The Old Holborn

How did we not know about this place?!

Moving on, the party’s general vote is to move on, so I will.

You pack up and Eximere tries to orientate to find the direction to travel North.
Also, from now on Knowledge (History) will be used to find places of interest, while Survival will be used to get to them if a road is not available.

Fury Knowledge (History) 17 (12 + 5). You know it is North of the Erythnul camp.
Eximere tries to get you there as quickly as possible: 19 (11 + 8).

Luck roll (encounter roll) (Thundor): 14 (11 + 3) – You do not encounter anything on the way!
It takes you a whole day and as the last rays of light disappear behind the horizon, you reach Old Holborn!

You are told you can not enter the fort without a pass, it is too late to find one as everything is closed.
You do find a tavern. It is called “The Sword and Scripture Inn” It’s 10 SP per person, but Thundor, you manage to decrease this [Diplomacy 20, 9 + 11] and he charges you only 50 sp for the group and that includes dinner and breakfast!

The tavern is actually quite empty …

The children also take you to their parents, the crying human kid’s parents pay you a significant sum of 20 copper pieces. The elven family pays you 10 silver pieces and offer you 10 MW arrows. The lord kid tries to escape into the crowd (party spot: 15 + 6) 21. You manage to spot him and catch him! He says he is actually a begger here Thundor (sense motive: pass) He is definitely lying!!! Again?!

The draconian kid doesn’t actually live here…


Leaving the rest of his party to deal with the lord kid, the dwarf asks the draconian child, “Where are you from, laddie? Do you know anyone here you can stay with for a while?”

As a side note, when the kids meet up with their parents is that the morning already? Because if so I’d like to just say that we healed everyone up before sleeping in the tavern. If it’s not yet morning then I do it anyway, after taking a ten on health checks for the party. (+14!!!)

The Old Holborn

Thundor concurrs with Salga, if it is now morning of the 3rd day then Thundor uses his remaining spells to heal everyone up as needed, if this doesnt use up all of his spells then he will use endure elements on everyone to help them weather the warm beds of the tavern.

The Old Holborn

Fury asks the elven family when they drop off the child, in elven, if there are a lot of elves living here. He also laments at staying in the Summit, surrounded by dwarves where there aren’t any elven bi…uh… elven ladies of refinement to court.

Fury goes along with Sagla. He speaks to the child as well.

Draconic: “Tell me about yourself, kid. We’d like to get you home safe but this was the first stop that we had to make.”

The Old Holborn

This is from the Old Holborn Wiki page:
“To enter Old Holborn you must have a pass. (This is a piece of material with a magic mark on it).
To gain this pass, one must show your knowledge in the arcane arts, be educated or understand a small script of magical writing. There are other ways, but they are more complex, such as being sponsored.”

For the whole party to enter, does every single member need to show arcane, education or reading magical writing or if enough of succeed on a check, the rest can accompany as part of the Arcane characters retinue?

Also, do we have our Summit Robes with us?

The Old Holborn

Fury also asks the Bartender how the Inn got its name.

The Old Holborn

Well with a quick check around the party Thundor realizes that he is most definitely educated, Xan now has knowledge in the arcane arts, Fury and Sofir have long had such knowledge, and that given notice Sagla can easily understand magical writings. This only leaves Eximere who we canask to be let in on the grounds that seeing as there are many elves in the area, he is helping rid the world of drow for them, im sure one on them would sponsor him if needed. Especially seeing as he is a lord of summit and all.

Thundor does a Gather Information check (+ 5) to determine if there are any likely elven candidates either in the bar or in the area outside of the city.

The Old Holborn

It is not yet the next morning. Unless specifically stated, no healing will be done until you are about to go to sleep. You have already checked the party’s health Sagla. They are all injured 9 (10 -1) from previous check.

Sagla and Fury, the draconian kid tells you:
“We came through a portal in Old Holborn, as we travelled south, our group were ambushed by gnolls and ogres who killed without mercy. I was hit with magic and when I woke up I was in a well, tied up. They tortured me, but I didnt tell them anything!”

He looks really upset…
“I was part of a small group of draconians who were being rehabilitated after our dragon master was slayed by adventurers in the Relosan’s region.” Takes a deep breath "I am now a free draconian, a converted follower of Bahamut, I choose to serve the dragon Taperwind.

The elven family live in an elven style house. The houses next to them also resemble beautiful elven architecture. They explain that they live outside the Old Holborn as the priests of Corellon are not taken to kindly, although any mages who follow Corellon are more than welcome. However, all residents may enter Old Holborn if the city is under threat. There is no space for any other religions inside the Old Holborn – physically and spiritually.

As a rule, you guys leave your Summit robes in Summit as they tend to have little meaning outside of the province. Also, if you are updating your inventory, please update the weights :)

The bartender explains – “This tavern was built on a site of a free temple, where anyone could worship anything. After the temple was destroyed by the current rulers of Old Holborn, I had decided to build it here and collect books from all religions. I added the sword to it as we found a large number of travellers could not get a pass to the inside of the Old Holborn, usually warriors. To make them feel welcome I added the sword to the name. Unfortunately most of my books had disappeared while I was on holiday. Too bad, they were really popular!”

Thundor, you check around. Sponsoring is actually a very difficult and complicated process, requiring interviews, supporting documents, witnesses and a 900 gold deposit (which is returned once the sponsored person leaves the Old Holborn). You found that it’s easier to get a forged document and pay the guards not to ask you “The questions”.

“The questions” are a series of questions asked as you enter The Old Holborn. These are asked in a magically imbued corridor, the person being questioned is magically forced not to lie, they may however refuse to speak, but anything they say must be the truth, if partial.

Common questions are: “Are you planning or going to harm anyone in the Old Holborn?” “Do you follow one of the four gods (listed)” and “Do you know anyone who has broken a Old Holborn law and is being seeked out by the mages”

Every single person must posses the pass. Children (anyone that looks 14 or under) can enter freely with an adult who has a pass.

Thundor, they will have to check if your education is true, possibly by contacting your college or master. You are right to think that everyone except Eximere can try to obtain a pass.

The Old Holborn

Eximere: "Guys if it’s too difficult for me to enter, I can stay here with the elves, possibly find out some information from the outside. I’ll need some gold… SSB Bank or Thundor?

It’s been a long time since I actually mingeled with elves, even if it’s with only a small community. I’ll be fine here."

The Old Holborn

To the draconian child, Sagla continues to ask, “So presumably if we can get you back to that portal, you would be able to get you home?”

To Eximere, the dwarf also points out, “The SSB is a little broke at the moment, spending much of what I had on my fullplate and also leaving the rest in the treasury back in the Summit. I do have 20 gold on me, though!” Then, a little more quieter so that none may overhear, “Maybe we should have a look at the costs of… getting alternate ‘sponsorship’?”

“Though if Eximere is happy to stay here, who am I to disagree?”

OOC: How late at night is it? Closer to midnight or just after sundown?

The Old Holborn

“Sagla, I don’t think he has a home to go back to at the moment…”
Local (5) or Arcana (10) check on Taperwind.
Following this “Tell me about your Master, Taperwind.”

What does Fury know about the god, Celestian? (+10 Religion)

To the bartender: “That’s a shame about your books. Why did the current rulers destroy the free temple?”

“Eximere, although I would value your company, I can understand why you would like to spend some time amongst our people. I long to spend a little more time as well but the draw of the arcane secrets inside Holborn is too great. Though I swear, if I hear ONE mention of the sweet elven bitches out here after I get back…!”

“Surely, amongst us there must be some money. I, for one, would like 100 gold pieces to identify this glowing green dagger that we couldn’t make heads or tails of. We can sort this out in the morning. The last few days have worn me thin and I’d like to find a bed.”

Grish. The notes that we found on the Erythnul people, that suggested the attack on Holborn, cleverly hidden in a page of other writing. Did we have to detect/read magic to find that it? I don’t remember.

The Old Holborn

It is an hour or so past sundown. Pretty much everything is closed as it’s Tuesday.

Draconian kid: “My home is with Taperwind, he has shown me how to use my dragon powers!
I’m not sure how to get back through the portal”

Fury, the scroll you had found regarding Erythnul, did not show any signs of being magic.

Taperwind (Knowledge Local as this is about the legend and not about it’s abilities) 9 (4 + 5)
You have not heard of Taperwind.

Eximere: “I would like to submerge myself in the elven culture for as long as possible. Perhaps learn a few things. You guys take your time in the fort. If you need anything, you know where I will be.” – Looks out the window of the tavern towards the elven b… buildings. “seriously guys, give me some gold.”

Fury, 22 (12 + 10) Celestian is a brother of Fharlanghn. He has similar traditions as Fharlanghn, except he is more good orientated and “travels the stars”.

There is a small correction, it is 17 days until Summit rolls.

The Old Holborn

Thundor gives Eximere all of the Copper pieces that he has (185). Im good to go to sleep then head into the fort – Im just not sure how they can check on my education. However I can still read magic if need be so I guess thats probably still ok.

The Old Holborn

Sagla also gives Eximere his 20 gold pieces. “Don’t spend all of that, please. I have not had a mead in a… long time.” he says, pausing for a moment. Then he sighs heavily and puts a palm to rub his face. “Too long.”

Deliberately turning away from his dreams of mead, Sagla quickly changes the topic. “My knowledge of arcane magic is pretty limited as well,” he says, “though I can read arcane magic well enough, and can also decipher auras – but only through the grace of Pelor, of course.”

“If we wait till morning I can also prepare spells that will increase your wisdom for the questions they will ask – though I’m not sure how relevant this will be.”

The Old Holborn

Fury’s eye starts to twitch as the elven barmaid walks past carrying drinks. He looks at Sagla knowingly, both seem pained. Although Sagla obviously is pained about the mead. To calm himself, he rocks back and forth and little muttering under his breath “Think of the books. Those tomes. Bound in leather. Parchment. Scrolls.”

Blinking rapidly to clear his thoughts and focus his eyes, Fury sits up and sets his attention to the topic at hand. “My guess is that someone from one of the colleges will come down and ask you questions on arcane, historical, planar or religious knowledge. Engineering or Nobility. If you can prove you’re not a dullard they will probably let you in.”

OOC: Then how did we know that they were going to attack Old Holborn with the Fire Elemental again? Was it the guy we tor-interrogated? I don’t remember these things but I also don’t have much time at work today to look them up.

The Old Holborn

“I dont know, if they burnt down a temple just for it being divine, they might not take too kindly to those that can’t show an appreciation for the acrane arts. As I said earlier, I have actually taken time to study such things, but I dont know how I can prove my tutelage to be of a sufficient pedigree to them.”

Thundor rolls a Knowledge (Nobility) (+6) to find out if he has any idea how the heirarchy runs in this city, and if they have anything to do with the administering of the tests.

The Old Holborn

“Maybe one of us can check with the locals what the internal politics is like?” offers Sagla.

The Old Holborn

Local +5, going along with Sagla’s request. Also suggests some gathers some intelligence actively. Maybe spend a day tomorrow feeling out the situation before we walk in?

“I would imagine that as a free temple, it would have also been the site of worship for evil deities, the pilgrims of which they could not turn away. I imagine that would be why they’d burn it down. I don’t think there’s really any specific prejudice against the divines since there temples of Boccob, Olidamarra, Fharlanghn and Celestian inside the actual confines of the fort.”

*waits for the bartender to answer the question of why the temple was burned down.

The Old Holborn

“The barman seems clued up on the city, would one of you like to ask him if he knows how they would verify our tutelage. Presumably Fury and I should be fine to pass but those newer to or less well trained in the arcane may not pass so easily. I wouldn’t think the city would punish those who simply are not yet well skilled enough to pass their walls but it wouldn’t hurt to check…”

The Old Holborn

The barman awkwardly stares at Fury, while pouring a juicy cup of ale for another patron. Then continues doing his duties.

Thundor Nobility and Honour: 2 + 6. Unfortunately you dont know.

Fury, Local: 6 + 5: You know that the four churches run the city. The four churches are rather friendly to each other, except maybe between two of them (minor dispute). You do not know which.

Sofir: Except for being sponsored or being a child, you do not see how anyone else can get in.

Eximere takes the 20gp and 185 copper

The Old Holborn

Thundor sees the exchange between Fury and the Barkeep and decides that maybe someone else should step in. Using his Diplomacy (+11) Thundor asks the barman “Hi there, do you know of the best way to get into the city? How do they go about verifying the our academic credentials and such? Is it simply enough to be able to read decipher magical texts as we have heard, or are there other more complicated tests required also. Also, are divine practitioners frowned upon within the city itself, or is it only certain Religions? If so, what about say worshippors of Pelor? Finally, if we can get inside where would be the best place to go to let someone know what we saw out on the road. I figure a guard captain or someone of the sort qould probably be quite interested to know what we found out.”

Thundor pauses, “Boy, asking all of these important questions has sure made me thirsty, I would also like to buy a gallon of ale for myself.” [At this point Thundor winks to the barman and hands over 5gp, he is meant to understand that this is a greasing of the tongue, seeing as that ale is meant to be roughly 2sp].

