon the spam, all…

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Ok, well you can do it next turn as you already had a turn. I cant read your mind from London.

Anyway, the ogre charges Xan 20 + X, (potential crit) 7 + X, not crit.
Xan you take 13 points of damage (3 of that is fire damage) and are now “Near Death”

Xan you are now in full defence stance.

Round 4 Starts:

You hear a gnomish voice coming from the north east, chanting. Just because I already know this will happen, you are the only one who can successfully and because of you failed to declear an full action last turn) Fury spellcraft 17 + 14 (31) The gnome is casting Summon Monster II.

The hooded man draws his crossbow and loads it taking another 5ft step back.

The bugbear takes a 5ft step to R18 puts away his weapon and draws a dagger, which is emmiting a very dull green light. He barks more orders, this time he seems a little happier.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor screams “Sagla, move away from gnolls, attack the bugbear!” (using both free and move actions). He then attacks the enemy in Q20 with his mace (1d20 + 7, 1d8 + 3) and uses a Cure Minor Wounds on Sagla.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor, you attempt to strike at the gnoll in Q2: 17 (10 + 7), hit! You deal MAXIMUM damage (11) and take the gnoll down!

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury listens (4) for the casting, moves to and attacks the gnome with his quarterstaff (2, 1d6).

The Strike Against Erythnul.

The + makes the underliness :/

That’s plus 4 for listen, plus two to attack

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla takes a 5 feet step to Q18 (left of the bugbear) and fights in partial defensive stance. (1d20+7-4,1d6+3). I gain 2 AC instead of 4.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury listen check: 5 + 4. You can only move at half speed towards the gnome caster, moving the shield with you. You attack with your quarter staff 20 + 2 – 2, crit! 16 + 0, confirmed crit. Concealment: 3. Miss due to concealment or the gnome not actually being in that square.

Sagla, you move to Q18 and attack: 14, 11 + 3, miss.

Eximere still has the ready action readied (once he is no longer blind, he will shoot the nearest enemy). Free action: “Any enemies near by?”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla, due to your high heal skill 31 (17 + 12), you know the bugbear is “badly injured”.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

The gnoll takes a 5ft step to Q21 and attacks Thundor 13 + X, miss, just.
The ogre attacks Xan: 11 + X also just missing him as he is in full defence stance.

Xan and Sofir are both in full defence.

Round 5

Two dogs with a taint of devil appear in O4 and Q3. They both try to attack Fury, but fail to enter the barrier that Fury is sustaining.

Fury and Eximere are no longer blind.
Eximere’s ready action is activated: Closes enemy is the tainted dog in O4: 18 + 12, hit 2+3, 5 damage to the dog.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor takes a 5ft step to Q19 and attepmts to slay the bugbear – Mace Attack (1d20 + 7, 1d8 + 3). He may as well shout “FOR PELOR!!!” while he does this, hoping that if he does manage to gravely injure/kill the enemy it will look that much cooler.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor, you strike at the bugbear 14. 7+7, not enough to wound him.

The ranger moves to P9 quick draws bolas and flings them at the ogre “Cover me Fury”
Attack with Bolas (ranged touch attack 29! 17 + 12, hit) Trip check: 13 = 8 + (+9 -4). Ogre tries to resist 16 + X. He is not tripped.

The hooded man takes a 5ft step to E8 and takes a shot at Sofir: 14 + X! It just pierces through Fury’s magic shield. Sofir, fortunately you use your monk senses to stop the bolt mid flight. (Spot: pass) You notice spit-like sticky goo on the bolt. It has no effect on you.

Bugbear attacks Sagla with the glowing dagger: 14 + X. You manage to dodge the attack in the last second.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

[MOV] Fury moves to Q8 so that both Sofir and Eximere are protected. While moving he draws his crossbow.
[STD] Fury loads the crossbow.
[SFT+FREE] He says to Eximere and Sofir “Where’s that gnome gone? Anyone see or hear him?”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

[MOV] Fury moves to Q10 so that both Eximere and Xan are protected. While moving he draws his crossbow.
[STD] Fury loads the crossbow.
[SFT+FREE] He says to Eximere and Sofir “Sofir, into my shield! Where’s that gnome gone?”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla maintains his partial defensive stance and attacks the bugbear again. (1d20+7-4,1d6+3) Angrily, he yells at the bugbear, “Stop dodging!”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury, you moved to Q10, Eximere and Xan are now protected by your shield. You crossbow is now loaded.

Sagla you attack the bugbear: 16 + 3, enough to hit him! 8 (5 + 3). (Heal: pass) The bugbear is now Near Death.

The Gnoll takes a 5ft step to P20 and strikes at Thundor, 9 + 2 (flanking) + X, miss.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I move to q9 and go partial defensive.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Hey Grish, did Eximere’s bolas not do damage to the ogre on a hit?

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sofir, you are now in Q9 and on partial defensive.
You can use bolas to do damage or trip, not both. Just like regular trip.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

The ogre attacks Xan: 13 + X, miss due to Fury’s shield and Xan’s full defense stance.
Xan is in full defensive stance.

The fire that burns around you is making too much noise to make listen checks to track the Gnome.

Round 6

The Fiendish dog
The hooded man moves to F14 and takes a shot at Fury: 17 + X, hit 2 damage.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

That was meant to say : Fiendish dogs charge, but are blocked by Fury’s shield.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I lash out at the dog in q8, flurry of blows with my fists,

first strike 1d20+3, 1d6 1 dmg
second strike 1d20
1, 1d6 +1 dmg

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor once again tries to attack the Bugbear in R18, Mace Attack (1d20 + 7, 1d8 + 3). If I kill it I say “Sagla I still have heals, help me kill this guy before leaving.” [Move][Minor][Free]

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury takes aim at the hooded man with his crossbow: 1d20 + 5 (+ 2 BAB, + 2 dex, + 1 MW) / 1d8.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Ack premature submit.
Fury then uses his move action to reload the crossbow.
“Eximere! Hooded guy’s running!”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sofir, you might want to check you attack calculation, it’s + 3 for each attack (-2 FB + 2 BAB + 3 DEX).
Flurry of blows: 15! hit, (12+3) and 17 (14+3) also hit. 2 (1+1) and 5 (4+1) damage. The evil looking dog fanishes!

Thundor you attack the bugbear: 17! (10 + 7) hit! (10) (7+3) damage!
The bugbear falls to the ground, but is still barely alive, clutching the lightly glowing dagger. (Heal: pass) the bugbear is about to enter unconciousness,

Fury you take a shot at the hooded man: 18 + 5, hit! for 4 damage!

Eximere: “I’m going to kill the dog first!” Shoot point blank at the dog 1 + 12 (miss) (Dex check 12 (pass) (7+5).

The Strike Against Erythnul.

The fiendish dog also takes an AoO against Eximere, but fails due to Fury’s shield.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Apologies for being tardy, I have been quite busy. I have however brought my character sheet with me to Taipei :>

I retreat (withdraw) from (R,11) to (K, 11). Speed is 30ft, so I can withdraw up to 60ft (2 x move). This is a full round action.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla nods at Thundor in acknowledgment as he knocks the bugbear to the ground, saying, “All yours, Thundor!”

He then charges the ogre at S13. (1d20+9,1d6+3 [-2 AC])

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Wait, hang on. I just noticed that there’s a tree in the way. Is the tree trunk too wide for me to charge the ogre? If it is I’ll just close in and attack – so just (1d20+7, 1d6+3).

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Xan has withdrawn to K11. Good commitment, you also have your character sheet in gmail :P

Sagla, we actually had this conversation in the forums section and I wanted other players opinion about this. But I think, I’m just going to rule it that as long as it is the “closest square” you can charge. So for example you can ONLY charge R13 in this situation. Sometimes there may be more than 1 square that is the “closest square”, in which case you can choose which one you charge to.

The bugbear makes a last attack against you from the ground 9 – 4 + X, miss and he drops the dagger and lies lifeless on the ground.

So you charge to R13 and attack the ogre 28! (19 + 9) for 4 points of damage (1 + 3)!
Just as a small hint, might want to include your dwarven +1 vs bugbears next time :P

The hobgoblin looks worried after the bugbear dropped the dagger, he looks around and sees that the ogre is still fighting and continues to fight (Sense Motive: pass).
He attacks Thundor: 14 + X, hitting you. He does 5 points of damage. Thundor you are badly injured.

