The shield of Pelor has been found!

Can we keep it?

The party had decided to investigate the barn first, the castle was quite far away and Fury was certain that the vision he was shown by Amara was in a barn style enclosure.

On the way to the barn they were ambushed by a pack of Wild elves. The elves had them outnumbered and outarmed. The party had made a deal by paying about 70gp they could visit the barn, but would need to come straight back, otherwise the elves would hunt them down before they became undead.

The party learned about the strong presence of death magic in this area and that the castle not far from here could possibly be an undead stronghold … or just an abandoned castle.

The elves let them go and as they left, some of the elves had disappeared into thin air and others were just puppets!

Before approaching the barn any closer, Fury had used his magic to detect the undead and had a spell cast on him to make him invisible to undead.

As he approached the barn he found a number of auras, a couple were originating from inside the barn and one coming from the corpse next to the barn. But as he approached closer, he set off a trap and he fell into a pit of spikes.

The barn gates flew opened and inside two large zombie like creatures stood, each stitched from parts of hominoids, behind them 5 humanoids stood, each clearly displaying the mark of Hextor.
The barns top window was also also opened and a handful of arrows were directed at the party.

Sofir was hit by a spell that blinded him, he hid in the ditch with Fury, aiding him in his escape.

The rest of the party split up; Zan was sniping targets with his magic missile, Eximere engaged in melee, Sagla got closer and prepared to turn the zombie corpses and Thundor used magic to protect himself from harmful spells. Fury was using his magic from the pit to target anything that came close.

Sagla had great success in turning the zombies and in destroying the stray undead, during the rest of the battle he was not blessed and his mace did not find any more enemy flesh, only the bark of trees and air.
Ranger, outnumbered, used his blade to parry enemy attacks.
Xan, using his magic missile wand, was able to skillfully hit the main Hextor priest and force him to miscast his powerful spell, as a result, an earth golem appeared and started attacking the Hextor followers inside the barn.

For this the Hextor priest had cast blindness on Xan as well.

As the party killed off the last Hextor monks they discovered that one of the zombies was missing… it was turned and ran straight into the dense forest, never finding its way back.

The party searched the bodies and the barn, finding a number of Hextor items.
They had also discovered a trap door and a painting which had illusion type magic protecting its actual purpose of a document stash. The trap door led down a very narrow and short tunnel. At the end were a pile of old, rotting and rusting shields.

Only one had no markings of age on it.
Thundor and Sagla identified it as the Pelor’s shield.


Thundor had no success activating the item inside the barn. Sagla had picked the shield and also had no luck, until he went outside…

As he went outside, into the natural daylight, the shield’s gems had started to glow in their different shades of yellow. The shield was activated and Sagla could feel the powers of Pelor invigorating his body.


Once I got rid of the blindness my new staff appeared to be pretty powerful. Now I just need to avoid being eaten by juggernauts, since i am a glowing magical beacon.


There is also the matter of Pelor’s superpowerfulultramagical shield. We should be ready to fight off a juggernaut horde.


I like how the stitched up zombies now contained other animal parts – Thundor totally woundlt have stayed fighting them if he knew that they were made from great ape parts too.




How much time have we got to get back?

If we have a little bit of time to kill, I would like to rest up and investigate the castle.

Maybe the elves will be a bit forthcoming with info now that we’ve eliminated (part of?) the hextor cult. On that note, we should bring some evidence that we have indeed cleared out the cult. Maybe the hextor priest’s symbol to give to the elves, they seem to like collecting people’s religious bits so this seems fitting.

Grish, can you remind me what was behind the illusionary painting?


I vote that we mark the castle down and perhaps offer to aid the sneaky elves in the future to cleanse the castle from hextor. I don’t think it’s a good idea to parade in there carying a glowing shield.. and considering we aren’t so crash hot with our spells currently.

Also, considering it has taken us 5 days to get from summit to the barn, i’m not sure how much longer we can hang in the forest. We should go back, deal with the shield / acorn branch transaction then get on with one of the other quests.

Just sayin~


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