The Old Holborn

Diplomacy: 28 (17 + 11)

The barkeep looks straight into your eyes, then at the party, finally looks back at you, after a couple of seconds he nods and takes your gold with a smile.

Barkeep: “If you are a seasoned academic from a respected university, of course, you may need to pay a small fee for the services. But I dont think you will have any issues with the payment.” He looks at the 5gp you had given him. “They can verify your education at the gates”.

“If you wish to do the tests, these are also located at the gates. Just remember you are allowed only once per month. If you fail, you know where my Inn is, Hahaha-ha”

“I myself have not taken the test, but I have heard that simply being able to read magical writing gives you the ability to skip some of the questions”

“Some of the questions are not written in common, but are instead written in a couple of different languages.”

“Half of the questions are to do with Arcane dealings, while the rest stretch across other sections. The last couple of questions are verbal”

“Just dont use any magic stuff while doing the tests, not only will they notice, but they will punish you with a permanent mark on your forehead! Or something else!”

“Any religion that does not bring death and cause problems is welcomed, the only exception is St Cuthbert. Just don’t preach inside the Old Holborn walls, or you will be thrown out.

“You should probably just talk to the guards if you have important information, they will be able to help you out… maybe”

He gives you two gallons of ale and seven mugs.

The Old Holborn

Slowclap Thundor

Sagla is visibly awed by the sudden great amounts of alcohol, and is clearly seen to be fighting for his composure to act upon such an event. Moments later, and with great restraint, he gently fills his mug with ale and drinks it in one long draught.

Turning to the bartender, he quips, “This sure is good ale, though my taste may have been watered by my lack of such for the last three days.”

He fills yet another mug, and drinks it once more, in a single gulp.

“What about if we use our magic before the test itself?” (diplomacy 1d20+1 if we’re still need it)

After asking the question, he fills his mug and drinks it again. (is it time for fortitude checks? _)

The dwarf is currently very happy.

The Old Holborn

Sagla, you are a dwarf and as alcohol is actually counted as “poison” you are fine, for now. The only problem is that the ale is just standard cheap ale and there are only 5 pints left!

Eximere helps himself to one. Oh no only 4 pints left!

The Old Holborn

The barkeeper shrugs in regarding to your question Sagla and says “I don’t know, but that’s a great idea! I wonder why no one has tried that before.”

The Old Holborn

Wait, isn’t there 8 pints in a gallon? Seeing as we have two gallons, we should have 16 points of drinks, right? Or are the mugs extra large?

The Old Holborn

Nope the mugs take away 1 pint each, and there are 16 in total, so I think we’re still good.

“Just to be safe I’m going to cut the dwarf off (and just in case this deliberately gets taken the wrong way, I mean I stop him from accessing any more of the ale that I purchased for the time being). Also Sagla, I think the guy may have been a bit sarcastic there, just saying.”

The Old Holborn

The pints are large, but not that large. 12 pints left.

The Old Holborn

Fury rolls a sarcasm check (+1 synergy bonus from wit)

The Old Holborn

As you guys are enjoying your ale in the Inn, it starts to rain . People start to rush around outside the Inn, getting into dryer places and soon almost no one is outside (except for the guards who have put leather raincoats on).

If nothing else needs to be done/said you guys can go to sleep. Just confirm it.

You dont think the barkeep is being sarcastic, at all.

The Old Holborn

Yup, we retire to bed. But right before that I’ll use all my heals on people who need it: 1d8+5, 2d8+6 and 3d8+6. Can I just assume everyone will be on full health, since I have yet to use any of my spells?

The Old Holborn

Yes, you have healed everyone up and Thundor has also used his spells.
You have finished the cheap ale and retire to bed.

The next day you wake up, its a fresh new day but unfortunately its raining, heavily.
You have breakfast at the Inn and are ready to take on almost anything!

Let me know you next move.

The Old Holborn

Thundor buys another 2.5 gallons of the breakfast ale – 5sp

The Old Holborn

Fury thanks Sagla for the healing. No longer being battered and bruised makes for a much better nights sleep.

Nature check to determine when it should stop raining. “Hrm, I would rather wait until the rain has finished. My spellbook might get wet!”

Fury learns spells.

The Old Holborn

Undampened by the rain and the lack of clear skies, Sagla still spends his morning devoting himself to Pelor again, as usual. His room is loud with praises and songs to Pelor once more, in the typical out-of-tune dwarven singing.

He prepares his spells when he’s done with that. He also consumes his breakfast heartily, and asks Thundor to share his newfound loot, as the SSB would be in complete receivership if anymore money is spent.

“Let’s go see where we can take the test! I feel like I can take on almost anything!” says Sagla, energetically. Obviously the plentiful rest for the last two days and the lack of any fight has completely recharged the stout little dwarf.

To the bartender, the dwarf asks, “Could you point us to where they take entrants?” After that he asks Eximere, “You’re okay here, right?”

The Old Holborn

OOC: Just having a bit of confusion. So, in the SRD under knowledge, Nature includes “animals, fey, giants, monstrous humanoids, plants, seasons and cycles, weather, vermin”.
So obviously weather falls under the domain of nature.
Survival has a DC 15 for predicting the weather. Under nature no DC is given. Is it possible to predict the weather with a nature check?

If Fury cannot predict the weather with his nature check (+6), he asks Eximere to cast a weather-eye upon the horizon to give it his best guess.

The Old Holborn

Thundor also learns his spells, but over his liquid breakfast (he does share with any party member that asks though and stops at 7 breakfast pints to keep himself sharp). Thundor has also decided that Pelor is now the god of alcohol, or at least good alcohol.

OOC: The way I read that is that knowledge about the weather in general (as in incresingly strong winds can turn into a hurricane etc.) would be nature but accurately prediciting it would be a survival check

The Old Holborn

You guys learn your spells (Eximere leaves the Inn to find a shrine to Corellon and returns after about an hour)

Thundor, after having 3 pints you start having slight issue with alcohol:
Pint 4: Fort save: 3 + 6 = 9 Fail
Pint 5: Fort save: 6 + 6 = 12 Pass
Pint 6: Fort save: 2 + 6 = 8 Fail
Pint 7: Fort save: 16 + 6 = 22 Pass

You are tipsy (stage 2) and have penalties to wisdom and dexterity checks, but a slight bonus to charisma based checks. These will wear out in about 2D4 hours unless you continue drinking.

Both skills can predict the weather. Survival can tell you what the weather is like, but not the conditions or effects. Knowledge can tell you exactly what type of weather and what conditions will be in place. Think of Knowledge as more of a Geologist view, while Survival more of a Shaman view. Just two ways of getting a similar result.

Fury Knowledge (Nature) 13 + 6. 19. It is the autumn so it may rain for up to days at a time.
The gate isn’t that far away. Perhaps you may want to buy the barkeep’s thick leather rain coat (10gp should be reasonable price, 5lb, protects for up to 30 minutes while moving from the rain, after that the coat starts to leak and everything below it will get wet.)

As you have predicted the weather you do not ask Eximere, who is slightly wet from running around, sitting at a table having a pint of ale.

Eximere “Sagla, I’ll be fine here. I think I can get more benefit from the elves here than the mages in there

The Old Holborn

The price given for the coat is what seems like appropriate at the current time, taking into account rain, availability, ownership and the positive relationship with the barkeep. The coat would probably cost about 2gp. It is a nice leather coat.

Let me know what is your next move. You may go to the gates by yourself. It is not difficult to get to and is safe (as far as you can tell).

The Old Holborn

You also note that the lord kid (spot: fail) is not present anymore. The draconian kid has been talking to the barkeep, telling the barkeep stories of his former and current dragon masters.

The Old Holborn

“Ok guys, who has 5gp I could borrow? This rain could go on for days and I would like a coat.”

The Old Holborn

Sagla reaches into his SSB pouch but comes out empty handed. “Oh yeah, Eximere has that money now. If no one else has any gold, just take the 5 from him. It belongs to the bank, anyway.”

OOC: I’ve never really had to deal with weather mechanics for DND before, is the spell book the only thing that Fury is worried about? Logically speaking a wet dwarf might be a bit heavy from the water-infused beard, but that’s the only thing to worry about as a cleric.. right? I don’t think I have too much equipment that needs to be rain proof. That said though, is a backpack waterproof?

The Old Holborn

Eximere gives Fury 5gp.

Your Full plate + your travellers outfit (everyone should be wearing one…) and back pack provide enough cover for short exposures to the rain/some elements. It’s raining quite hard, so you may get wet and anything especially absorbent, like paper, may become unusable/unreadable.

For example, right now Eximere would take a penalty for using his bow as the string is wet. His book of dungeoneering is also damp, another dash outside could damange it if he is not careful.

The Old Holborn

Thundor would like to find out if there is anyone in the inn that has scroll/letter cases to protect the paper gear. (Do things such as magical scrolls still need protection?)

Following that Thundor says “Bring on the Elven bitches … I mean entry test.” He then burps loudly in a way that slightly impresses the barkeep.

The Old Holborn

Fury discretely asks Thundor to make the bartender an offer of 5gp for the overcoat. Maybe starting at 4 and haggling up to 5 so he thinks he made a good deal?

Discretely, again, “If Thundor can get me the overcoat then I can carry the paper things.”

The Old Holborn

Thundor winks in agreement (except he does it with both eyes).
“Barkeep, a round of your finest overcoats.”
He hands the barman 12gp, and as he does so he quietly mentions, “Please keep an eye out for 3 things while we are gone, our rooms/gear, our friend here (motioning to Eximere) and for anyone suspicious that comes and goes, thank you my good friend.”

The Old Holborn

Scrolls (unless made from very special paper/materials) are as fragile as paper sheets.

Thundor (who already has a good relationship with the barkeep) manages to get the price down to 8gp. If it goes any lower the barkeep may be offended.

The Old Holborn

Not sure what happened here… seems two posts, anyway…

Thundor, the barkeep takes the money, eagerly and confirms with a nod.

As a side note, Fury you should have 10 gp atm.

The Old Holborn

Also, you paid only for one night’s rest. You have not left any gear behind.
But the barkeep has made friends with the draconian kid and tells you “You dont mind if I keep him around? He seems to keep the drunks well behaved, hahaha-ha.”

The Old Holborn

Moving on, you go to take the test.
Sofir, please check if you have anything that can get wet, if it can, it is now wet. The rest of the party is fine due to armour/shields (over your head)

Below are the questions being asked.
Before you enter you are all asked the following question by the guards (who are wearing robes): “Do you intend or plan to harm anyone inside the Old Holborn or are a follower of St Cuthbert?” You are compelled by magic not to lie. (Sagla and Thundor are not affected by this as they made the save vs Will)

Unless you had some secret plans that I was not aware of, you all say “No” and are taken to do you test. Here you are advised that no magic must be used during the test and no magic items are to be allowed inside. If you have active spells on right now, they ask you to dispel them. I am assuming that you all follow what has been asked (if not, just let me know and we can take it from there)

Below are the test ou are given.
You can answer any knowledge question with a DC 10+ Intelligence modifier. If it’s higher than that, you simply dont know and can not answer. Further, actually answering the questions (so posting the answers to your questions only) will very slightly decrease the DC (simple and medium questions by one and harder questions by 2 points). You dont have actually answer them, I will roll the dice in the new year ;)

I’m not sure if Kirk still has time to post, so I will wait for him to let me know.

As you go to collect the test papers, Fury you strike up a conversation with a dwarf and compliment on his manly beared (Cha -1). The dwarf is surprised and reaches into a small stack of papers on the right. Thundor, seeing this and realising it is actually a female dwarf you manage to get the dwarf to like you (diplomacy: pass) and get the papers from the left hand side. Sofir you follow and also get the papers from the left hand side. Sagla, you get the papers from the middle. (Bonuses for having a charisma score)

If the question has (Verbal) next to it, you may use bluff if you do not know the answer.
If the question has a language next to it, you must know the language to answer it.

You are closely being watched by a number of guards in robes as you do the tests.

Fury (12)
Arcana DC 10: What is the one item Wizards usually carry on them that sorcerers do not?
Geography DC 10: What is the name of the mountain range to the west?
Dungeoneering DC 10: Name a spell or an effect an Ooze is immune to.
Spellcraft (Arcane) DC 11 or Arcana DC 22: What is the range of Magic Missile when cast by a novice mage?
Arcana DC 11: How intelligent are “Clockwork Roaches”?
Religion DC 13: Name two allies or friendly deities to Pelor (Elven)
Plane DC 15: What is the name for the most interconnected transitive plane?