The concentrates on his new friend and attacks Sagla: 15 + X. Sagla, you remember the ways your dwarven ancestors taught you to fight giants and you naturally dodge his big slow swings. This comes as a shock to the rest of the party as you move so fluently, avoiding his massive flaming blows.

He also casts a quick spell, which heals a small scratch Sagla had made on his lower leg.

Round 7.

The ogre suddenly appears to have gained even more strength!!!

The dogs tries to attack, but is blocked by Fury’s shield. I was going to get the dog to attack Xan, but it’s master cant communicate with it :(

The hooded man takes a 5ft step and shoots Xan this time: 20 + X (possible crit) 15 + X, confirmed crit: Xan you take 4 points of damage but are still barely standing.

You have until Sunday to post.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Lolol. I had written on my character sheet “Giant type giants” which made little sense but I assumed it was only to creatures named giants. Rereading the SRD makes more sense.

Sagla also goes “Lolol” as he dances around (5ft step to R12) the ogre, feeling suddenly like he is a dexterity based character. party members as he dodges the relatively slow ogre. He dashes in for a strike! (1d20+7, 1d6+3)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Grish, I need a ruling. If Fury was in Q11, would Sagla be covered by the Protection from Evil?

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I’m making a 5ft step to R12, so if you were in Q11 I should have it.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I dont see why he wouldn’t be covered by Fury’s protection from evil if you moved to Q11.

Sagla you strike: 13 + 7, you hit the ogre for 5 (2 + 3) damage.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Eximere takes a shot at the dog, provoking AoO, the dog automatically misses as it cant get through Fury’s shield. Eximere’s ranged attack 18 (6 + 12), hit 6 + 3 damage, the dog vanishes. Moves to O12 and says: “Im going to charge the ogre”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor takes a 5ft step to P19, then attacks the adjacent enemy. Mace Attack (1d20 + 7, 1d8 + 3).
If the enemy is still alive he says nothing, however if it dies then he will yell out “Guys, who should I attack next?!” [minor][free].

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor you move to P19 and strike at the gnoll, 21! (14 + 7) hit. He takes 5 points of damage.

I also realised that Eximere just had a fail… this is what happens when you post at work :(

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury shoots the guy in F15 (1d20+5, 1d8+0) then moves to Q13.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury you fire at the hooded man in F15 but you also provoke AoO from the ogre (10ft reach):
Ogre attack 17 + X, hit. It does 18 points of damage (4 of which are fire). You are now unconscious/dead.

I also had to go and investigate the effects of the caster going unconscious/dying. I have added a small house rule here to clear this up. Your spells lasts for the full duration or until dispelled.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Err, if the Ogre has 10ft reach, why did it charge Xan and move adjacent to him?
According to charge rules, the ogres moves to the closest square from which it can make an attack. That would be 10ft away from Xan, not 5ft.

I saw this happen and I thought you were playing it as 5ft range. Instead of metagaming and looking it up, I interpreted this as you were playing a 5ft reach because if you were playing 10ft, the ogre would have attacked from one square further away. Nowhere did you indicate that the ogre actually had a 10ft reach. Especially not from the way you played that charge.

Since you fudged that rule and based my interpretation off that, can I take a do over on my action.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I did indeed forget to attack with the ogre from “the closest square”.
The ogre has 10ft reach and Fury can choose his actions again. :)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

This melding of 3.5g and the D20srd rules is causing some headaches. But also many lulz. I approve.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Yay, thanks :D

Fury readies an action. Trigger: Eximere attacks the ogre. Action: Take a 5ft step into P11 and shoot the hooded man (1d20 + 5; 1d8).

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury, your action has been readied.

The gnoll attacks Thundor: 13 + X, just misses.

The ogre swigtly casts something and takes another swing at Sagla: 3 + X. Another miss!

Xan and Sofir are yet to declare.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Xan and Sofir are in full defense stance.

Round 8

A couple of small explosions come from the tent in k5 and the corner of the tent in L1 flares up and thick black smoke starts streaming into the sky (much like the one coming from the tower)

The hooded man moves to B19 and takes another shot at Xan: 14 + X, hit 5 Damage. Xan you are now unconscious/dead.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Forgot Xan was in full defense stance. Xan, you are fine. Grrr…

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor attacks the adjacent enemy again: Mace Attack (1d20 + 7, 1d8 + 3).

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Same thing as before, Sagla attacks the ogre. (1d20+7,1d6+3) He laughs diabolically as he dodges the ogre. (But knows it will hurt when he inevitably does not dodge successfully)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor you attempt to strike at the gnoll: 12 + 7 hit! 9 damage! The gnoll falls to the ground, no longer moving.

Sagla you continue to dodge the ogre and attempt to strike him: 6 + 7, miss.

Eximere: “Get in a flanking position, i’ll charge him shortly!” and shoots (attacks) at the ogre. But before Eximere does, Fury suddenly moves to P11 and shoots at the hooded man: 19 + 5, 16 +5, confirm crit: 16 points of damage (max damage) HEADSHOT!. The last hooded man has a bolt partially stuck in his head, he falls to the ground.

Eximere shoots the ogre with his bow: 8 + 12, hit 8 (4 + 4) damage

Also, just to confirm, Sofir is not threatened by the ogre as less that 50% of the square is threatened.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I draw and throw one of my strength shurikens at the ogre, d20 + 6(they are 10ft range so maybe -2 penalty from range increment) 1d2 + 2 dmg + 1d2 strength dmg

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sofir, I have just looked up the rules in DMG and you are in the threat range! But as I had stated that you were not in the threat range, for this round you are not. The ogre is trying to kill the dwarf anyway :)

Large creatures with 10 ft reach can reach the edge squares :(

So you fling your shuriken: 8 + 6 or 4 (both would miss), you also suffer a -2 for shooting into combat vs a large creature (usually -4 vs a medium creature)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Ze ogre casts a quick spell which heals a small bruise on its lower leg (caused by Sagla) and strikes at Sagla: 1 + X, 5 + X. It misses the dwarf again.

Xan, you are in full defense stance.

Round 9

The tents burn some more…

You may declare your actions.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Acknowledging Eximere’s command, Sagla responds, “Okay, get ready!”

He then makes a 5 foot step to R13, and continues attacking the ogre. (1d20+7,1d6+3)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury readies an action.
Trigger: Eximere charges the ogre.
Action: As a swift action, Fury puts the crossbow on the ground. He moves to R11. As part of the movement, he draws his quarterstaff. He attempts to "Aid Another ":http://www.d20srd.org/srd/combat/specialAttacks.htm , granting Eximere a 2 bonus to his next attach roll (2 vs AC 10).

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor moves to U17, then casts cure moderate wounds on himself (2d8 + 5 hp). (Im assuming that the enemy in R18 is not concious, if he is then let me know as my action would be different).

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla you attack: 18 + 7, hit! You do 5 damage (2+3)!

Fury: You put down the crossbow, as you move to R11 and draw your quarterstaff you provoke an attack of opportunity from the ogre (moving in threatened space and drawing a weapon).
Ogre attempts to strike you: 11 + X, hits! you take 14 points of damage and are unconscious!

(also realised Sagla should have taken an AoO for charging the ogre. Creatures with reach are complex. Ranger is going to get a spear next time. Reach weapons pawn!)

Thundor you move to U17 and cast Cure Mod on yourself: 3 + 4 + 5 (11 total).
If I delete the guys, I will forget to roll their stabilization checks as I did for the gnolls :( It also looks good on the battle field. They are counted as dead/unconscious.

Eximere changes weapons to his shortsword and longsword and drops his bow, he then charges the ogre: (the ogre is too slow to take another attack of opportunity this round). 9 + 10 + 2, hit! 7 points of damage (3 + 4).

The ogre strikes at the dwarf: 12 + X, misses the dwarf.

Sofir and Xan are yet to act.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sorry Grish, from the spell was it (3 + 4 + 5) or 11 hit points?

The Strike Against Erythnul.

It was the first one, so 12 points of healing.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Throwing caution to the wind I take a 5 ft step to R10 and punch the ogre, 1d20 +5, 1d6 + 1 dmg on hit

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Grish, read my post again please.
Specifically that it was a readied action so it’s eximere who provokes the aoo

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Leon – Don’t Ready actions act as an immediate interrupt on the triggered action, which would mean that Fury technically acts before Eximere charges, your action was just triggered by Eximere’s charge action?

