The return of The Dryad's Acorn

Green Summit, can you see it?

After defeating the Hextor cultists the party sent Eximere to find the wild elves.
Little did they know that two elven scouts were already watching them from the trees.

They then went to the place the elves ambushed them, this time the elves were not pointing their weapons at them.

Thundor talked to the Elder Sentinel Guard Kieth and the party gifted a short bow, the one the cultist used. The Elder guard promised not to shot straight away next time they met.

On the way back to Summit they came across four wild elves, they seamed feared and tough. The elves were quite hostile, but Fury managed to smooth talk his way out of a bloody encounter, giving them gold and the elder guards name that they befriended.
The elves let them go, but not before Thundor thought that he saw a dwarves head at a side of one of the elves. He was also pretty sure he had met the dwarf before, but the rest of the party saw nothing like that.

As they were walking, Xan had found a massive pit trap. At the time of his finding he was right in the middle of it and if they were walking in a tighter formation, only Ehlonna knows what would have happened. Fury used his magic and detected something of a magic nature in it, of the Conjuration school. Eximere covered the tracks and they left it.

As they had setup one of their last camps, Xan setup a handful of crude traps and during the night a wolf had come into the camp area, setting of the crude trapstrap. The wolf was scared off before he got close.

Upon arriving at Summit they were greeted and decided to put the Pelor’s shield on the Hammerfall floor. They would return the Acorn back to the dryads on top of the Summit in a private ceremony. They had used the Summit’s natural supplies, agricultural output and their dryad favours to organize a magnificent and significant ceremony. They decided not to have the ceremony at the current Obad Hai forest area which was a small clearing in the nearby forest that had “Obad Hai rocks” hanging from a tree made out of vines and roots.

What used to be a small garden grove on top of Summit was now a dozen of matured trees and thin roots rising from the ground below the fort and climbing the southern wall all the way into the garden, intertwining with the other trees.

As the Drayds arrived they were just as supervised as Derek when they met in the new Summit Grove.

The dryads accepted the Acorn and thanked the party for returning it. After the ceremony, they were gifted with Dryad like items.

As the Acorn was placed, the roots system strengthened allowing the dryads to travel further from the Home tree. This also meant that they could now travel from Summit to the Drayds home tree in less that an hour, making it easier to protect Argor.

The thin roots on the Summit wall were also thickened and the Dryads volunteered to guard it with their own soldiers, station up and down the wall.

The gods were also happy and gifted more spells to the following:

Cure Moderate Wounds
Spike Growth

Detect Animals or Plants
Charm Animal

Summon Monster III (Small Earth Elemental)

They had decided to eliminate the Drow once they geared up.


Wasn’t the drow camp relatively close to Argor as well? (And by extension the dryad home tree)… so with the Summit rolls 3 days away (I think?) We should spend more time clearing the area of drow. :D

(Oh Eximere will be so happy.)

The return of The Dryad's Acorn

Is bullshit. Thundor gets nothing? He suddenly loses faith in this whole gods thing. Maybe its time to join Fury and renounce gods as useless, outdated deities not for the modern forward-thinking individual

The return of The Dryad's Acorn

IIRC you were getting something else… since you don’t have Summon Monster 3. And those bonus spells were strictly nature-ish only.

The return of The Dryad's Acorn

Quick travel sounds good. That is the way thundor, we shall guide you into the arcane arts.

The return of The Dryad's Acorn

If you would like, I could also give the spontaneous caster classes spells (which they currently have) out gradually?
Consider other quests you could quickly finish, which could possibly give a bonus to the Summit rolls in 3 days.

The ranger is very excited about drow slaying. That being the case, Summit rolls are only days away… so someone will have to cover for him while he is doing some spiritual cleansing.

The return of The Dryad's Acorn

I vote Drow killing. I can’t make it to help out, on account of vomming all day today, but I vote drow anyway. Unless you guys set up some skype action :P

The return of The Dryad's Acorn

“trapstrap” = Awesome.

Also, I am quite stoked that we have upgraded tree travel. While I am bitter that I did not get any extra spells, I think tree travel could be almost as useful. Sweet.

Also: my trapstrap might be useful against hungry wolves, but Fury / Thundor: we should come up with some strategy to make trapstrap better at night.

The return of The Dryad's Acorn

Also, I like now.

The return of The Dryad's Acorn

I have a strategy. This involves transcribing the scoll of Alarm I have in my spellbook and then casting it. I am high enough level that it will last all night. The Ranger can learn it also.

The other option is finding this spell

The return of The Dryad's Acorn

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