Arcana DC 16: What happens if you touch an enraged “Remorhaz”?
Arcana DC 21 or spellcraft 21: What effect would casting the spell “Light” have on an “Everburning torch”?
Architecture and Engineering DC 17 and Religion DC 21: Briefly describe a “Zombie Door” and state the consequences of a good cleric successfully using his turning ability on it.
Nature or Planes DC 20: What energy do the Totem ragers draw on and what do they shape?
Local 15 or Appraise 15: What is the cost of Svaklor venom in a large city? (Terran)(Verbal)
Local DC 20: Tell me about the people that follow the path of a Factotum (Verbal)

Thundor (8)
History DC 10: Where did the current Old Holborn leader come from?
Nobility: DC 10: What is the name of the Crown’s king?
Local DC 11 or Nature DC 11: Describe the basic features of a gnoll including what animal it looks like.
Spellcraft (Arcane) DC 11 or Arcana DC 22 What is the most basic spell a mage can cast that blocks Magic Missile?
Arcana DC 12: Describe the spells a wizard who specializes in Abjuration would use. (Verbal) (Terran)
Arcana DC 15: What type of dragon elemental breath weapon does a bronze dragon have?
Religion DC 15: What is the Chalice of Heironeous? (Verbal)
Planes: DC 25: What is the vulnerability of a Souleater?

Sagla (10)
Local or History DC 10: Name the four deities that are worshiped inside the Old Holborn
Arcana DC 10: Describe a special quality of a Gold Dragon. (Verbal)
Religion DC 12: Who is Fharlanghn’s brother?
Arcana DC 12: How did the “Bloocsilk spider” get it’s name?
Spellcraft (Arcane) DC 12 or Arcana DC 24: What is the spell component required to cast Arcane Lock? (Verbal, Undercommon)
Arcana DC 13: Name the main difference between a normal steed and a “Clockwork Steed”
Religion DC 15: How did Gruumish lose his eye?
Planes DC 15: What are the two planes that coexist with the Material plane?
Nature DC 16: What is a Briarvex? (Terran)
Dungeoneering DC 19: What is the main difference between a normal Ooze and a Corrupture?

Sofir (9)
Local DC 10: What are the distinct features of an orc? (Verbal)
Religion DC 10 or Arcana DC 15: Who is the god of magic?
Arcana DC 12: Describe the spells a wizard who specializes in Divination would use.
Arcana DC 13: What is Fharlanghn follower’s favourite school of magic?
History DC 13: How many mages were there originally running Old Holborn? (Terran)
Religion DC 15: What is the name that halflings who worship Yondalla give to the day set aside each week where they rest, play and eat?
Arcana DC 17 SSvaklors are a cross between what two types of creatures?
Nature DC 19: Describe the immunities of a “Blackspawn Raider” (Verbal)
Planes DC 32: When a githyanki uses a “silver sword”, what is the main purpose of using it on astral travellers? (Verbal, Draconic)

The Old Holborn

Fury gives the Elementalist mage a Elementalist formal salute (casting his mind back to the formal observances of the Elementalist camp). Undercommon: “I served in the realm below. What news do you have of the struggle?”

Arcana DC 10: What is the one item Wizards usually carry on them that sorcerers do not? A spellbook Arcana + 12
Geography DC 10: What is the name of the mountain range to the west? The Great Dragon Spine (Fury also pulls out the map he drew) Geography + 5
Dungeoneering DC 10: Name a spell or an effect an Ooze is immune to. An ooze is mindless; it is not affected by mind affecting spells such as Charms. Dungeoneering + 5
Spellcraft (Arcane) DC 11 or Arcana DC 22: What is the range of Magic Missile when cast by a novice mage? Assuming by novice you mean an initiate of the First Rank; 110ft. Spellcraft + 14
Arcana DC 11: How intelligent are “Clockwork Roaches”? Fury has not heard of Clockwork Roaches before but he knows that clockwork machines are intelligent in a specific series of tasks but are usually unable to comprehend or perform things outside this reportoire. So intelligence is a relative term. Arcana + 12
Religion DC 13: Name two allies or friendly deities to Pelor (Elven) Pelor is allied with such deities as Heironeus but is friendly with good non-human deities such as Corellon, but especially Yondalla. Religion + 10
Plane DC 15: What is the name for the most interconnected transitive plane? The Astral Plane Planes + 5

Arcana DC 16: What happens if you touch an enraged “Remorhaz”? Don’t touch a Remorhaz. It would be quite hot, to say the least… It uses this heat to burrow through ice. Arcana + 12
Arcana DC 21 or spellcraft 21: What effect would casting the spell “Light” have on an “Everburning torch”? In terms of the light produced? None. The light produced by an Everburning Torch is equivalent to the light of the Light spell. However, if there were a Level 0 darkness spell cast upon the area, Light would despell this darkness without expending the Continual Flame spell cast upon the Everburning torch. Spellcraft + 14
Architecture and Engineering DC 17 and Religion DC 21: Briefly describe a “Zombie Door” and state the consequences of a good cleric successfully using his turning ability on it. Fury leaves these to be decided by the roll Religion + 10, Arch/Eng + 5
Nature or Planes DC 20: What energy do the Totem ragers draw on and what do they shape? Totem Ragers draw on their furious rage, coupled with their ability to shape Soulmelds.
Local 15 or Appraise 15: What is the cost of Svaklor venom in a large city? (Terran)(Verbal) 3,500gp Local + 5 – Fury considers the 10gp in his own pocket and wonders whether hunting Svaklors would be a good way to remedy the situation.
Local DC 20: Tell me about the people that follow the path of a Factotum (Verbal) The factotum are very versatile. They can mimic the abilities of others for a short time

The Old Holborn

Also, what does the number next to our names mean?

The Old Holborn

Because if it’s the number of questions; I got asked 13, not 12.

The Old Holborn

Ok, help me to understand this correctly – do I answer these given my out of game knowledge or do I have to answer them as Thundor (i.e. he has never even heard of a Souleater let alone know its weaknesses, but I as a player I know it has a vulnerability to turning). So I guess what I’m asking is that with these answers is it a puzzle for the player to solve, or are the questions a genuine test of the PC’s knowledges as experienced during their lives?

The Old Holborn

Thundor, it would be player knowledge, but just try to state it from Thundor’s point of view. Fury has done an excellent job at this.

Also, I’m not sure if I stated this, but as per actual game rules, if you have at least one rank in a specific knowledge, you can try to answer a question of any DC in that field.

Also, thanks for putting the knowledge bonuses in Fury, but I will double check them before I do the rolls, so you dont have to state them. But they are helpful :)

The numbers were the amount of questions asked, not sure how you got 13… the dwarf must have really not liked you. The range is between 5 and 15 questions.

Fury, you have attempted at answering the test. Here are you results:
I haven’t decreased the DC’s but if you have answered a question correctly, the DC decreases by 1 if the questions DC is 20 or lower and by 2 points if its higher than 20.

Arcana DC 10: What is the one item Wizards usually carry on them that sorcerers do not? 21 (9 + 12) Wizards spellbook!
Geography DC 10: What is the name of the mountain range to the west? The Great Dragon Spine is correct! 10 (5 + 5)
Dungeoneering DC 10: Name a spell or an effect an Ooze is immune to. Correct, it is not affected by mind affecting charms. 9 (4 + 5)
Spellcraft (Arcane) DC 11 or Arcana DC 22: What is the range of Magic Missile when cast by a novice mage? About 110ft is right 30 (16 + 14)
Arcana DC 11: How intelligent are “Clockwork Roaches”? Unable to comprehend anything specific outside their orders is one of the correct answers! 23 (11 + 12)
Religion DC 13: Name two allies or friendly deities to Pelor (Elven) Heironeous and Yondalla are correct (in elven). 23 (13 + 10)
Plane DC 15: What is the name for the most interconnected transitive plane? Astral plane is correct! 17 (12 + 5)

Arcana DC 16: What happens if you touch an enraged “Remorhaz”? Unfortunately they were looking for disintegrate or another word describing being instantly killed 14 (2 + 12).
Arcana DC 21 or spellcraft 21: What effect would casting the spell “Light” have on an “Everburning torch”? Correct, the radius of the light would not change. 22 (8 + 14)
Architecture and Engineering DC 17 and Religion DC 21: Briefly describe a “Zombie Door” and state the consequences of a good cleric successfully using his turning ability on it. You state that it is a door with zombies in it, they attack anyone who goes withing 5ft of the door, slashing, biting, grappling and strangling the enemy. Unfortunately you stated that the zombies would be turned and run away, out of the door. 30 (25 + 5) Eng / 17 (7 + 10) Religion.

Nature or Planes DC 20: What energy do the Totem ragers draw on and what do they shape? Planes 20 (15 + 5) The Totem Ragers draw the power of magic beasts and use forces of nature to shape their soulmelds.

Local 15 or Appraise 15: What is the cost of Svaklor venom in a large city? (Terran)(Verbal) I dont think you know Terran …
Local DC 20: Tell me about the people that follow the path of a Factotum (Verbal) 17 (12 + 5) Unfortunately your writing here became unreadable (as you were so proud that you knew most of the answers) At the time, you did not remember the mimicking fact.

You finish the test early, first out of the group and are escorted outside (pm sent).

The Old Holborn

Local or History DC 10: Name the four deities that are worshiped inside the Old Holborn
Boccob, Olidamarra, Fharlanghn and Celestian. _I don’t have a knowledge history, but the bartender mentioned this earlier! History +0

Arcana DC 10: Describe a special quality of a Gold Dragon. (Verbal)
Golden dragons actively hunt the evil that infest the world. Clerics of Pelor often learn of their stories such that we may imitate their valorous actions! Arcana +0

Religion DC 12: Who is Fharlanghn’s brother?
Celestian is the brother of Fharlanghn, who also has a temple within the city. Religion +6

Arcana DC 12: How did the “Bloocsilk spider” get it’s name?
The Arcana DC is too high, right? Given that Sagla doesn’t have arcana as a knowledge at all, he doesn’t know the answer.

Spellcraft (Arcane) DC 12 or Arcana DC 24: What is the spell component required to cast Arcane Lock? (Verbal, Undercommon)
Sagla doesn’t know these too.

Arcana DC 13: Name the main difference between a normal steed and a “Clockwork Steed”
Sagla doesn’t know this as well (since the DC is too high), but would it count if he knows that they are constructs, and knows that constructs are immune to fatigue? They can be ridden for hours on end as opposed to normal horses!

Religion DC 15: How did Gruumish lose his eye?
This is a story well-taught in the clerical schools of Pelor – Gruumsh’s eye was put out by Corellon in an epic battle in centuries past. (Eximere has probably mentioned it more than a few times too.) Religion +6

Planes DC 15: What are the two planes that coexist with the Material plane?
Sagla is slightly confused about this, as he always thought that planes that ‘coexisted’ or bled together always had a catastrophic effect. As a result he answers that there isn’t one. Planes +3

Nature DC 16: What is a Briarvex? (Terran)
Sagla stares blankly at the question.

Dungeoneering DC 19: What is the main difference between a normal Ooze and a Corrupture?
Sagla is visibly worried as he guesses the answer with a dice roll. Dungeoneering +0

The Old Holborn

By the way:
“Also, I’m not sure if I stated this, but as per actual game rules, if you have at least one rank in a specific knowledge, you can try to answer a question of any DC in that field.”

“You can answer any knowledge question with a DC 10+ Intelligence modifier. If it’s higher than that, you simply dont know and can not answer.”

I’m assuming that the two quotes above mean that if Sagla doesn’t have a knowledge in the required field, but the total DC is less than 11 (DC10 + 1 int) he can answer the question? (Or attempt to.)

The Old Holborn

I’ll role the dice tomorrow and by Friday will be your final night to answer the questions to decrease the DC. For Sagla, Any question DC 11 or lower can be answered, DC 12 or lower if answered correctly.

The Old Holborn

Okay, Thundor looks at one of the people administering the test and sees his ring. He says “I see that you are also an Elementalist [shows the ring on his hand], I didn’t realise there was an Elementalist presence in this area. I have only seen them in the Underworld. Are you part of a larger group established here?” [If the Elementalist responds then Thundor will continue the conversation in a non-rude manner, i.e. not pushing it if he doesnt want to talk]

He then setttles down to the test.

History DC 10: Where did the current Old Holborn leader come from? The Kama lands beyond the mountains.

Nobility: DC 10: What is the name of the Crown’s king? [Thundor leaves this answer blank as he never enquired about this]

Local DC 11 or Nature DC 11: Describe the basic features of a gnoll including what animal it looks like. Gnolls are beings reminiscent of Hyenas, and are very tall and heavy. They are also quite vicious, something I found out when I fought a group of them a couple of days ago.

Spellcraft (Arcane) DC 11 or Arcana DC 22 What is the most basic spell a mage can cast that blocks Magic Missile? A Shield spell can block a magic missile, and is a very basic spell. However its not the only spell, an equally basic speel is Nightshield which also blocks magic missiles.

Arcana DC 12: Describe the spells a wizard who specializes in Abjuration would use. (Verbal) (Terran) [To the person administering the question] Im terribly sorry but I don’t speak Terran, I can answer this in Elven, Halfling or Common if it helps. [Diplomacy check + 11, if they respond positively then Thundor says the following in the indicated language] Those are the spells that arcanists use to protect themselves and others such as the Shield spell.