The Strike Against Erythnul.

What Sam said and also you can only ready 1 action at a time.
So I read that as you move up and then ready your action.
Next time what you could do is ready an action to aid another or cast a spell as the enemy attacks. Example: Trigger: ogre attacks, Action: Aid another (AC) to the person being attacked.

Sofir, you take a 5ft step to R10 and attack: 13 + 5. hit! 6 damage to the ogre. (5+1)

The ogre is getting really pissed with the dwarf and screams (spit flying at Sagla) “Die Dwarf!” he casts a quick spell and attacks: 10 + X, another miss!

Round 10

Tents are burning.

Declare your actions as the ogre is very slow.
Fury you try to stabilize: 7 + 3. Stable.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla continues abusing the ogre, after shifting to S13. 1d20+7, 1d6+3.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor moves to V16, then W15, then W14, then W13, then to V12 [move] [standard].

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor moves to V16, then W15, then W14, then W13, then to V12 [move] [standard].

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Lol stupid thing says it wont post – then posts 5 times! I only clicked submit once.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

My bad. Have more to discuss so moving it to the forum.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I continue pelting the ogre with a flurry of blows: 2 attacks 1d20 +3, 1d6 + 1 dmg on hit

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla, you strike at the ogre: 19 + 7, hit! 5 (2 + 3) damage! The ogre is badly injured.

Thundor, as you move into V12 you become well aware that the ogre is threatening your square, but you are not threatening it.

Sofir, you try to unleash your flurry’s: 13 + 3 (miss) 16+3 hit! and do 5 (4+1) points of damage.

Eximere dual strikes the ogre: Longsword: 3 + 7, miss. Shortsword: 21 (14 + 7), hit! 5 damage (1+4)

The ogre casts a swift spell and strikes at Sagla: 18 + X, hit! He breaks your body (think baseball bat hitting a pillow made out of hay) doing 17 points of damage. You are unconscious/dead. Immediately continues his swing and attacks Eximere: 16 + X, hit (bashing through Fury’s shield)! Doing 21 points of damage to Eximere!

Xan is in full defense stance.

Round 11.

The tower and the tents continue to burn.
Sagla tries to stabilize: 5+1, fail, loses another point of HP

The Strike Against Erythnul.

That took Sagla down to 0, he’s just flat on the ground and can’t move. He doesn’t try to do anything either, hoping that the ogre doesn’t crush him further.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor yells out “Sofir, move beside Eximere!”, takes a 5ft step to U12 then attacks the ogre with his mace. Attack (1d20 + 9 [+ 2 flanking], 1d8 + 3 damage)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla, you are down and are dying. Not moving at all. Sent you a pm ;)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor you attack: 17! (8+9) hit! You do 4 points of damage (1+3).
Nobility and Royalty: 19+ 6, 25! You are aware that the ogre has limited training in the divine arts.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla, you also couln’t declare as initiative count for this encounter is 1 :P

Eximere attacks with both weapons: Longsword: 25! (15 + 8 + 2) 3 + 4, 7 damage.
Shortsword: 16, miss (7 + 7 +2)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I take 5ft step to r11 and flurry the ogre again using Thundor’s flanking to my advantage, 2 strikes 1d20+5 (including flanking) , 1d6 +1 dmg on a hit.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sofir, you move to R11 and attack the ogre with a flurry of blows: 18 (13 + 5) and 9 (4 +5). Hitting once and doing 7 points of damage (6 + 1).

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Okay yeah, Sagla down and is pretty mangled up. (I missed one of the hits on Sagla)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

The ogre casts a spell swiftly and strikes at Eximere: 19 + X, Hit for 21 Damage! (3 fire). Eximere’s lifeless body falls to the groun, he is down. The ogre then continues his swing and aims for Sofir: 9 + X, miss. Fury’s protective shield was able to slightly defelect the attack, so Sofir had enough time to fully avoid it.

Xan is in full defense stance.

Round 12

Tents burn…
Fury tries to stabilize 8 + 3, stable
Eximere tries to stabilize: 6 + 2, fail, and loses another HP.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sofir’s mind being solely focussed on battle he barely notices Eximere fall beside him and continues his torrent of strikes on the ogre, flurry 2 strikes 1d20+5 (including flanking) , 1d6 +1 dmg on a hit.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor notices what is going on around him but he thinks the ogre is almost dead so its probably best to try to kill it rather than let it swing any more of those HUGE hits.
Mace Attack (1d20 + 9 [+ 2 flanking], 1d8 + 3 damage)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sofir, you attempt to strike at the ogre using a flurry of blows: 17 + 5 (hit) and 4 + 5 (miss).
You do 7 (6 + 1) points of damage, hitting the ogre with your fist on the side of his knee joint when he had his weight on in, the ogre falls in agonising pain, still barely alive.

Thundor, with the ogre now on the ground half kneeling, you strike at him (+4 to hit) 6 + 13, hit! The ogre takes 10 points of damage (7 + 3) and is now lying flat on the ground, not moving.

It doesn’t look like there is anyone else in the area who threatens you, so you can act freely.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Well done guys :D

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Okay, Thundor performs Heal checks on the unconcious party members, while asking Sofir to search thoroughly the site for more enemies/enemies that may still be living.
Heal: +4

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor does this on Eximere first as he doesnt seem stable and I just saw him take a huge hit.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I follow Thundor’s lead and search the site for enemies and anything else that might be helpful to revive our fallen friends.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor your heal checks:
Eximere: 16 (12 + 4), you have stabalized him (Heal: First Aid). He appears to be on -10 HP.
Fury: 20 (16 + 4), -9 HP.
Sagla: 22 (18 + 4) You are almost certain he is also on -8 HP.

Sofir your checks (party):
Listen: 14 (13 + 1)
Spot: 16 (14 + 2)
Search: 10 (9 + 1)

You only find a burned humanoid body in I3, in it’s hands, clutched is a potion. The body is lifeless. Next to the body lies an empty potion flask.

Otherwise, you spot a couple of potions in the burning tent in J5 but can not enter the tents as they are on fire.
The rest of the things you found, would not help in reviving your fallen friends.

You do not find any more enemies.

In the future, could you please post the skills you will use and their bonuses to make it easier for me.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

As you are no longer in imminent danger, you can post as a many actions as you like, one after the other if necessary. But only if you are conscious :P

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor use Cure Moderate Wounds on Sagla – 2d8+5 (simply because although they all seem fairly equally screwed he at least has the decency to worship the right god) – and is now out of spells. Thundor will then search the belongings of all party members looking for a Healer’s Kit. If he finds one then he will hand it to Sagla (if concious) and will aid him in using it to heal the others.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor casts cure moderate wounds on Sagla: 11 HP (6 + 1 + 5).
Sagla is now conscious, but badly wounded.

Search 12 (10 + 2) Nobody has healers kits. Some dont even have back packs to search…

If you dont state your bonus to the skill you want to use I will now just use the default bonus of -1. Be warned :P

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Still wobbly from yet another one of his near-deathe experiences, Sagla rolls himself off his backpack. “Oh, my head,” he groans, as he reaches in to reach for a healers kit in his bag. (Yes, he has some.)

Did we say we can’t use healers kits on yourself? At any rate, I spend 10 minutes healing both Fury and Eximere, then another one on myself and anyone else who needs it. (1d20+14 healing)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla, You spend 3 Healing Kit charges:
Fury: 19 + 14 = 33, You manage to heal Fury for 4 HP. Still unconscious.
Eximere: 7 + 14 = 21, 2 HP healed. Still unconscious.
Sagla, you can heal yourself, just cant provide long term care. A person may only be healed once per day (Unless he loses HP after being healed or is healed significantly by magical means and then loses HP)
Sagla: 12 + 14 = 26, 3 HP healed.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Err, Fury is conscious, but is barely alive.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury sits up. Looks around. “Nice!” he says with the grin of someone glad to be alive.

Suddenly, his expression changes as he takes account of the dead enemies. “Careful, that gnome might still be around. In fact, I think we should clear out ASAP in case he fetches that Ogre and his disciples.”

How long would it take to do a search of the camp? E.g. Take a 10 vs just a roll?