Arcana DC 15: What type of dragon elemental breath weapon does a bronze dragon have? The Elemental breath that Bronze dragons have is a line of lightning. However it is also important to note that they also have another breath weapon which is designed to repel.

Religion DC 15: What is the Chalice of Heironeous? (Verbal) The Chalice of Heironeous is the angel deity daughter of Heironeous, who was kidnapped by her half-uncle Hextor. In fact I believe that there is a group that is trying to find to to reunite her with her father.

Planes: DC 25: What is the vulnerability of a Souleater? [Thundor has no way of knowing so writes the following] Eating a poisoned soul.

After seeing these questions, Thundor is extremely nervous and awaits his results.

The Old Holborn

Fury walks into Old Holborn.

The Old Holborn

Soon, he returns and waves his Elementalist ring at the party, pointing to it.

The Old Holborn

Sagla you try to do the test:

Local or History DC 10: Name the four deities that are worshiped inside the Old Holborn. Local 7 (6 + 1), fail, History 9 (8 + 1) Pass! THe four deities are: Boccob, Olidamarra, Fharlanghn and Celestian
Arcana DC 10: Describe a special quality of a Gold Dragon. (Verbal) Hunting evil is not a “special quality” But Sagla had accidently stated that they do breath fire and since this is a verbal test, correct! 16 (15 + 1)
Religion DC 12: Who is Fharlanghn’s brother? Celestian is correct 14 (8 + 6)
Arcana DC 12: How did the “Bloocsilk spider” get it’s name? (My mistake here, as it was meant to be “Bloodsilk” spider. 15 (14 + 1) You remember very briefly hearing that the silky web of this spider actually drains your blood! Hense the name.
Spellcraft (Arcane) DC 12 or Arcana DC 24: What is the spell component required to cast Arcane Lock? (Verbal, Undercommon) You really dislike undercommon….
Arcana DC 13: Name the main difference between a normal steed and a “Clockwork Steed” You do know a construct does not tire easily but you do not know what a Clockwork steed is, so unfortunately you did not get this one right.
Religion DC 15: How did Gruumish lose his eye? Eximere has indeed told this tale countless times at the fire, each time slightly different. Gruumsh’s eye was cut out by Corellon 17 (11 + 6)
Planes DC 15: What are the two planes that coexist with the Material plane? Sagla actually remembered the Ethereal plane, but could not remember the second (shadow) 13 (10 + 3)
Nature DC 16: What is a Briarvex? (Terran) You dont understand what was said…
Dungeoneering DC 19: What is the main difference between a normal Ooze and a Corrupture? You have never heard of Corrupture and even if you did, you thought it was another name for Ooze.

You tests are checked by only two scholars, they bring you the news that you did not pass :( However, you have shown some knowledge and if you are willing to “work” for “them” you will be granted entrance. This is said to you, (listen: pass) but Fury manages to pick up the whole story.

The Old Holborn

Thundor, the elementalist has a quick conversation with you and lets you know that they are indeed very well established here.

You sit down to do the test:


History DC 10: Where did the current Old Holborn leader come from? Kama is correct! (Beyond the mountains is not) 18 (17 + 1)
Nobility: DC 10: What is the name of the Crown’s king? 31 (25 + 6) Crown doesn’t have a king, it has a Monarch and a council of lords. The name of the current Monarch is “Nor’glod the Wise”
Local DC 11 or Nature DC 11: Describe the basic features of a gnoll including what animal it looks like. Local 5 (4 + 1), Nature 12 (11 + 1) Reminiscent of Hyenas, tall and vicious is correct.
Spellcraft (Arcane) DC 11 or Arcana DC 22 What is the most basic spell a mage can cast that blocks Magic Missile? Arcana 17 (14 + 3) You just cant seem to remember the exact name.
Arcana DC 12: Describe the spells a wizard who specializes in Abjuration would use. (Verbal) (Terran) Diplomacy (9 + 11) He then asks this question in halfling 22 (19 + 3) Protection spells is correct!
Arcana DC 15: What type of dragon elemental breath weapon does a bronze dragon have? 6 (3 + 3) You just cant seem to remember!
Religion DC 15: What is the Chalice of Heironeous? (Verbal) 16 (13 + 3) the angel deity daughter of Heironeous is correct! (DC decreased due to the guy asking “accidently” slipping up on the word Chalice and saying duaghter…)
Planes: DC 25: What is the vulnerability of a Souleater? You haven’t even heard of this beast!

Your test is then marked, by one scholar, he actually uses two different quils to mark your test and you are shortly notified that you have passed. He then says “Abry lahch’in dribly, like” (halfling, pm sent)

The Old Holborn

I’ll give Sofir one more day and then just roll it for him.

The Old Holborn

Sofir you sit the test:

Local DC 10: What are the distinct features of an orc? (Verbal) 17 (16 + 1)
Religion DC 10 or Arcana DC 15: Who is the god of magic? Religion 3 (2 + 1) Arcana 14 (8 + 6)
Arcana DC 12: Describe the spells a wizard who specializes in Divination would use. 13 (7 + 6)
Arcana DC 13: What is Fharlanghn follower’s favourite school of magic? 16 (10 + 6)
History DC 13: How many mages were there originally running Old Holborn? (Terran) –
Religion DC 15: What is the name that halflings who worship Yondalla give to the day set aside each week where they rest, play and eat? -
Arcana DC 17 SSvaklors are a cross between what two types of creatures? 25 (19 + 6)
Nature DC 19: Describe the immunities of a “Blackspawn Raider” (Verbal) –
Planes DC 32: When a githyanki uses a “silver sword”, what is the main purpose of using it on astral travellers? (Verbal, Draconic) -

Sofir, you are given the good news that you have passed! By the only scholar checking your test.

The Old Holborn

Sagla grudgingly agrees to the task, and asks them what it entails. Only, however, on the condition that the task does not contradict his teachings or his moral compass. If that’s the case, he’ll stay in the outer town with Eximere.

The Old Holborn

They need someone to read some dwarven papers and make sense of them as no one wants to do this task, could also be the lack of dwarves that are smart enough to actually sort them out. It will only take a day. They are cutting corners as it looks like the rest of your friends are elementalists. This is a serious enough task that they will lend you a magic book to help you.

The Old Holborn

Ah sorry for the lack of posting, I’ve been a touch busy lately as I move out on Friday. Should have a lot more free time once I’m in Christchurch in a weeks time.

At least I passed!

The Old Holborn

Should the rest of us wait a bit longer or is there stuff we should be doing?

The Old Holborn

Also Xan has also passed. He used bluff to distract the dwarf woman at the entrance 16 (9 + 7) and then “borrowed” the answers slight of hand 23 (17 + 6). He still only got 8/10 questions right. You are all surprised that with his lack of Arcana knowledge he passed, but then again, the actual test is strange to begin with. None of you are aware of Xan’s sneaky actions.

You can all now learn new spells or “upgrade” your spells (like Fury’s mage armour). Just post here which you would like to do and what spell. Note that it is very difficult for non-spontaneous spell casts to upgrade their spells, but possible as Fury has shown.

So for example if Eximere actually got in here he would want to learn a new spell. He would post that he would like to learn (if possible) the following spells in this order, as you may not leave this place for 3 days.

Spell 1 -Elementalist
Spell 2 -Elementalist
Spell 3 -Olidammara

He has a greater chance of being able to find a spell that the various churches/organizations specialize in.

If he would like “upgrade” a spell he would post the spells he would consider upgrading (one for each day, as it takes time to ask around:

Entangle – Olidammara
Resist Energy – Elementalist
Summon Natures Ally – Olidammara

For the list of organisations/churches available see here

And I would post the options he has, depending on which church/organisation he chooses to go to.

Note that for example, asking Pelor church for something like improving commanding/raising undead would be fruitless, most likely detrimental.

The Old Holborn

The spells that are relatively easy to obtain are those Level 0 – 2, but you may still need to look for them in the right organization. Higher level spells would need specific specialists. Eg to find Water Breathing (Arcane or Divine version) you would need to go to a Transmutational specialist, who could possibly be found at the Fharlanghn Shrine.

If you wanted to improve a spell such as Summon Monster I (Conjuration – Summoning) you could go to Baccob (other organizations could also work). An improvement that could be applied to your spell is that the monster is always summoned with +1HP.

If you want to be more specific when asking for the spell to be improved such as (Summon Monster – Celestial Giant Fire Beatle) The result could be “Natural Armour class increased by 1” or “+5ft casting range and has +1 to hit on the turn it is summoned”. The celestial fire beetle version would also apply for multiple summonings of the creature such as when used with Summon Monster II.

The lower the spell, the easier it is to improve. Having any specialization in using the spell, such as from having the spell in the domain, specializing in the school of magic it is from or having a specific feat for the spell, would give you better chances in improving it.

Example: Fury would have a better chance in improving Mage Armour than Summon Moster I, due to his Spell Mastery feat which gives him the ability to learn the spell without any spell book.

You also find that they have a gateway here and as Fury and Sofir (Arcana ranks 5+) have the co-ordinates for Summit, it may not be so difficult to return…

The Old Holborn

Fury overhears Sagla’s situation. Once Thundor has finished the test, Fury pulls him aside and whispers discreetly. “Seems the Elementalist hold some sway here. I got a replacement ring so I think we might have a little bit of power to abuse-err-I-mean weild for the good of the party. Sagla didn’t do so well in the test and they’ve got him translating some dwarven texts. Maybe, you could convince them that we, as Elementalists and Summit Lords, require the aid of our Dwarven retainer to carry our things. I.e. we need SSB to have a mobile site.”

The Old Holborn

Upon hearing about the Paragnostic Assembly, Fury is intrigued. Could it be, a society that values knowledge beyond all this religious frippery? He does a little bit of thinking to see what else he knowns about them (Arcana +12, Religion +10, History +5, Nob/Royal +5, Local +5). He asks the party if they know anything.

The Old Holborn

Religion 15 (5 + 10), History 22 (17 + 5). pass.

DC 10: The Paragnostic Assembly is made up of worshipers and seekers of knowledge who have access to immense quantities of ancient lore.
DC 15: Some of the organization’s members worship knowledge itself, rather than any god. They have developed various techniques of applying knowledge to improve their mystical and combat abilities. The Assembly’s extensive records are kept in local repositories.
DC 20: The Paragnostic Assembly and the followers of Vecna are bitter enemies. Contacting the organization is usually a simple matter of locating the local repository.

The Old Holborn

Fury is giddy with the thought of such a society. Pursuit of knowledge in such a pure and simply way!
Once everyone has finished the test:
“I have some errands to run so lets meet up around sundown outside the Elementalist shop.” Fury describes where it is and even offers to show the party if anyone is unsure based on his directions.

If the party is fine with this, Fury heads off to the Paragnostic Assembly’s repository to seek entrance into the organization. He suggests that Xan head with him if he is serious about his Wizardry and not doing it to showboat for some “divine” cause. Fury actually makes the finger-quotation-marks-and-sarcastic-voice on the Divine part

The Old Holborn

Before Fury runs off anywhere, Sagla replies to his earlier comment, “You let Thundor know and he can do the talking instead. He’s the one with the silver tongue.”

Quietly to the party, but such that not everyone can overhear but loud enough that it look like he’s trying to hide something, Sagla says, “Maybe as Lords of the Summit we can request for better relations with Old Holdborn? Considering that they have a portal here, and if we can get the coordinates for this portal we can start trading between both our communities. It seems that this place is rich in religious material, perhaps we can spread some of that into the Summit as well?”

Back to the testers, Sagla agrees to translate the material, and inquires about the nature of this magic book. As he is not so great with arcane material, he might need the help of other members of his party to use it. (What would the check be for translating material, anyway?)

The Old Holborn

Thundor attempts to convince the mages to let Sagla through as he is an Elementalist (Diplomacy 19 (8 + 11) without mentioning that you are Summit Lords.

The mages agree that he can enter it right now, but he is still bound to do his research before being “set free”. He may not have any help, it should be simple enough, even though it is old dwarven text.

Xan follows Fury. At the Paragnostic Assembly (Which is mainly located inside the Baccob’s area) you are required to sit yet another test! Fury, you pass as it is a very simple test (DC 10 – DC 15, ALL knowledges) and are given the chance to initiate the process in joining the Assembly.
Fury you have instant access to any knowledge item (+2 Knowledge) for a small price 20gp. You may also buy any knowledge book for 1500gp.

However, Xan also does really well, but doesn’t quite make it.

They can tell he is not a powerful mage, although he still did well in his test. With Xan’s luck, they do point out that if you take him as a apprentice in the Assembly, he may be granted access, but all of his actions will be directly reflected on you.

They are definitely very keen for Fury to join.

Just to make this simple. You all go to the Elementalist shop and gain a new (replacement) Elementalist ring. This ring (as Gerard the shop keeper explains and Fury (possibly also Thundor and Sofir) verifies, the ring is magical and gives the wearer the option to cast Guidance once per day as a standard action. The Elementalist ring also has an Active Arcane Mark spell on it, outlining the elementalist symbol)

Please add this to your inventory as Elementalist ring of Guidance. It does not consume a “Magic Item point”.