“I think we need to do the following things:

  1. Search the camp
  2. Burn anything that’s left
  3. Check if any of the enemies are still alive so we can take them for questioning
  4. Remove the corpses from their sacrificial altar so they can’t continue their filthy work
    What do you guys say?"
The Strike Against Erythnul.

“Go ahead with that,” says Sagla to Fury. “In the meantime we should prep Eximere for… ‘transport’. Are we going to stay and camp here (which I don’t recommend) or going somewhere else to camp? I think we can all agree that we are sorely in need of some extended rest.”

With that, Sagla goes around to look for materials to make a makeshift stretcher.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Taking a 10 in this situation would just double the amount of time normally taken.
If the whole party is searching, it would take 5 minutes with a roll, 10 minutes to take a 10.

Knowledge (Local) Xan: (15) 9 + 6
Fury: (13) 8 + 5

You note that it is unlikely that the Erythnul followers had ever expected to be attacked and most likely did not put a lot of energy into hiding their stuff. The only thing that could make searching difficult is the fact that the tents are still on fire.

Once you choose which one, I will reveal the result ;)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

And how far away was the whipping Ogre?

The Strike Against Erythnul.

A couple of hours.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Wasn’t Thundor good at resisting fire? Sagla volunteers Thundor to investigate the tents.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Ok, but first you have to decide if you would like to take a 10 or roll.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor gingerly moves his toes into the fire, if it seems he doesnt get damaged, then he continues searching the tental area.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor, although the fires from the tents and the items are intense, you manage to look through without being affected. The fires have already passed the intense stage.

Search: 17 (18 – 1)

Many of the items have already perished in the fire, but you manage to find:

  • Two scrolls which have been protected by a body from the fire.
  • 45 Gold
  • A gem (unknown)
  • Backpack (containing bedroll, jade, 12 MW shuriken and an interesting platinum necklace)
    Necklace: Knowledge (Religion): 5 (2 + 3) You dont recognise it.
  • Heavy Mace

You can conclude that a lot of items have perished in the fires.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Arcana check to determine whether magic items are otherwise resistant to the fire?

“Sagla, could you check for survivors?”
Grish, could Sagla take a 10 on healing checks to determine which of the enemies are alive/dead or is that not something you can take a 10 on?

If Sagla decides to check the health, Fury takes arcana and religion checks on the Necklace, Heavy Mace, Scrolls and the gem.

How long would it take to take a 20 on search? As per the skill check rules

Fury co-opts the party into help search (Fury’s search: +6) the rest of the not-on-fire encampment and takes a 10. After searching, he moves the bodies from the altar thingy in G7:I9, searching them also if they weren’t included in the

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Doh. Ignore everything written after “How long would it take to take a 20 on search? As per the skill check rules”

I had second thoughts about taking 10 so I wanted to clarify the rules, but forgot to remove the taking 10 part from my post :/

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor is now unsure what to do so asks the concious members of the party for suggestions.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla will check the health of everyone around, including the ogre, and take a 10 in doing so. He also asks to have a look at the necklace that Thundor found, and studies it himself. (1d20+6 religion)

If he is able to after the above actions, he will help search the bodies too.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Guys, please make sure you include your modifiers to your skill checks!!!

Magic items have a better than average chance of surviving fires than normal items.
Taking 10 just to “check” the health would only take a full round or so per person.

Taking a 20 on a search would probably take 45 minutes.
Fury, you dont identify anything special about the items Thundor found (10 – 1).

You search taking a 10. 18! = 10 + 6 + 0 + 2 (Sagla is helping you search (8 – 1) and so is Sofir (16-1) )

Inside the crumbling wall in CD,7 you find a section that had been tempered with, inside it is a potion (spellcraft check 12 + 14) 26, not arcane!

The hooded man in B19 had a staff, 12 darts, potion of mage armour (spellcraft 6 + 14) and a MW crossbow with 6 MW crossbow bolts. He also has a leather pouch with a sealed letter inside it.
Nobility and Royalty: 2 + 5, the seal is unknown to you.

The altar with the three bodies (religion 19 + 10) is a sacrificial altar; they required 4 bodies of significant power to complete the ritual. The bottom left body is of a red draconian warrior. He is wearing MW breast plate armour and a MW dagger is stashed away inside it.

The body located to the right is of an elf woman, she is only a travellers outfit and robes. She has very distinct and discrete tattoos on the back of her neck (Religion 12 + 10). She is a follower of Fharlanghn.

The last body Sofir automatically identifies. It is one of Heironeous followers (Human male) from his temple. Although he did not know this follower Sofir is still quite upset. This monk has probably just completed the basic training and would have been sent as an assistant with a larger party. He only has his churches robes on a basic necklace of Heironeous (Religion 11 + 10, not magical)

The table in K:N,9:10 hold all sorts of tools, including a torturer’s kit and a healers kit (it is not so obvious to an untrained eye, but Sagla spots it straight away) There are 8 daggers on it, each marked with Erythnul’s name. They are not magical.

The tables in S9 has some food (leftover’s) and wine. In the sack next to it are a number of fresh vegetables.

The well in W,10, well… You hear a muffled voice from the bottom and only the occasional splash of water. It’s very deep and you can not see the bottom. The rope leading down into the well is very tight and has been lowered. The rotating wheel seems to be stuck.

You also do not find the body of the frog you burned.

The gnolls all had very similar equipment, (5) leather armour, (2) light maces, (2)battle axes and a scimitar.

Altogether they had 85 copper pieces, 5 javelins and one of them had a MW Short bow.

The hooded men had 80 silver pieces, MW crossbow with 3 MW bolts, MW dagger, wand of magic missile (L1) (14 charges), scroll of invisibility, Red Garnet (worth about 100 gp), scroll of Unseen Servant and wand of Cause Fear (4 charges).

The ogre has a large Great club, Large MW Hide armour, potion (not arcane), Nightshade Tea 8 servings (Nature pass) [This tea allows a magic user to sleep for 2 hours less than usual and must be consumed hot before going to sleep. The user succumbs into a deeper sleep than usual and must be vigorously shaken to be woken up early.] He also has a wand, also not arcane and 30 gold pieces. He has a pouch with human teeth.

The bugbear has a Morningstar, Chain mail armour, Large Shield, 100 copper pieces, potion of Shield of Faith, Oil of magic weapon and a glowing green dagger (Arcana 16 + 12). +1 Dagger , Dull green light 5ft (at will), If the enemy meets the condition for sneak attack, the enemy takes an additional 1D6 acid damage.

Sagla you take a 10 and check the enemies, Heal: (10-1). You can tell the bugbear is still alive.
Religion check on the necklace Thundor found ( 14 + 6 ) It is a necklace of Bahamut (god of good dragons) it is magical but the nature of its ability is not known to you. But you do know that only good creatures can use it.

Also, the item in X2 is a just a broken bowl, while in X7 is a large bowl filled with water. After having a closer look you realize it is a magic bowl that very slowly refills itself with purified water. Very typical of temples of Fharlanghn to have one.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla has a look at the potion with his religiously trained eye. (1d20+6 religion) and then looks down the well (while ensuring he does not fall into it by accident.) He calls down, “Anyone down there?”

He is about cast a spell when he hits himself on his head. Looking to his teammates, he says, “So I just realized I actually still have a cure critical spell… is anyone in dire need of this, or can I use it to cast light into the depths of the well? It is a bit of an overkill, but I have no orisons, so…”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

“Don’t use it to cast Light! Cure either Fury or Eximere so that they are up/concious, and we can just set some wood on fire to make a torch or something. Its not like there arent enough embers around to light stuff with.”
“Also before we use your spell to heal I say we use that healer’s kit you found on those the unconcious party members.”
Thundor then tries on the masterwork breatplate to see if it fits. He then looks at the non arcane wand and potion on the ogre, and the other non arcane potion, and tries to understand what they do, after eating a worm from his flask.
Religion + 5 (+ 3 per c.s., + 2 from worm)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla (listen passive: 10 + 4) You hear muffled voices from at least two people. You hear pain in their murmur. The rope vibrates slightly after you speak.

The potion requires a spellcraft check: 11 + 3 unknown

Thundor, the MW Breast Plate suits you well, strangely, as the draconian is slightly bigger than you. Must be your lucky day.