The Old Holborn

Fury says that although his friend is learning some of the magical arts, he is his own entity with a free will that cannot be bound by morals, or for that matter shackles, so taking responsibility for Xan’s actions might not be ideal.

What does the joining process entail? Are there secret handshakes? Fury freaking loves secret handshakes.

The Old Holborn

Wouldnt Fury love the idea of secret handshakes, but due to his dex would get flummoxed by some of the more complex ones?

The Old Holborn

Sagla agrees to translate the dwarven texts, and takes it with him to study every night before bed for the duration that he is in Holdborn. (Not sure what kind of checks I need to roll for these)

He is quickly drawn to the temple of Celestian, and spends all three days there, largely thanks to their focus in divination magic. He spends his first day, Sagla looks for a cleric with expertise in defensive spells in combat, in order to learn how to cast Magic Vestments (Level 3 Cleric spell)

If he is unsuccessful on the first day, he will spend another day studying. (If this is possible. If not, just go on to the next part:) If he is successful, then he spends that day learning about summoning black bears. (Lawful Good summon)

On the third day, Sagla decides to take it easy and pools his knowledge of divine spells with those at the temple of Celestian to improve on his healing spells, where he spends time both teaching as well as learning about Cure Light, and ways to improve it. (Level 1 cleric spell) His primary goal at this point with researching Cure Light is to see if the healing energies of the spell can also be utilized to improve a person’s vitality. (Something like a +2 to fort/will/ref for 1d4 rounds?)

The Old Holborn

Wow, I have no idea how my second paragraph broke so hard. That’s supposed to be “He spends his first day looking for a cleric…”

The Old Holborn

Fury laughs “No slower than you, buddy.”

The Old Holborn

Actually secret handshakes of awesome level require ranks in sleight of hand.

Sagla: During your 3 days you:
1st day – translate fruitless dwarven scriptures (letters to parents from dwarves at war, random scrptures made by aprentice dwarven mages, orders from low ranking officials that are over 100 years old and other usless writings.)

2nd day, Celestial clerics teach you how to cast and Palor blesses you with this spell.

3rd day, the clerics teach you how to Summon a Celestial Black bear.

For translating the writings you get paid 10 gold.
The Celestian clerics dont charge you anything for your stay as you help them out with your spells and healing.

After joining, you have to pay between 5%+ of your income (treasure/loot etc) to this. In return you will get bonuses. To join you have to write a research paper that is interesting enough for them to file.

Criterion Affi liation Score Modifier
Character level 1/2 levels
Knowledge (any) 5–9 ranks +1/skill
Knowledge (any) 10 or more ranks +2/skill
Skill Focus (Knowledge [any]) +1
Has levels in a class that has at least three
Knowledge skills as class skills +1
Can cast 3rd-level or higher divination spells +3
Is a devout and actively practicing worshiper
of Boccob, Wee Jas, or knowledge as a principle +1
Has at least one level in the paragnostic apostle
or paragnostic initiate prestige class +1
Has been a member of the Paragnostic +1, +1 for every
Assembly for at least 5 years additional year after 5

Multiple Use
Has suffered serious injury or other threat on an
expedition solely to gather new lore and information +2
Is a high-ranking member of a prestigious university,
arcanists’ guild, sages’ guild, or similar
organization (other than the Paragnostic Assembly) +1
Provides the Paragnostic Assembly with a
detailed account and analysis of a monster
or culture unknown to other members +1
Provides the Paragnostic Assembly with a spell
unknown to other members +1
Fails to share a new spell or bit of lore discovered* –8
Fails to pay monthly dues* –2
Fails to turn over the appropriate percentage
of treasure to the Assembly* –4

  • If one of these events occurs, the character is
    expelled unless she offers a very convincing explanation
    and makes proper restitution. The affiliation score
    modifier applies only if the character manages to retain
    Rank Score Titles: Benefi ts and Duties
    0 3 or lower None.
    1 4–10 Paragnostic Scholar: Gain +1 bonus
    on Appraise, Decipher Script,
    any Knowledge skill, PsicraftEPH,
    Spellcraft, or TruespeakToM per hour
    spent researching (maximum +5);
    see text.
    2 11–15 Sage of Worldly Matters: Gain a +2
    bonus on Diplomacy checks under
    certain circumstances; see text.

At ranks 1 though 3, you must donate 5% of all treasure
gained from adventuring to the Assembly and devote at least
1 month per year to quests it assigns to you. At ranks 4 and 5,
this amount increases to 10%, and you must quest for at least
2 months per year. You also must donate 20% of any treasure
gained on assigned quests to the organization. Furthermore,
you must pay a monthly membership fee equal to 10 gold
pieces per character level.
Paragnostic Scholar: You can gain a bonus equal to +1
per hour spent in research (maximum +5) on your choice of
one of the following skill checks: Appraise, Decipher Script,
any Knowledge skill, PsicraftEPH, Spellcraft, or TruespeakToM.
Each time you perform research, you can choose a different
skill to which to add the bonus.
Many of the church’s clerics members worship specifi c
deities of knowledge, but some empower themselves through
the worship of knowledge itself. If you are a cleric, you can
choose from the Knowledge, Magic, Trickery, MindCD, and
OracleCD domains.
Sage of Worldly Matters: At this rank, you gain a +2
circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks made when
dealing with a guild or government official, or with a
priest of the Church of Boccob, Vecna, Wee Jas, or another
knowledge deity.

More bonuses once you gain more ranks.

The Old Holborn

On his first day Thundor heads to the temple of Fharlanghn and seeks the priests’ wisdom in helping him with his spells of protection. He wishes to improve upon his Shield of Faith, by granting the target of the spell the ability to select only one target and gain an additional +1 to AC (in much the same way that the feat Dodge works).

On his second day, Thundor decides to speak to the conjuration priests at the same temple in order to try his luck at improving the effectiveness of his Summon Monster II spell. He is going to research if there is any way to hasten the casting of the spell, as its usefulness is currently impeded by its long casting time.

Being very happy with the Fharlanghn temple, Thundor again heads back there on the third day, looking to increase the effectiveness of his Cure Light Wounds spell by increasing the amount it can heal (much like the Enlarge Spell metamagic feat).

Satisfied with being in a location with an appreciation of the divine arts, and of sharing magical ability, he returns to the rest of the party at the end of the third day, sharing his research triumphs and failures.

The Old Holborn


1st day you manage to study at the Fharlanghn shrine and Palor blesses your Shield of Faith spell. When casting shield of faith, You gain +1 temporary hp, until the spell ends. This effect works only on dedicated Pelor worshipers.

2nd Day, you do not manage to find anything regarding improving Summoning monster II.

3rd Day, At this shrine they do not have expertise to improve the spell in this particular way.

They also dont charge you anything for their time (diplomacy: pass)

The Old Holborn

I assume that ‘joining’ thing was for Fury only? Sagla likes the Celestian Church and their ideals, but doesn’t really want to join it as he’s already dedicated to Pelor.

The Old Holborn

Jono, Join a group is different from changing religion. Celestian is a church, while Elementalists, Crown and Paragnostic Assembly are “groups”.

Btw, you are all Rank 1 Elementalists and gain +2 to Diplomacy, Gather Information when dealing with Elementalists (not Elementals) and while in a Elementalist camp/house you gain +2 to Knowledge (planes). The only thing they ask, is for you to report (where possible) any movement of groups of Elementals (or any powerful elementals). Any donations are also welcomed. Joining the Elementalists does not interfere with any of your religions.

You may join as many “groups” as you want. But their views may cause you to choose one side or the other. Leaving a group once you have gain a few ranks, can be hazardous to your life. Some groups, like the Elementalists do not have any penalties, unless you join an Elementals group that means harm to the Elementalists (more info about the Elementalists to be posted into wiki later on tonight)

The Old Holborn

Grish, not sure if you noticed this post or not but can you give me a verdict?

It’s important for whether I want to join the Paragnostic Assembly and that determines what I do over the 3 days.

The Old Holborn


Also, Thundor your bonus is +2 temp HP to dedicated Pelor worshipers.

The Old Holborn

Just as a heads up, I’m flying out to Singapore/Malaysia today, and my internet access will be dependent on whether there is wifi around me.

The Old Holborn

Fury decides to join the Paragnostic Assembly. He explains to the assembly that he is a Lord of Summit and is seeking to educate the populace, who are generally ignorant and afraid of things they do not understand, like magic. The support of the Assembly would help bring enlightenment to the Summit. He offers to the teleportation circle instructions to the Summit and invites members of the Assembly wishing to visit him to stop by.

He also explains that his party encountered a group of Erythnul worshipers seeking to summon something, most likely a Fire Elemental, to attack Old Holborn. The party attacked the camp and disrupted the spellcasting. They found a note that apparently can only be deciphered by a Cleric of Nerull, such as the dwarf Polmak, who was killed. Fury believes that the Assembly is knowledgable enough to help decipher the scroll to understand why the cult was going to attack Holborn and he appeals to the council, especially the Elementalists, to help decipher it for the good of the city.

Being separated from the others, his cashflow is somewhat limited and paying his monthly dues up front (50gp) might be troublesome. As a sign of good faith, Fury offers to give the assembly open opportunity to copy Icerift’s Sand Armor, a variant of the classic Mage Armor devised during the time he spent with the Elementalists in the Underworld, in exchange for letting him pay his first monthly dues at the completion of the month rather than the start. He offers to explain the spell to anyone copying it (removing the spellcraft check to copy it).

He also announces that the thesis he will be submitting concerns Juggernauts and their anatomy, hunting techniques, unique properties and ways they can be hunted for further study.

Fury meets the requirements for the rank of Paragnostic Scholar (1/2 character level + 2 x skills ranks 5-9 + levels in a class with 3 knowledge class skills = 5, possibly 6 if they accept Icerift’s Sand Armor). He would like access to the archives in order to pursue his research.

On the first day, he delves into ancient lore about a community of wizards who have an expanded reportoire of spells so that they changed between the night and the day, seeking to learn their techniques. His day includes 5 hours of research on the topic (Spellcraft?) in order to learn the technique for a + 20 bonus (or + 18 if Arcana).

If the assembly is also willing and gracious, Fury would like to borrow a pearl worth 100gp in order to cast Identify on a magic dagger, likely to fetch handsome price. The money or the pearl would be repaid upon the sale of the dagger or upon the next monthly membership fee of 50gp. If they allow this, he also spends 1 hour of the day, whether the first, second or third day, whichever has the most free time to cast identify on the green dagger from the Erythnul Camp.

On the second day, if his first day’s research is complete, Fury seeks to improve Detect Magic. so that it can be cast silently. He researches for 5 hours again to do so. Detect Magic is one of his Spell Mastery spells.

On the third day, if either of these require more time, Fury devotes his third day to finishing off his work. If he has resources available to him, Fury seeks Elementalists who are members of the Assembly to let him copy the spells Mount and Fly into his spellbook.

The Old Holborn

Ok Sagla, if you dont post, you give all your stuff to the local necromancer ;)

For those that have not posted:
Xan, you hang out with the elementalists and manage to scribe into your book 21, DC 16(spellcraft 12+9) Shocking Grasp.

You also gain Immediate Magic (PHB 2, p 68): Divination (Next 5 saves/day you get +2 to the roll)

You gain Divine companion. Let me know what it is and how it looks like. Also, add this to your character sheet.
While at the Celestial temple you improve your burning hands, now called: Sofir’s Burning Hands.
After casting the spell, your hands stay on fire for another round, doing an extra one point of fire damage to anything you attack. Does not damage your body or anything you hold (non living).

Fury, you gain the first rank of the Paragnostic Assembly. Boasting about being a Summit Lord (unintentially) you are given the opportunity to pay the 50 gp at the end of the month. This also brings unwanted attention as you learn that not only did Summit, not come to the aid with their mining/forestry supplies, but they are also keeping a sacred sheet of scripture. “The Page of the Fallen Angel” An unknown thief had once sneaked into the Boccops Library and had forged one of the pages, he even managed to “copy” the magic within the page. On his way out, he was almost caught by the Boccop’s followers and while climbing down on the outside of the mages tower, he had been affected by the “dispel” spell and fell well over 400 ft. As he was about to hit the ground, there was a flash of light and an angel was seen y some, saving the unknown rogue.

Juggernauts and their anatomy thesis is accepted. You go into great detail about the intestine structure.

There you are taught by probably the only person that is “friendly” to you to be “The Wizard of the Sun and the Moon”

Paragnostic Scholars scramble at your version of Mage Armour as it is sooo rare for a non-spontaneous caster to improve a spell! They almost drool over your Wizards book.

The Paragnostic Assembly does not give away anything for free. You must prove yourself before you can “permanently borrow” items. However, they can not stand having an item not identified in their library and do it themselves.

It is a +1 Dagger that gloves 5ft at will. It provides a +1D6 points of Acid damage if used in combination with a condition that meets the condition of a sneak attack.