The potion requires a spellcraft check: 12 + 2 = unknown
Wand (religion) (18 + 5) 23! Wand of Sound Burst (DC 14) (14 charges)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

“I’ll use my cures on Eximere. I’ve also already nursed both Eximere and Fury to the best of my ability, and I don’t think I’ll be able to make much more of a difference with mundane means.”

He then casts cure serious (not critical, my bad) wounds on Eximere. (3d8+5) and also gifts Fury with three minor healing spells. (3 hp)

“With that, my friends,” says Sagla with a sigh, “I can no longer cast any spells. Try not to get yourself hurt until morning.”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Wait, I thought Fury was already up? Is he moving or just lying down and talking?

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury was up.
But the 3hp is much appreciated.

“Strange that the armor should fit you so well, methinks it might be magical. In the morning, when I have the ability to detect and study magic once again, I’ll have a look at it. It’s possible that ALL the masterwork things are magical, so we should bring them all along.”

Architecture/Engineering check (+5) to fix the winch on the well/get it unstuck.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Ok Thundor suggests that we do the following with the items:

For Thundor (now that he is wearing medium armour he can carry a lot more so will be the bank for this encounter):
•MW Breastplate armour
•Two scrolls which have been protected by a body from the fire.
•45 + 30 Gold
•A gem (unknown)
•Bahamut platinum necklace
•MW crossbow
•6 MW bolts
•Sealed Letter
•85 + 100 copper pieces
•80 silver pieces
•Red garnet

For Fury:
•Wand of magic missile
•Scroll of unseen servant
•wand of cause fear
•MW crossbow (possibly magical?)
•3 MW bolts

For Eximere:
•Non arcane wall potion
•MW shortbow (possibly magical?)
•From Thundor’s backpack – Potion of false life

For Sofir:
•12 MW Shuriken
•Potion of Mage Armour
•Necklace of Heironeous (if only to give back to the guy’s family/the church)
•Scroll of invisibility
•oil of magic weapon (for your hands)

For Sagla:
•Healer’s Kit
•MW large hide armour (possibly magical so maybe we should just take it with us for now)
•non arcane potion from ogre
•nightshade tea – 8 servings
•wand of sound burst

For Xan:
•2 MW Dagger (possibly magical?)
•+1 Sneaky Green Dagger
•potion of shield of faith

For anyone that wants these/otherwise to be left behind:
•Heavy Mace
•12 Darts
•5 Leather armour
•2 light maces
•2 battleaxes
•5 javelins
•large greatclub
•chainmail armour
•large steel shield

I propose that everyone takes the items as outlined above as a default notion, but if anyone wants anything that is on someone else’s list just let them know and im sure you can just take it. Its just if we dont sort this out and all add the items to our character sheets then we run the risk of losing everything – and there is a heck of a lot of stuff here (I hope I havent missed anything important).

Also Thundor pulls on the rope for a bit, enough to lift it say 10ft (STR? check + 2) calls out to the people down the well in Common “Is someone down there, do yoou need assistance?” and waits a few seconds for a response. If none is forthcoming then he tries again in Elven and in Halfling. If none of these work then he asks the others to cycle through their set of languages until something works/we run out of languages.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla you heal Fury for 3 and Eximere for 17 (6 + 1 + 5 + 5).
Fury had to search the area, so he could walk, otherwise he would be unconscious after strenuous activity :P

Eximere gets up with a bit a moan. “That was a very hard hit! I could feel the bones break in my body with his huge swing!”

“I dont have room on my back to carry another bow, my longbow is waaay better anyway. I’m just happy to be alive! I will take the two potions (False life and unknown) -taken.

Just note that carrying too many bulky items (they do not have to heavy) may decrease your efficiency in combat. If Eximere has 6 bows on his back, when he quick draws there is a high chance he will get the wrong one or get entangled in them. Just use common sense ;) Just a tip for the future

Did we catch get them all?"

Fury Knowledge Engineering and architecture: 14 = 9 + 5. You manage to get it into the winch and get it unstuck, but by using the mechanism you would not be able to wench it all the way up as it might break. Two large worn down leather gloves were causing it to mulfunction.

Thundor, you just hear a faint murmur from the well in response to your questions in both languages. The Strength check X + 2 seems to get a lot more murmuring coming from the depth of the well, but you do not seem to be able to pull it up. You hear water splash.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor asks Eximere to pull it up and he will aid him in doing so. “Also anyone else if they are feeling particularly strong, feel free to join in. Plus maybe someone who is good at tying stuff would be able to help out.” If this works he asks anyone who is good at listening to try to discern any responses as he repeats his questions in all 3 languages down the well.

Following Eximere’s comment he says “Maybe Fury should take the bow, it seems every Elf I know of has been able to use them. That way maybe the MW crossbow could be used by someone else – I know Sofir doesnt have one, why doesnt he take it then Fury can have the bow. That way everyone wins. Wins hard.”

- Thundor now takes everything that is on his list.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

“Guys, be on guard, I think there might be drow hiding in the well. They like dark and moist places. Fury, here is my sword, cut the rope if you see any drow as we are pulling the rope and whatever is attached to the end of it.”

Eximere listens to the voices before starting to pull (Listen 10 + 5)
“There are at least 3 distinct noises coming from below, possibly drow…”

Eximere uses “Use rope” but with a strength modifier: X + 6 + (Thundor assist X + 2) The rope is pulled up about 10ft. So Eximere and Thundor are about 5 ft away from the well.

“Drow hate light, someone put some light down the well!”

Fury, you think you can assist by turning the mechanism to secure the rope as it is pulled up.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury takes the large leather gloves and stows them with the other loot.
“Sorry Eximere, can’t cut the rope but I’ll just let go of the handle if it’s drow.”
He turns the handle to help with the pulling process and listens to the voices while he pulls, trying to descern what language they are in. Does Fury’s/Eximere’s low light vision help discern what’s in the well?

OOC: I think it’s irrelevant who takes what in the meantime, as long as we take the loot before we get out of here.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

PS: Listen +4/Spot +4

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Also, Sagla’s Darkvision?

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Eximere pauses on pulling the rope, hearing the news from Fury. “Good point, it’s best we make sure they are killed before letting go.”

You give a slight bonus to Thundor and Eximere.

Forgot about Sagla’s darkvision, but as he didn’t state his spot bonus its 9 (10-1).
Sagla spots at least 2 humonoid figures at the bottom of the well, now out of the water, being pulled up by the rope.

Fury, your elven eyes adjust to the lack of light (but light still penetrates far enough to faintly illuminate the cluster of bodies at the bottom of the rope) Spot: 19 (15 + 4) You can see 4 distinct bodies, they are slightly smaller than an average human. You are not sure why, but they are not moving freely.

Listen: 11 + 4, at least 3 of the 4 are making a noise, but you can not understand them as they are all muffled.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Still next to the well, Sagla helps out with the moving of the winch and/or pulling of the rope. He also looks down into the well and tries to discern the shape/race of the people there. (Search/spot? Search:1d20+1, Spot:1d20+4)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla, you already did a spot check. See my post above (you stated to spot earlier on).

Unless you are going to be climbing down the well, I dont think you would want to search :)

I’ll post tomorrow or after Thundor/Sofir post today in ragards to your aid in pulling the rope.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor just keeps pulling on the rope, following Eximere’s direction, he will attempt to listen/look out where helpful (Spot + 1/Listen + 1)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor, Sagla and Eximere pull on the rope: X + 6 + (Thundor: X + 2 + 2) + (Sagla: X + 1 + 2)
The rope is pulled another 15 feet. 25 feet total, about 75 to go.

Fury, you can not see any more detail than before.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Assuming we’re going to just keep pulling until we get the people out of the well, Sagla will gently release his grip on the rope and ready an action to attack the people in the well IF they start to attack one of us.

Or if someone else would rather do this instead, Sagla will just keep pulling.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I ready an action to punch anyone that comes out of the well if they attack one of us. I tell Sagla to keep pulling.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Eximere, Thundor and Sagla pull again (this time Fury’s bonus applies to all three)
Eximere: X + 6 + Fury’s bonus + (Thundor: X + 2 + Fury’s bonus) + (Sagla: X + 1 + Fury’s bonus).
14 + 6 + 2 + (1) + (2).