As you are a member of the Paragnostic Assembly, you are given the first mission: To retrieve “The scroll of the Fallen Angel”. They give you a scroll of “Detect Magic”…

Detect Magic has been added to your list of Spell Mastery spells. If you at any point lose your circlet, you will lose this spell from Spell Mastery until you again spend a day adding it to you Spell Mastery. You must have Detect Magic in this slot if possible.

They offer you to scribe Mount spell: Spellcraft 25 (13+12) …
Fly is not accessible to you.

They also help you descipher the Erythnul note (They actually have no interest in Erythnul unless it was to directly affect them). The note is actually a reward to the first cleric that breaks in the library. Polmak is actually a honorary member… You travel with some of the Assembly, following cryptic directions. It feels good being around like minded mages. In the library behind a painting are three cloaks! They are identified as Cloaks of Charisma + 1. Two are given to you and one is taken as a “sample” (aka “a cut”). You are rewarded with a praise and told to continue with your mission.

The Old Holborn

Yay praise!

OOC: Just to clarify, Detect Magic is already on my list of Spell Mastery. I wanted to improve it so that it has a no verbal component to cast. If you’d prefer, I can just choose a different spell to add to Spell Mastery?

Arcana/Religion to determine how powerful the Scroll of the Fallen Angel is? + 13 Arcana /+ 11 Religion. Whether removing it would compromise the defences of Summit?

Fury returns to the party (not yet leaving Old Holborn) with an identified dagger and two cloaks of charisma + 1, a slightly padded out spell book and with Arcane Mark-produced tattoos of a sun and a moon on the palms of each hand…

The Old Holborn

Thundor looks admiringly at Fury’s new cloaks, and enquires as to whether or not he could feel their obviously luxurios fabric adorned across his shoulders … [wwnn]

The Old Holborn

Misread it. Regarding Spell Mastery, you can do it later. You do not improve your Detect Magic. You realize how difficult it is to improve a spell! Scroll of the Fallen – Arcana 17 (4 + 13) very powerful. History: 21 (15 + 6) Not sure how Summit got hold of it. It is actually something more of a myth. Perhaps it’s a different scroll?

Also, just to let you know:
Eximere learns Read Magic
Eximere fails to learn Alarm :(
Eximere fails to improve Resist Energy (Sonic) to resist attacks against Fortitude.

Please decide who gets the cloaks.

The Old Holborn

Fury offers the cloaks to Thundor and Sofir.

I will write down that Sofir has the cloak of charisma on my character sheet until such time as Sofir can update his own.

The Old Holborn

Also, you may only try to learn a spell once per level.
So the spell Alarm (which I really wanted so that we could skip setting up watches etc) is now unavailable for Eximere unless he gains a level in the Ranger class or a class that has Alarm in their spell list. For Wizards only, you may retry to scribe a spell into your spellbook once you put a rank into spellcraft. This works the same with improving spells.

The Old Holborn

The cloaks are worth 2mp. Weight: 2lb.

The Old Holborn

So let me know if you would like to search for a quest here (All 4 churches are looking for a help from an outside source). They are likely to pay slightly more than groups as it’s all mercenary work.

Elementalists have a number of missions also, doing missions for them will help you progress in their ranks, should you choose to do so.

Paragnostic Assembly is looking for some help as well. Fury, as you already have an active quest from them, it might not be a good idea to ask for another quest from them yourself.

There is also work outside the fort, in the town (where Eximere is enjoying his holiday training, that you could look for.

Alternatively, they have a portal here. But it is quite expensive and you may need to flex some Elementalist muscle to even start the nagotiation in using it. Large amounts of gold would help.

If you need to let Eximere know about anything. There is a delivery service of 5cp (which is a bit of a rip off) but no other way to communicate if you do not wish to leave the fort and start the 3 day entry restriction.

The Old Holborn

So the 3 day rule applies if we leave on business for the churches/organisations as well?

The Old Holborn

The rule applies to all as far as you know (you ask around).

The Old Holborn

OOC ok so much for more free time. I’ve been pretty busy the entire time I’ve been in Christchurch. Once I’ve made the move and things are settled down I will hopefully be more involved again but until then I may continue to be a little quiet. Good news about the divine companion and burning hands though. I think I’ll redo my character sheet once I’m settled to make sure everything is up to date.

The Old Holborn

Hey guys,

What would you like to do next?

Just so you know (and from previous quests) Elementalists pay well for their quests, but they usually deal with elementals or those misusing them. I dont think any of you would be really interested in spending your time questing in the name of a deity none of you worship/follow (Celestian etc…).

Travelling to Summit via the portal will cost about 250gp pp (1,500 gp total) (Dont forget Eximere!)

The Old Holborn

Thundor says “I say we try to talk to whoever is in charge here, or at least whoever we can, in order to start setting up proper political relations with this province. We need more magic in our ass-backwards little province.”

The Old Holborn

Does my aid reduce the cost?

Also, does the administration of Old Holborn itself need help? If so, Fury would be keen to do quests to help foster relationships between the cities.

Fury agrees with Thundor and is willing to aid in any way he can to demonstrate that Summit needs help magically with things like Knowledge or Spellcraft checks or things like Arcane Marks of the Crest of Summit to help support the legitimacy of our claims.

The Old Holborn

The Old Holborn chief commander and the junior council mage have not heard of you. Although they do believe that Sagla could possibly be one of the Summit lords, he does not carry any sign of Kord, Moradin or Paladine. Even though you continue to claim you are the Lords of Summit (Thundor, diplomacy pass) Fury’s contribution (-1 Char) and the fact that majority of you are of elven blood does not get you anywhere.

I’m sure Thundor understands why the Old Holborn are reluctant to help Summit.

The Chief Commander (Earth Elemental) speaking in a very harsh common, suggest you help them in the following way:

Every second shipment of grain and meat has not been delivered from a nearby farming group to the Old Holborn. Although the framing group itself is safe and well. The path runs through a swamp, small forest, between two hills and across a number of streams. They can only dispatch enough guards to guard every other shipment, even this is inefficient. One to three days travel

Thundor (Sense Motive: pass) Probably sending you to your death. Difficult mission.

The junior Council Mage (Human) tells you that he can see that you are part of the Elementalists and that he respects that. But he cant grant you his audience until you prove to him that you mean what you say regarding the two provinces becoming friends. He gives you two options:

One of their respected mages had defected to Wee Jas and has stolen a powerful spell book full of destructive spells. These were never meant to be actually used! They need it back. He had a couple of friends here so you may want to ask around where to look for him. Two days travel from Old Holborn

There is also a small matter of giants that have crushed a number of earth elementals. These giants must be destroyed. They live in a semi-complex cave system and so they dare not to venture into this. We have killed a couple and have found they were using advanced weapons and armour, for a giant. 1 day travel from Old Holborn

Sense motive: fail

They cant give you any more information unless you give your word to carry out one of the tasks.

You also find it strange that none of the quests have anything to do with the undead that are in this region…

OOC: Hopefully now that everyone has settled in, we can continue with weekly updates.

The Old Holborn

By weekly do you mean updating every Sunday or whatever? I’m just curious when the week will roll over.

The Old Holborn

It’s biweekly starting from this Sunday. Thanks for reminding me.

The Old Holborn

“Lets do the giants – Salga is badcore at them remember”

The Old Holborn

As you guys are deciding, the Junior Council Mage notifies you that another group of adventurers had accepted the Wee Jas quest.

The Old Holborn

Let’s take the suicide mission! I would have voted for the Wee Jas quest but that’s gone :/

The Old Holborn

Or we could just do the Wee Jas quest and take out our new competition/wow them so much with our uncanny ability not to get absolutely slaughtered despite seemingly insurmountable odds that they decide to also join our party

The Old Holborn

The Wee Jas quest is no longer offered to you. It would prove problematic to even try to start it. Fury, most quests you go on are suicidal …

Three clear votes and further information will be given. So far it’s only Sagla.

The Old Holborn

Okay Thundor votes for the Giant quest

The Old Holborn

Just as an aside:

Sim is in Malaysia.
Kirk is flying to Taiwan via Singapore and may not have access/time.
Jon has been reuinited with Megan after 6 months so is likely spending every moment he can with her.

I think me and Sam are the only ones who are going to be commenting in the foreseeable future.

Personally, I would prefer a posting holiday until the others are back. Partly because it’s a little overwhelming/boring with few people and secondly because I doubt you will reduce the odds to accommodate for half the party being absent :P

We are in the (supposed) safety of Holborn and we have no current quest. It seems like an opportune moment to take a break. Maybe we can play a side encounter of some kind to posting until we have enough players active for the campaign?

The Old Holborn

Yeah I’m kind of with Leon regarding this. I mean I’m happy to still post and all, but if we are doing party quests without a significant portion of the party it seems a little silly. Maybe we could look in this as a means of getting those in the party who lost xp due to death etc back up by doing a side quest as leon suggested, plus fury is likely to want more xp if he is gonna be creating potions items/casting certain spells.

The Old Holborn

/wondrous items

The Old Holborn

If you guys are happy to do some mini quests inside the Old Holborn (which would avoid large battles), create new items or improve/research more spells just let me know.

One of the quests could be getting Old Holborn access for Eximere :)

I just need the rest of the guys to give me another update on their actual situation. I have to admit, I myself have had a lot to deal with and haven’t been as active as I would like to, but I’m back to checking/updating this on a daily basis.

The Old Holborn

Fair enough.
Who do we need to talk to get Eximere in?
Fury tries to recall whether Eximere has an Elementalist ring.

The Old Holborn

Yeah Thundor suggests we go to the Elementalists and say ‘we have one of our party (who is part of their order) outside, what would be the easiest way to get him in if he has no magical knowledge, but can cast a very limited range of spells?’

The Old Holborn

Hi! Sagla’s eyes finally lose their glazed sheen as he returns to consciousness properly. I can continue daily updates again. Sorry about my lack of posting, I was pretty much out for entire days in Singapore, internet in Malaysia was nonexistent (comparable to 33.6 kbps internet) and in China none of the hotels I stayed in had wireless.

Anyway, Sagla suggests that they take on the giants indeed, as he is fairly experienced with fighting them. Maybe we can have a look at other things that need doing outside of Holborn in addition to the quest with the giants? Maybe other stuff around that same area that needs doing?

The Old Holborn

Fury, you do recall that Eximere has a ring, quite possibly of the Elementalist order.
To get Eximere in, he has to pass the test. You do not think Eximere can pass the test. Mainly due his lack of knowledge outside drow, animals, plants, landscapes and dungeons.

Thundor, you go to the Elementalists order and ask them if they can get him in (diplomacy 8 + 12) Initially they were just going to say what you already know (He must pass the test) but after talking to the Elementalists a bit longer they suggest that if you do a great deed for the Old Holborn, some may find it a political benefit to sponsor such a “hero”. Otherwise, bribe the guards at night (Local Fury: pass, about 50gp / guard, up to 10 guards).

Sagla, you ask around, but get no fruitful responses.

3/6 to investigate the Giants. We can start this if there are no objections.

Also, try not to “suggest” but instead “do”.

The Old Holborn

“So Sagla, Thundor and I seem on board. Why don’t way we have a message passed out to Eximere to see if he is up for adventuring?”

“If he is keen/sober enough to walk, we can leave to track down these giants. I am just wary about leaving now since we won’t be able to get back in for another 3 days.”

As an aside. Messages can be passed outside the walls. What kind of organisation runs these messages. Is it private citizens collecting a few extra coins since they are leaving anyway or is it an organisation which has means of “getting things done”? Local +6.

The Old Holborn

When Sagla is able to meet up with Thundor again, he asks him discreetly, “Do you think you can use your diplomatic skills to drill into reasons why they are not doing anything about the Erythnul followers encroaching on their camp?”

In the meantime, we should maybe accept another quest or something, so we can use up those 3 days.

The Old Holborn

“Yeah possibly getting a second quest doesnt seem a stupid idea, I mean if we have to we can always just come back to the Swords and Scripture Inn and either wait our the remainder of the time, or we could recover here before heading out mto the second quest – I’m good with either.”

The Old Holborn

“I did not mean checking for quests inside Holdborn by the way, I meant the tavern where Eximere was hanging out. Maybe the elves living there have a few things for us to do!”

The Old Holborn

Fury Local: The Old Holborn Gate guards run this service. But even they must obey the law and pass the message through a wall (exactly how is a secret, but it could possibly include a small hole in the gate). Otherwise it is quite easy to get a person travelling outwards or inwards, but the prices vary. From 5cp to 20gp. The guards charge 5gp. This also helps to prevent unwanted information easily passing in/out from Old Holborn.

I take it you accept the Giants quest. The junior Council Mage gives you further information:
It is only recently (reports started to come in about 2 month ago) the giants have begun causing problems for the Old Holborn. They seem to dispatch the earth elementals with ease. They are reports of the Giants using magic, so be warned. He gives you the directions.