This time the rope is pulled 25ft! (50 ft left)

Fury, you can now see 4 small bound humonoids. They are fully covered in cloth wrappings, possibly restricting their speech.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

“Those look like children (or halflings, I can’t tell sometimes). Keep pulling!”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla continues to grunt as he pulls on the rope, imagining that it is a bucket of mead that he is pulling to drink, to motivate himself.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor likes what Sagla is thinking and thinks the same also. (No its not metagaming – the smile that briefly flashed across the dwarf’s face as he thought of the mead was clear to anyone that knew him :P)

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Hey guys just a note about metagaming. I will be deducting negative XP for this sort of posts, like Thundor’s, Fury’s and possibly Sagla’s (How would he know that there is mead at the end of the rope?!) :P

Eximere, Thundor and Sagla pull again on the rope, with Fury working the mechanism. You pull the rope another 30ft!

Fury, you can now see that there are 4 bound small humonoids attached to the bottom of the rope. They are wet and are tightly tied together by rope and rags. Three of the four are actively trying to get your attention.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

You pull on the rope the final time and carefully drag out the 4 small bodies tied to the end of the rope. They are all children. You remove the rags that restricted them from speaking.

One of them is an elf and he starts crying.
Another says human child “Would you stop crying! Thank you soo much for freeing me from them, can I have some food?!
You will be rewarded by my father, who is a Lord, greatly!”

Another human child says “Oh look, the gnolls that had captured us are sleeping and so is the ogre! Could you untie us? We are wet and cold.”

The last of the four is not moving and looks unconscious, he is a draconian child. He also bears wounds.

Eximere: “Disappointed that they are not drow, but I’m happy that at least four young lives were saved…” I come closer to the children and stare at the one with a Lord as his father. “How old are you kid?”

The child says: “I am 10 years old, sir”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

The unconscious draconian child is of a red-ish, almost bronze colour.

As Eximere approaches, the elf child’s cries lessen and he is just sobbing now.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor cautions the others beside him (Fury Sofir and Sagla) “there seems to be something a little ‘off’ with the one that claims to be the child of a lord. Things seem a bit forced/unnatural in the way he speaks. I think we should be wary of what he says.”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

OoC: Could I propose a party sense motive? Like, is that allowed without metagaming?

In elvish, to the Elf child. “Hey kid, it’s ok. What’s your name?” Fury hands out some rations among the children.

In common “Could you have a look at that injured child, Sagla?”

Grish, can you remind me what you mentioned about the Draconian colour and about serving the dragon of the opposite colour? Or does that need an associated check? (Arcana +10/Nature +6).

Addressing the so-called Lords child.
“To what house does your father belong, young lordling?”
Nobility/Royalty and History (both +5) check on the answer.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Looking at SRD, dragon knowledge is Arcana, so Arcana check on the Draconian colour thing after all.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla examines the four children, and uses a healers kit on each of them (if necessary) to heal them of any injuries. (1d20+14) At the same time, he keeps an eye out for any distinguishing religious marks on the children. (Can you do this at the same time or is it another action? 1d20+6)

Sidenote: Can I just check how the mead thing is borderline metagaming? Just so I can avoid it in the future…

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Oops, just so it’s clear, the 1d20+14 is healing, and the 1d20+6 is religion.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury, you can roll your own sense motive check if you feel like something is not what it seems.
If you sense motive is high enough, I will usually roll it in secret and let you know if the outcome in private. Just like for other things…

At this time, the child seem legit to you.

He answers to your question: “Sir, my father is a Lord of Ratianisk. One of the smaller houses in the Great almighty Crown!”

Nobility and Honour: Fury: 15 + 5, you have never heard of it. But you know that the Crown does have a number of smaller houses.

Thundor, you over hear the kid speak (Nobility and Honour: 22 (15 + 6) and also can confirm that you have never heard of any house sounding like rations Ratianisk.

Regarding the draconian: Arcana: 16 (6 + 10) Red dragons are usually servants of good dragons, or at least non-evil. But you are not sure regarding the bronze colouring.

Sofir: Arcana as its one of your passive skills 18 (12 + 6). Same as above but the bronze colour may mean that he had some dealing with the darker powers. But he is still in the very early stages.

Sagla, the elf kid and the other human kid let you examine them. The lord kid tells you he is fine. But you examine him anyway. They are all fine.

You use a healers kit on the draconian child: 22 (8 + 14). He is now conscious, but still hurt.

The children have no religious marks.

Regarding the mead, if you continue posting things like that there is a real possibility of me taking away negative XP

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Red draconians are usually servants of good dragons*

The Strike Against Erythnul.

So am I reading it right that by saying “taking away negative XP” that would have a positive impact on our XP? In other words you see comments such as the mead ones as positive role-playing and are encouraging it by using it to offset against any XP that we have lost in previous encounters/discussions by metagaming?

Or it simply using the double negative as emphasis and as such means that we lose even more XP?

While Sagla is spending his time checking and healing the kids, Thundor dryly mentions to each of the party members in turn in a whisper (so only they can hear) “See I told you there was something off about this kid, neither Fury nor I have ever heard about this Lord or his house in Crown. I think we should be very wary of everything he says and does.”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

-1 x -1 = 1 :)
I was just mentioning that what you were doing was not metagaming and would have a positive effect on the bonus RP xp given (perhaps it is a little bit metagaming, but no harm done). Actual metagaming, (even if RP) that has an impact on the game would have a heavy negative XP component.

Fury, the elven kid turns to you and says (in elven): “I am Ethinar, I was out gathering herbs and berries in the woods next to Holborn, when the gnolls kidnapped me, more than ten sunsets ago.”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I look towards the other kids to see if any of them seemed to understand what Eithinar said to Fury (trying to determine if any of the others speak Elven) Sense Motive + 5.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

While Sagla is performing the healing Fury kneels down to speak to Ethinar but also beckons Eximere and Thundor over.
He says to the child in Elven:
“Nice to meet you Ethinar. You said you were out gathering herbs. Is there an Elf settlement near Holborn? It’s been a while since I’ve been among the Fair People.”
Fury waits for the child to answer then speaks more quietly, keeping eye contact with the child.
“Ethinar, I need you to do me a favour. I think someone is trying to overhear us. I’m going to talk to my friends and I need you to nod along as if I’m talking to you, OK?”
(Fury waits for the child to nod and continues on, still quietly).
“Eximere, Thundor. Pretend like I’m not talking to you. There is a scrying sensor above the well. We are being watched or eavesdropped upon. It doesn’t last long so who ever cast it must still be close. I think within 600 feet of here. I believe this is the work of the gnome. I have a plan: just look bored and wander off, flush him out before the spell ends.”
Back at normal volume, still in Elven.
“So do you know the other children well?”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

P.s. Bluff = -1.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Following Fury’s lead, Thundor speaks in common “Bah these are just kids, for all we know they were captured far from here. You can try talking to them some more if you wish but I think its all just a waste of time. Meanwhile, I think those berries you found for me earlier Sagla are runung right through me – I need to relieve myself in the bushes with some haste! Sofir, keep an eye on that Bugbear, the last thing I want to have happen is for him to wake up and charge at me while my pants are around my ankles!” Thundor then walks towards a patch of trees, holding the seat of his pants like he is about to crap himself.
Relevant skills: Bluff + 8, Spot + 1, Listen + 1

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Already used to his party’s tendency to break into elven without warning, Sagla continues to examine the children without distraction. “Boy are you chubby for a child. If only you were your weight in mead, and… your facial hair. You sure your father isn’t a dwarf or something?” he asks the lord kid, with a laugh.

Noting that Eximere’s attention is on the child as well, he says to him in jest, ‘You lads need to learn a thing or two from this child! Some facial hair would make you look a lot tougher!’ Sagla in turn begins to stroke his own heavy beard, but his face is one of slight confusion as he continues, “Though I don’t remember human children growing facial hair so early… hmm.”

Turning to Thundor, his mood sours somewhat as he remarks, “Next time, ask Gotta for berries. Dwarven constitution is better than most, and I didn’t have any problems with those berries!”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor, Sense motive (X + 5) none of the other kids seem to understand elven.

Ethinar -“There is a small number of elves that live in Holborn, I want to go home. I don’t know the other kids.”

He pretends to nod, but isn’t very convincing – he is just a kid.

Eximere walks in the opposite direction from Thundor. Thundor as you walk away from the camp, you do not spot/hear anything unusual.

Sagla, the lord kid replies “No sir, my father is a human lord of Ratianisk, more food please!”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

As Thundor walks away from the party he muses on what the other members of the party had been saying. While covertly searching round in the bushes it dawns on him that maybe he should return to the party.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

“Yeesh, kid, you eat a lot. I’ve only known halflings to be so small yet eat so much. You’ll leave me completely out of rations at this rate so you’re going to have to wait a while.
pauses to think
Well, if your father is a Lord, he’ll no doubt reward me for making sure his son is returned well-fed, no? So what do you think he’ll reward me with?”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

After examining the children, Sagla stands up and regards his the rest of his party. “We should find a place to rest after getting something to eat. Some of these kids are a little famished; I think they’ve been in there for a while for the draconian child to be unconscious as he was.”

Rubbing at his face somewhat tiredly, the dwarf continues, “I’m due for a good sleep, myself.”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I agree Sagla, these guys look they could use a good meal and a good nights rest. Lets find somewhere away from this camp to rest.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

The Lord kids answers Fury- “My father, who is a Lord, would reward you with delicious cucumbers and succulent tomatoes!” He pauses to wipe drool off his chin and then continues “Possibly giving one of my older sisters hands to your leader.”

Thundor (Nobility and Honour) You think stealing or hiding the Erythnul flag may put any other Erythnul forces off track and could cause them to retreat.

Eximere looks for an area with an advantage to rest in: Knowledge(Geography): 6 + 1
Fury checks the area: 19 + 5, Although it looks like a good area, you notice that ground around the area is quite damp and would lead to most likely uncomfortable night’s sleep and possibly getting flooded if it rains, a lot.

You move to camp about an hour away from the Erythnul camp.

Eximere tries to cover the tracks (survival): take 10 + 8.

Eximere tries to make some beds from the natural surroundings: 13 + 8, 21. Making two beds. Enough for their 4 little friends.

Let me know if you would like to do anything before you sleep and if you have a bed roll.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla has a bedroll. He takes off his armour before collapsing into bed. He begins snoring a full second after he falls into bed.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor speaks to the 4 children in halfling just to see if any of them understand it. He then does the same with the party as he cant remember if anyone else speaks it. If they do then he says the following to them in halfling (if not then probably just whispers it only to the party members in common) “does anyone remember why we are in this area in the first place? Also wasnt there another Erythnul band not far from here. where we started that small rockslide? How do we ensure that they wont get the jump on us in the night? Is it possible that they can track us from that magical thing Fury found above the well?”

Once all that is done, Thundor remembers he has a bedroll and also that he intends to use it to the maximum extent permitted by law.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Eximere: “I can take the first shift. I did my best to cover our tracks, it should be safe.”

“Do we have any warding spells?”

The lord kid pays attention when you speak in halfling, but does not respond.

Sagla, as soon as you hit the sack, you switch off, going into a deep dwarven slumber.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Eximere casts Cure Minor Wounds on Fury (+1 HP).

The Strike Against Erythnul.

At the Erythnull Camp:
“Cucumbers and tomatoes eh? Wow, food must really be on your mind. Huh, kid?”

As we are travelling:
Fury whispers to the party. “Stubble… RATIONisk… Tomatoes and cucumbers… I think I’m starting to see a pattern and that pattern is Halfling shaped.”

When we get to the new camp:
“Thanks for the heal, Eximere. No, I don’t think he can track us with that spell, just spy on us if we are somewhere familiar to him.”

Whispers to the party while the children are out of earshot:
“I don’t trust that “Lord” kid one bit. He may try to steal our food and gold and run off or at worst slit our throats as an agent of Erythnul. I think we set a cold camp; no fire. Plus, keep a double watch, press on to Holborn early and rest up there. That way we protect ourselves from any sneaks in the night and the chance of the Ogre and his friends stumbling upon our camp. What do you guys think? I only need 6 hours sleep so I can take the first or the last shift quite happily."

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Eximere: “I like your idea Fury, I think I can manage staying up all night and guarding the children. Would anyone else want to give up their sleep to help me out?”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor: “I need a little bit more sleep than that, but not quite as much as that lazy oaf Sagla. I’ll be happy to help out. Plus now that you mention it, he does look like he could be halfling sized. Should i say something in halfling in front of you guys, you just nod as though you agree, something that could throw him off in case he was to try something in the night?”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I really need a good nights sleep, I think I lost a fair bit of blood and I’m feeling a bit woozy. no bed roll though so it might not be the best nights rest.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Whisper: "We could, I dunno, just tie him up?

Maybe an arrangement such as this, assuming an 8pm curfew.

8 of the clock – 11: Sagla
10 – 1: Xan
Midnight – 3: Eximere
2 – 5: Fury
4 – dawn, around 7 of the clock: Thundor

Sofir, Sagla, Thundor and myself all get enough sleep under this arrangement. Sofir can join Thundor or Sagla for a double shift. I suggest it is the dawn shift as that is when sentries are usually at their drowsiest."

Fury tries (+10 and 10 Arcana and Religion, whichever is relevant) to teach the party a chant or rhyme that they can say under their breath over and over to help measure the passing of time accurately. Such chants are made famously by the dwarf order of Morad’ Khaz Gradhun, Moradin’s Tunnel Keepers, who have sworn to never see the light of day and keep a tradition of “Chanting the Hour” that all its members are keenly practiced in. So well proficient are they that the members of the order can Chant the Hour subconciously and, even upon waking, will know what time it is in the subterranean darkness. Needless to day, this Order does not splurge on Waterclocks.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Correction: “Such chants are made famous by the dwarf order”…

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I can probably spare my bedroll for someone else that might need one more. There will be a brief submission period followed by a tendering process. All reasonable offers considered.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

We need 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Keeping watch requires you to use your skills (Spot/listen).

Fury the Knowledge is Local: 24 (19 + 5)
Although you know about this technique, it requires years of training and even a skilled timer like yourself could not keep this monotonous task going for more than an hour.

Eximere: “Why dont you rest, I will keep watch and once the stars are right, I will wake Fury up. He can take it from there. We’ve done this many times before, I think it should be fine.”

I give Sofir my sleeping bag.

The four kids are fast asleep, just like Sagla.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

“Ok, thanks. But best not wake me up early” shakes fist

The Strike Against Erythnul.

You guys go to sleep.

Fury, Eximere wakes you up. You have had more than 6 hours sleep. Eximere goes to sleep.
The sun is still to rise.

After two hours you wake the rest of the party up.
All four children are still sleeping.
Eximere is also still sleeping, in Fury’s bedroll.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Kneeling at the direction of the sun, Sagla prays and sings praises to Pelor for the turn of yet another day.

Completing this, he then takes a 10 to check the health of everyone in the party again, to see if anyone needs any further healing after last night’s fights.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor sings praises to Pelor only in a slightly louder voice, then decides that singing is a mugs game so quietly leans against a tree and contemplates the brilliance that is Pelor.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Oh yes, after the health checks Sagla will also start putting on his armour. He also peers at Thundor out a corner of his eye, his expression unreadable due to his beard.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor uses his ‘understand significance of beard posture’ check (+ 5) to try to determine what Sagla is implying with his facial hair.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla, your health check 9 (10-1)… Everyone is Injured.

Thundor, you do not read anything from Sagla’s beard, perhaps that yours will never be as bushy…

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Obviously still groggy from waking up, Sagla rubs his eyes and gives up trying to check the health of those around him due to the lack of concentration. “Okay, okay. Let’s make it easier: anyone still badly injured from last night?” he asks loudly.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury learns his spells for the day.
Fury says “Lets let Eximere sleep while we make camp and get ready for the morning.”
Whispers: “While the kids are asleep, everyone check your things to make sure nothing’s been stolen.”

Fury learns:
Level 0: Detect Magic x 2 1, Read Magic, Disrupt Undead, Daze
Level 1: Magic Missile x2, Mage Armor, Shield
Level 2: Melf’s Acid Arrow, Cat’s Grace, Blindness
Level 3: Magic Circle (Evil), Fireball

Fury casts Mage Armor on himself using the Extend Spell Rod (2 charges left)
He then gathers the items that were collected yesterday and casts detect magic on them, focussing the spell for as long as he needs to.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Err that was supposed to be a strikethrough to indicate the spells I used, not an underline.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor will stand beside Fury, anything that he sees as magical but cannot identify (if any – if there are none then THundor does not use a spell) will be passed to Thundor who will then use his Detect Magic to try to also determine their properties.