As you are part of the Elementalist order you are given a Cure Light Potion, each (Excluding Eximere). Here is another potion that may help you; Potion of Blur. (Only 1 is given for the whole party) Thundor, (Diplomacy: pass) you are also given a Potion of Blur.

The Old Holborn

Stroking his long beard proudly, as one would stroke a prized feline pet, Sagla says, “Let’s go, then. I suppose we should send the message to Eximere about this soon as we can. I’m afraid I don’t have anymore gold to pay for the sending of messages, however.”

(Assuming the party has moved towards the gates in this process) Sagla then asks a nearby gate guard, “Is there a limit to the length of the letter?”

Pausing for a moment to consider, the dwarf suddenly turns to Fury and Thundor, saying, “Do we even need to send messages out? Seeing as we’ve already accepted the quest to rid the area of the giants we could just go straight out and pick Eximere up. If he’s not sober enou—” Sagla clears his throat. “Since he’s not sober enough we do have time to wait till he is.”

The Old Holborn

Just before we head to the gate – Thundor suggests “we should go to the marketplace in order to provision ourselves for the coming quest – I think we could all benefit from some gear.”

The Old Holborn

“Which we will buy with what gold? We could always sell this dagger. It would fetch a handsome price.”

The Old Holborn

“I have money, but more importantly a lot of the valuables gathered from our recent adventures – works of art etc.”

The Old Holborn

Let me know what you would like to sell. You feel that the Elementalist order would give you a fair (possibly slightly better than fair) price on your goods.

The Old Holborn

Staring at the unclaimed Potion of Blur, Sagla asks, “Is anyone going to take that? If not, I will.”

Turning his attention to his goods, he continues, “I don’t have much to sell, besides the my old mundane mace and light shield. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to see if they’re worth anything decent. If we really need the money, then we can sell these too. I don’t mind having these as a backup, though.”

The Old Holborn

“This city seems to value both magic and the finer things in life, hopefully they might have someone wanting to buy all such acquired goods.”

Thundor would like to sell the following (unless a party member particularly opposes such a sale):
Red Garnet
Bahamut Platinum Necklace
Potion of False Life

For these following items, Thundor would like to see if the Elementalists can identify them, or could direct us to someone that might possibly be able to identify them. If neither is possible, then Thundor will see what price they could fetch:
Unknown Gem
2 x Unknown Scrolls

The Old Holborn

Thundor you sell the items:
Red Garnet: 60gp -Elementalist Trader
Jade: 55gp -Elementalist Trader
Bahamut Platinum Necklace: Sold to the Church of Celestian (who give you the best deal) 3pp
Eximere has the potion of False life.

Not sold but queried:
Unknown Gem: 30gp
To identify any scroll/potion at Elementalist house, 100gp. To have a “look at it” is 25gp.
They offer the 13gp for the first scroll, the second for 100gp.

The Old Holborn

Fury asks Thundor to query a price for the 1 Dagger of Acid Sneak Attacks after attempting to appraise it himself (4).

The Old Holborn

Err + 1 dagger
+ 4 appraise

The Old Holborn

Disregard that, it’s +6 to Appraise.

The Old Holborn

Thundor enquires for a price for the dagger. He also asks the party if they should sell the unknown stuff.

The Old Holborn

Fury: Appraise X + 6, you think it is worth around 80pp

Thundor the Elementalist vendor will give you 30pp. He says he may offer you more, if you leave it with him, so he can get someone to understand it better.

The Old Holborn

“Hey guys, it sounds like it might be worth getting this dagger properly appraised etc, what do you all think?”

The Old Holborn

“I don’t see why not, but surely we have enough money for now, anyway? Besides,” says Sagla, “I don’t really have much I need to resupply for – maybe a few rations here and there and we’ve already got plenty of money to cover that. Ergo, we’re good to go!”

The Old Holborn

“I would like to see if they have any magic items that they might be willing to trade, I really need to be able to protect myself a bit better.”

The Old Holborn

From the general trader (Mainly the Elementalist shop) you can buy the first two armours from each tier (Padded, Leather, Hide, Scale Mail, Splint Mail, Banded Mail), all simple weapons, light and heavy wooden shields. All mentioned are available as +1 for the price mentioned in the SRD20. All other mundane items are also available for purchase (Anything below 500gp that is not magical).

I will update again tomorrow and begin the Giants quest.

The Old Holborn

After a half-hearted browse through the goods on offer, Sagla nods his head at himself. “Yep, me own gear’ll hafta do fer now.”

The Old Holborn

Thundor pats his pockets in an exaggerated fashion, “Well I only could muster up about 400gp or so, and it seems like the shield that I want is more like 1150gp, so unless anyone has a bank to tap into I guess I’ll have to pass.”

OOC: Leon is away for the next week or so, so its likely just jono and I posting til he returns. Also Jon has been in London for a while now, I think its up to Grisha to liase with Jon about rejoining these posts :P

The Old Holborn

You exit the city and find Eximere. He is in good condition and is a bit surprised to see you!

“Hey, I wasn’t expecting you to be out of that fort soo soon. I was told there are a lot of interesting things inside. To tell you the truth I have made some elves here which have been complaining about just about everything, not being able to spread the Corellon way inside the fort, increasing taxes, random attacks on caravans and giants raiding the outskirts, where most of the livestock are kept, as the land there is rich and previously, the natural hazards prevented the basic threats.”

You tell Eximere about the quest – (basic info only)

“I have also been told that the giants have been using “strange” magic. Couldn’t get any more information."

You head out towards where the giants were last sighted.

-Please update your spell lists, if required.

The Old Holborn

Obviously eager to go off on the quest to confront the giants, Sagla remarks to Eximere, “You have a rough idea of where we’re going, yes? Can you let me know when we’re nearing the place?”

An uncharacteristic diabolical grin spreads on Sagla’s face as he fantasizes plans about using his new found spells.

OOC: Intention of the first question is so that when we’re roughly 2 hours away from where the giants were last seen, Sagla is going to cast Magic Vestments on himself.

The Old Holborn

Hey sorry, been in Brisbane for a week so opportunity to post has been non-existant.

Can I interject a brief bit of dialogue before that would have occured before we go?
“Yes we are willing to leave the dagger, but since it is worth at least 30pp, and quite likely more. What security can you offer us for dagger? A member of the Paragnostic Assembly has already identified the dagger.” Fury describes the daggers properties and his appraisal of it. “If you would like, I’m sure the research notes on the dagger would be available from the assembly for you to examine. Surely, you can give us a better immediate price than 30pp based on this information. Or offer us some better security because of legitimate value of this item.”

Fury’s spells will be updated shortly. Either way, one casting of Mage Armor with the extend spell rod when we are a finally underway after picking up Eximere.

The Old Holborn

The Elementalist replies “Although I understand you had the Paragnostic Assembly look at it, the way we find it’s properties are slightly different. (Diplomacy: fail, even with a +2) Once you want to sell the dagger, come see me again.”

You leave Old Holborn and travel for almost a whole day:
Fury, you have Mage armour with extend spell cast on you.

Encounter roll: Thundor: X + 3…

The Old Holborn

Grish, at the moment I have a +4 bonus to CHA

The Old Holborn

X + 4, ok.

As you turn a corner on a busy road, you see a confrontation between a group of 3 Earth elementals and a group (11) of really rough looking humanoids (Human, elf and half-elves), they are wearing light, medium and no armour and have drawn weapons . This is on the path that you need to take. This is an hour outside Old Holborn and far enough that there aren’t any guards around.

Everyone else around you is avoiding this by taking an alternative route.

The Old Holborn

Hey guys, as members of the Elementalists I think we have an obligation to make sure thatthe elementals do not hurt anyone here, or are hurt themselves. I think we should step in and offer our services to help end the dispute.

The Old Holborn

Sagla nods his head in agreement. “Let’s try to work on improving the Holborn-Summit relationship, and maybe things like this will help.” The dwarf then glances around, to see if he can spot anyone who might be also interested in the outcome of the conflict ahead. (+4 Spot)

Can we overhear their conversation, by any chance? Also, you mentioned that we’ve been travelling for almost a whole day – does that mean it’s late at night now or have we camped somewhere and continued?

The Old Holborn

It is late in the evening and due to your unfamiliarity with this area you are still haven’t left the civilized area. You will be making camp soon and looks like anywhere around here is a good place. (Local Knowledge: Fury and Xan both pass) About another 20 minutes walk is a safe camping place, with earth elementals positioned as guards, you pay a single copper for a safe site.

Thundor: These earth elementals are definitely part of the Old Holborn guard.

Sagla: Spot 17 (13 + 4) you do spot another person standing to the side. He is paying a lot of attention to this confrontation. He is wearing above average quality robes (but nothing too expensive) He does not have any specific items/markings that would help you tell anything more about him.

Eximere “The Earth Elementals are outnumbered, this may get messy, the humanoids are already armed. The elves look rough in that group, I don’t see any drow… Not sure which side to take…”

The Old Holborn

“Guys, I dont think we should try to take sides, I thinkn we should try to convince each side that the other side just isnt worth their trouble.”Seeing as Eximere, Fury and I are all of (some) Elvish descent I say we take the humans group, while Sagla, you go over to the Earth Elementals and show them your elementalists ring and the fact thaat you have just been into the Old Holborn, and try to convince them to forget the whole thing. But if we do this we have to go now."

Thundor waits a round for any objections then heads swiftly in to try to break things up.

The Old Holborn

Has Sagla pointed the robed observer out to the rest of the party?

The Old Holborn

Grabbing Fury’s arm to get his attention, Sagla gestures his head towards the robed figure on the side. Quietly, he says, “Someone else is interested, too.” Letting go, he steps next to Thundor and speaks in a louder voice, “Sure, but you’re going to have to do more of the talking.”

Waiting for Thundor’s cue, Sagla prepares to enter the fray.

The Old Holborn

Okay, Thundor heads towards the dispute with Sagla in tow. As he gets closer he breaks off and heads more towards the humanoids, first speaking in Elven, then in Common if they dont respond.

As he gets closer, Thundor does a Knowledge (Nobility) check on the robed guy +6 to see if he recognises anything about him.

Thundor says to the humanoids “Who is in charge of your group? I wish to speak with him urgently. We may need his help with a matter of great importance.” Diplomacy +12

The Old Holborn

Thundor: Nobility check: 16 + 6: 22. You cant tell anything about the person standing on the side as he does not seem to be carrying/wearing anything except from his robes and a staff. No markings.

As you approach the elves, the Earth elementals try to stop you, one stepping directly in your way: “Stay back, these are outsiders from the outter lands. You can not help them” He says in broken Common with a harsh Terran accent.

One of the elves answers your question: “We no leaders, they have all been killed!” You notice a really strange mark on his forehead, carved into his flesh… Religion pass: followers of Erythnul usually cut markings into their bodies to represent their dedication. You do notice that from the very basic items the humanoids are carrying, they do have a number of hand made (Religion: pass) Corellon symbols.

It looks like the elves of the group (which is the majority) are keen to talk to you, but the earth elementals are in the way.

Sagla, you get the attention of one of the earth elementals who starts talking to you, in an unknown language (most likely Terran, as it is so harsh).

Eximere taps Thundor on the shoulder and in elven says in a low voice: “I’ve got your back” then facing the elves (past the earth elemental) he says in elven: “Followers of Corellon, did the drow do this to you?”

The elf that answered Thundor answers in elven: “Nay, it was the giants!”
You all highly doubt giants could draw such symbols with their lack of finesse.
Thundor (Sense Motive: Pass) There is some truth in what he is saying, but you can not read any more into what he has said.

The Old Holborn

In dwarven, Sagla replies apologetically that he does not understand the elemental. If that doesn’t get a response from the elemental then he tries it in common instead.

Turning to the elemental that spoke out, Sagla queries, “What are you trying to get them to do?” (This part is in dwarven if the elemental replies in dwarven, otherwise it is in common)

Sagla pays full attention to the elemental, but if there is no response then he will turn to the elf instead. “Giants did that? Surely they would have crushed your heads in the attempt?”

The Old Holborn

The elemental shakes his head, he doesn’t understand dwarven. He answers in broken common: “They have not paid for their stay in our safe camp. We also have reports of rations and food going missing since they came here two nights ago. They were told to go back home, but instead they are trying to reach Old Holborn. We do not want thieves in Old Holborn. They are weak.”

The elf (lets call him their spokes person, as he did say they have no leaders) glares at you (Sagla) with severe intensity and clenches his fist. You are pretty sure he would have attacked you if the earth elemental was not in his way. He then continues his conversation with Thundor, relaxing, if only slightly.

The Old Holborn

Thundor says very quietly to Eximere (and Sagla if he is also close enough for noone else to hear) “Guys, I know nost elves hate dwarvs and such, but if they have no homelands or leaders, is it worth trying to convince them to come back with us to Summit? We need more elves to be taken more seriously as magic users and as a place inclusive of all races. However, this giant story doesn’t quite add up. I’ll follow up on it.”