Arcana: + 3
Spellcraft: + 2

The Strike Against Erythnul.


You may want to list your spells in a DM + players section only. This is to prevent XP loss due to meta gaming. “Fury, you still have fireball left, cast it now!!!”. If you dont mind leaving it here, thats fine.

You cast detect magic on the following (from Thundor’s back pack as no one else picked anything else up from the camp – If it’s not on your character sheet, you dont have it):

Unknown Scroll x 2 (Spell craft 9 – 1 and 18 – 1) Dont know and Illusion.
Sealed letter (Spellcraft 25 – 1) Universal Aura
Unknown Gem – Spellcraft 2 – 1 – No aura

Thundor you cast Detect magic:
Unknown Scroll (Spell craft 12 + 2) Dont know
Unknown Gem (13 + 2) No aura – not magic

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury, you also have mage armour cast on you.
You also note that the Lord child is playing with a dagger… a green glowing dagger.
He doesn’t try to hide it as one of the other kids said “Wow, what a cool dagger you have!”.

The Lord kid says “It’s been with me the whole time! I just hid it.”
He sounds very convincing.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Lol Fury, inventory = no….

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor sidles up to Fury and says quietly “That the kid is lying, but whats weird is that he is surprisingly good at it. I think he might be lying about other things alos – I just hadnt picked up on it. Plus the case for him potentially being a Halfling just got a boost.”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Ok. You know the bit that says </rant>?
There was actually a rant there but it didn’t post.
But now I’m not mad anymore I can’t be bothered rewriting.

The gist was: Grish, there’s an permanent record of who takes what and the loot so there’s really no reason to say “no loot for you”. When that happens, it makes me feel like you’re trying trick us out treasure. Since treasure is the reward for the encounter, when we don’t get it, pretty much just because you say so, it makes it seem pointless to do encounters or put in any effort whatsoever if the outcome is the same. I.e. no reward.

I understand that as the DM you’re often against the players, but that’s so that they have a challenge that they overcome, get a well deserved reward, feel good about it and go back for more challenges. When we feel like you’re trying to cheat us out of a reward, that whole system breaks down. All it takes is “You guys haven’t taken the treasure yet. Before you go, write down your items on the character sheet”.

There’s a lot of complications playing a game based on imagination over the internet across different times zones and I feel like you’re punishing us for the limitations of the medium.

Children shouldn’t play with knives. Especially ones taken from dead Bugbears. Give that here.”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I understand, but it has always been and always will be the rule for the players to be responsible for their stuff/loot. If the character sheet is not updated. You dont have it. If you feel like some of the party members are lazy, well thats just their personalities. Something important, an artifact perhaps? Trusting your team to remember it may not always be the best thing…

Why everything in italics?

The kid gives the glowing dagger to you and looks really sad.

The dagger has a weak conjuration aura.

Aracana check (Fury 12 + 12 = 24, Thundor 16 + 3 = 19, Sofir 5 + 6 = 11)

The dagger is magic (+1) and has other proporties, but you are not sure what they are. It glows green 5 ft radius at-will.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor also checks his armour seeing as it is masterwork and seemed to kind of resize itself a bit. Arcana + 3

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor, Arcana: 9 + 3 (12) You can’t detect any magic auras or magic properties on your armour. It’s either not magical and was perfect for your size or it is so powerful that you do not detect the magic. Fury, you would lean towards the first statement.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Almost forgot, the potion that Eximere is carrying is (Fury spellcraft 17 – 1) Not sure what aura. Thundor 16 + 2 = 18 Faint Enchantment Aura.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

test because italics are annoying me.

Sagla has a look at the potion as well: 1d20+6 religion.

After that, Sagla tells the party, “Now that we are re-energized, do we want to head back to the camp to see if any other Erythnul’s followers have returned? We could clean those guys up before heading back for good.”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla, the potion has no religious meaning.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fair enough.
Just sayin’ that a little bit of help from the DM when we forget would also be appreciated. Especially since it’s more difficult to keep the online character sheet up to date.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury thinks that we should proceed to Holborn for our rewa… uh I mean get these kids home.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I will make sure to remind you to update your character sheet next time you guys get loot ;)

You guys spend some more time resting.
Unfortunately Eximere is woken up by all the talking (and nagging by the kids) and does not get his spells for the day. Fortitude save vs exhaustion: 8 + 10 (including endurance feat). He feels slightly tired but nothing that will hamper his actions.

The kids keep saying that they would like to go home.

Eximere also votes to get them home. “What does the rest of the party think?”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

If anyone is able to help heal me I would appreciate it, I’m still feeling pretty destroyed after yesterdays fight.

I spend some time focussing my powers to regain my spells and pray to Heronius now that the Pelor Worshippers have quietened down.

I think we should get moving on and get these guys home.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Thundor calls upon the mighty forces within him that Pelor deigned to give his access to – Cure Light Wounds (1d8 + 5) & Cure Moderate Wounds (2d8 + 5) on Sofir.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

I would just like to point out in regards to the whole character sheet/loot thing – I made a special point to write everything and told everyone else to do so also, Leon you specifically said “I think it’s irrelevant who takes what in the meantime, as long as we take the loot before we get out of here.” While I agreed that taking the loot now wasnt particularly important, taking it at all definiately is – thats why when it got brought up it should have just been dealt with. Anyhow all I can say is I got mine :P

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Eximere would also like some heals from Thundor or Sagla :)

Cure light on Sofir : 6 (1 + 5)
Cure Moderate on Sofir: 17 (4 + 8 + 5)

Sofir, all (or almost all if you can find them) of you cuts and bruises have been healed.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla casts cure moderate on Eximere: 2d8+5 hp.

“Let’s get going, then,” says Sagla after healing Eximere. To a side, and ensuring that only his friends can hear him, “That fat kid kinda creeps me out, sooner we get them home the better.”

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Fury looks over himself, also a little battered and bruised. “I could use a little healing, too. Just to tide me over till we get back to the Holborn.”

Fury does a basic intelligence check (+ 4) to determine the number of days until Summit rolls. Or if it’s like Nature (+ 6) or whatever (+ 5).

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla also casts cure light on Fury: 1d8+5. Also, with the cure moderate it’s 2d8+6, sorry.

The Strike Against Erythnul.

Sagla you cast Cure Moderate on Eximere: 15 (5 + 4 + 6)
Eximere thanks you. – “I feel much better now”

Cast Cure Light on Fury: 13 (8 + 5) His wounds also heal and some of the bruising disappears.

Fury, you know exactly how many days you have until Summit meetings as you had finished with them only 2 nights ago. So you are currently on the second day, which leaves 18 before the Summit rolls (excluding the current day).

This also means you had three encounters in one day!

Moving on, the party’s general vote is to move on, so I will.

You pack up and Eximere tries to orientate to find the direction to travel North.
Also, from now on Knowledge (History) will be used to find places of interest, while Survival will be used to get to them if a road is not available.

Fury Knowledge (History) 17 (12 + 5). You know it is North of the Erythnul camp.
Eximere tries to get you there as quickly as possible: 19 (11 + 8).

Luck roll (encounter roll) (Thundor): 14 (11 + 3) – You do not encounter anything on the way!
It takes you a whole day and as the last rays of light disappear behind the horizon, you reach Old Holborn!

You are told you can not enter the fort without a pass, it is too late to find one as everything is closed.
You do find a tavern. It is called “The Sword and Scripture Inn” For "It’s 10 SP per person, but Thundor you manage to decrease this [Diplomacy 20, 9 + 11] and he charges you only 50 sp for the group and that includes dinner and breakfast!

The tavern is actually quite empty …

The also take you to their parents, the crying human kid’s parents pay you a significant sum of 20 copper pieces. The elven family pays you a 10 silver pieces and offer you 10 MW arrows. The lord kid tries to escape into the crowd (party spot: 15 + 6) 21. You manage to spot him and catch him! He says he is actually a begger here Thundor (sense motive: pass) He is definitely lying!!! Again?!

The draconian kid doesn’t actually live here…

The Strike Against Erythnul.

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The Strike Against Erythnul.

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