Again, if Sagla is close enough, Thundor quietly suggests that he should ask the Elementals how much the humanoids owe for their stay, maybe the party could pay it for and in return they follow the party to Summit.

Thundor then turns to the humanoids and says “Can you tell us about the giants? They seem to be different in this area.”

The Old Holborn

One of the elementals is very close to you and over hears the conversation and says: “Take these thieves anyone you want. They are not wanted here. They owe a total of 20 gp to Old Holborn for all of the trouble they have caused” Local Knowledge: pass (Fury and Xan) at most it would be about 300 copper for what had been mentioned!

The elves overhear this and the spokesman speak out: “We are not some slaves that you can just purchase! We are going to rejoin our kin in the elven area outside Old Holborn!” He then places his hand on the hilt of his sheathed scimitar. Some of his friends, who have not yet drawn their weapons also follow. Nobility and Honour: fail for both Fury and Thundor.

Spot: pass for Eximere, Sagla and Fury. You notice the robed man has left.

Although you can see the humanoids would gladly talk to you, right now (especially with the earth elementals to deal with) they can’t.

The Old Holborn

Unsure of what to make of the elves at this point, Sagla peers at the symbols carved onto their foreheads and tries to make some sense of the religious meaning. (+7 Religion) Then if he can, he also checks the validity of the religious objects they are carrying, to see if anything is out of place with those.

To the elementals, he asks, “What did they do, exactly?” as he attempts to lead them off the side of the road, away from the elves. “Perhaps we can help alleviate the problem.”

The Old Holborn

Forgot to add: To Fury, Sagla also asks quietly, “Did you see what made that robed man decide to leave?”

The Old Holborn

Fury also performs religion (+11) on the symbols to determine what they mean.

Whisper to Sagla: “No I didn’t. Also, I find the markings on their foreheads odd. From your expertise in wounds, do you think the injuries look self inflicted?”

To the Earth Elemental elementals, Fury shows his Elementalist ring. “We have been sent here by the council of Old Holborn to investigate and eliminate the giants that have been killing Earth Elementals in the area. If these elves have encountered the giants then they may have information that is important to our mission and we would like to ask them some questions.”

The Old Holborn

Thundor attempts to speak with the spokesperson for the humanoids by taking him off to the side and saying “We understand that all you want to do is to see your kinfolk outside the Old Holborn, but if your group continues along in the same manner all they will do is provoke the Earth Elementals into attacking you. This will not only lead to injuries and possibly deaths on both sides, but will also forever seal your fate as the rest of the Holborn guards wont let you anywhere near the place. Not only that but they would be a lot more likely to hassle our kinfolk already outside the Old Holborn, if not kick them out entirely. The best thing here is to regroup a little ways from here, then in a week or so try to get to the Old Holborn through another route so that you arent likely to run into the same guards. We will talk it over with these guards, and let them know that even though they have got it wrong about their distrust of you, that its not worth their trouble reporting this whole incident to their superiors, and for them to just forget about it.”

“If you choose not to do this however, we cannot guarantee our help in this matter any further.”

The Old Holborn

Sagla: Religion: (5 + 7) 12, the symbols look fine to you. You don’t pick anything suspicious or significantly legitimate out from their symbols. Except for the information mentioned earlier, you do not recollect any further information.

Sagla you manage to pull two off two of the earth elementals to talk to. As they move with you, one of the two says a command in Terran to the one that is left behind (I’m talking about 20ft distance) The other earth elemental takes an offensive stand, his “feet” become one with the ground he stands on and his arms are placed in a boxing like stance.

Earth Elemental speaks to Sagla: “We have been told that they have stolen food, a healing potion, light metals and wine from the camp up ahead. The report also mentions their rudeness to authorities, which we do NOT tolerate. Two of them also started a fight with a small party of Half-Orc traders, one of the half-orcs lost his eye. They are trouble makers and their kind is not welcomed here anyway. What are you doing with a bunch of elves anyway? Like I said, they owe 20gp.”

Sagla, you would need a closer examination of the wound to answer Fury’s question.

The earth elemental that has now one with the earth says: “So what that you are an Elementalist? We have a law to uphold! Try anything while talking to your kind and I will freshen the earth with your blood.”

Thundor, as you speak the elf and his comrades listen to your every word very carefully. They look like they agree with you and after a short discussion within themselves the spokes person says – “Where can we regroup? We have been branded as thieves!”

The Old Holborn

Fury, the earth elementalists was talking to you in the second to last paragraph.
You also do not get any further information on the religious symbols (on their heads or the ones they are carrying) (17) 6 + 11.

The Old Holborn

To the elementals: shrug “I’m just trying to get across that we are working towards similar goals; you are protecting Holborn from external threats and so are we.”

Wary of the elemental obviously looking for a fight, Fury walks off to speak to the party.

To the party: “Guys, what if we pay the 20gp so that the elementals let them go? The elementals are hot headed and looking for a fight. I don’t think we can reason with them to back down but paying the coin should work.”

The Old Holborn

Sagla agrees with Fury – and suggests it to the elementals directly in attempt to cool their tempers. “We only seek a peaceful resolution, here. Why don’t we settle the bill for the fine and you temporarily let them into Holdborn?” To the party and the elves, he continues, “Would you and your kin consider moving to another place? There is room to grow in our province, where all are allowed their own religion – save those counterproductive to the city’s security. Elves are much better accepted there, to – in fact, I am the only dwarven lord in a council dominated by the elves you see before you.”

To the elemental, the dwarf explains, “I’ve been travelling with these elves for a greater part of my later life. Though I would be loathe to admit in my younger days, I would trust my life with them.” He pauses for a moment, growing pensive. “In fact, I have trusted my life with them. Heheheh.”

The Old Holborn

The Elemental says to Fury – “We are protecting Old Holborn from all threats”

Sagla the two earth elementals respond – “Paying the 20gp would drop the current charges. However with the strange symbols they are carrying and have inscribed on their heads and their previous history they would not be let anywhere close to Old Holborn gates. They took someone’s eye for gods sake!”

Eximere suddenly has a massive grin on his face.

After a pause the second elemental speaks to Sagla, but not before you notice him look hard and thoughtfully at your ring – “One of your friends, seem to have a levelled head, even if he is half-elf. Perhaps we can cut a further deal, after you pay the 20gp” The second elementalist adds – “If they try anything, we will be coming after you” and prods you with his hard and rocky fist. “Hahaha”

Btw Nature check: Fury 24 (17 + 7) 23 and Eximere 13 (6 + 7) The earth elementals are of medium size.

The Old Holborn

Directing the humanoids to move in a non-threatening manner away from the Earth Elementals, Thundor then takes out 20gp. He asks “So what was this further deal you mentioned? I’m sure we can come to some arrangement here. Perhaps if you were to let 2 of the humanoids go towards the Old Holborn to make contact with their brethren, we would vouch for their passage and in reurn make sure that they did not do anything untoward such as stealing or the like. And we would direct the others to stay away and not to come any closer for fear of jeopardising their friends safety.”
Thundor then hands the 20gp over to the guards taking care to show that he has more coin in his pack, and that given the right offer he might be inclined to part with more of it.
(Diplomacy + 12)

The Old Holborn

Diplomacy 23 (11 + 12) (Im sure I had already rolled this somewhere? Anyway…)

The Earth elementals nods in approval and takes the 20gp. He then says, crossing his arms: “Here at Holborn we do not take bribes”. Relaxing a bit and now standing in a more casual stance – “However, you can make a donation to the camp up ahead. Give it to the cook named Effex. If you agree, we will let the elves travel to Old Holbron”

I also forgot to mention the elves voicing that they do not wish to leave the Old Holborn as this is where they drew up.

The Old Holborn

Away from the elemetnals, Fury asks in Elvish if Eximere was amused by the whole “follower of Corellon taking someone’s eye out” bit. Because he was.

The Old Holborn

While Thundor is dealing with the elementals, Sagla approaches some of the elves – the unarmed ones – and asks, “Mind if I have a look at your markings on your foreheads?”

“I’m a cleric of Pelor,” he says, revealing the holy symbol around his wrist, “and I know a thing or two about wounds. I don’t know about you lot, but I wouldn’t want the markings of a God I vehemently abhor anywhere on or near me.”

Wryly, he adds, “Maybe I can bandage it up for you?”

The Old Holborn

Fury, Eximere nods in agreement.

Sagla, although the elves and half elves initially protest you trying to heal them, after you show your Pelor’s symbol, Thundors backing and manage to do a fine job on the humans, they let you treat them.

Sagla, Heal: pass

Taking a closer look at the markings you realise there is magic involved.
Fury, you are called up. Spellcraft: pass. An arcane mark spell has also been placed over the wound to emphasize this mark. Knowledge check: You are both not sure exactly where it is from. Sagla: it is not to do with undead or anything you have encountered before. Fury: It is similar to the markings of Erythnul, but not the same.

The earth elemental makes a comment: “Who ever you are, you are either crazy or don’t understand how things work around here. One does not simply change the ways of the old.”

With that note they move away, another 20ft and mind their own business.

The Old Holborn

“How old are the wounds? The arcane mark will fade over a month or it can be removed with the Erase spell. I do not have this spell but if you have any spellcasters among you, they may.”

The Old Holborn

Sagla: The wounds are about 3 days old, they have not healed well.

Sagla, with that point you realise that the cut was made with a very cold (like -70C) and sharp object. The reason you did not recognise this at first is because the elves had already tried to apply their own limited healing skills to the wounds with ointments and magic.

The Old Holborn

Sagla points that out to Fury. To the elves and half elves, he asks, "Can I ask how the giants did this to you? If you’ll forgive my earlier comment – " the dwarf looks away for a moment, “it certainly does not seem characteristic of giants to do something like this.”

Can I assume I bandaged them up, hiding some of the markings with the last heal check? Can I also tell if magic is hindering with the natural healing process? If so, (And Sagla can’t heal it with his skills) Sagla suggests to the elves that when they reach the outskirts of Holdborn, they should check in with a priest or a wizard to clear that up.

“We’re also on our way to investigate giants that work with magic, and potentially rid the land of them. Can you provide any information as to where you guys were caught by them?” Pointing at Eximere, he continues, “He’s our navigator through the lands – if you know please explain it to him.”

The Old Holborn

“So guys its seems we should go talk to the cook about letting the huanoids travel to Old Holborn, anyone want to come with?”

The Old Holborn

To the elves “Will you come with us or camp here?”

The Old Holborn

In elvish.

The Old Holborn

Sagla, the humanoids let you treat their wounds. The magic is not hindering the healing process, if only distracting slightly when you try to apply the bandages. Speaking of bandages, 6 healer kits will need to be used for the group of 11.

They all avoid your question regarding how they received the wounds.

They explain to Eximere that the giants live in caves. They only come out to pillage and only every month or so, but recently a lot more frequent. They have metal weapons and some wear decent armour. Somehow they managed to learn magic and some can cast powerful spells. The cave complex is very old and has previously been occupied by ogres and prior to that by frost trolls.

The cave complex is less than a day’s march and the way is straight forward from the camp up ahead.

Fury and Thundor, the group agrees to join you to the camp to see the cook.

The Old Holborn

To Sagla and Eximere (whispered) : “Why do you think they’re avoiding the questions about their wounds?”

The Old Holborn

Thundor addresses the group before heading to the cook, “The condition of us heloing you is that you are entirely forthcoming and honest with us at all times. You can start by telling us what really happened with those wounds, if we do not believe your answer or think you are holding some aspect back then we wont help you at all.” Thundor first tries Diplomacy (+ 12) (I think this is a new roll as the previous one was against the earth elementals?), if that doesnt seem to work then he tries to Intimidate them (+ 6)

The Old Holborn

Thundor, you have already rolled for diplomacy at the start of the encounter (but I haven’t noted it down)/ Their behaviour towards you does not change even though you have done much already.

Intimidate: 16 + 6, As a group, they are not Intimidated (but a couple of them sure are!).

Spokesperson “We appreciate your help so far, but we are not some peasants you can talk down to!”

Eximere to Fury – “Maybe they are just a bit strange? I would be if I was a farmer, or what ever they did for a living”

The Old Holborn

While they are out of earshot and talking to Thundor, Sagla confirms with Fury, quietly: “I’m still a little suspicious of them – they may seem legitimate but their behaviour contradicts their story. Given that, I’m worried about setting them loose in the camp…”

When agreed to head to the camp, Sagla asks the elves on the way, “Is there anything else you can tell us of the giants, perhaps? I’ve never known of them to use magic… perhaps they have a master that you’ve noticed?” (Assuming they explained the directions to the caves to Eximere earlier, if not he asks them for that too)

The Old Holborn

Whispers to Sagla: “Yeah, me too. Espcially since we’re now responsible for their actions.”

How many hours ride are we from Old Holborn?
And I mean hard, your horse is not usable/will have to be put down at the end of the journey kind of ride.

The Old Holborn

OOC: Just as a point the humanoids are only going with the party to see the cook, which I understood was only a few hundred yards away. If the cook is at the Old Holborn then I don’t necessarily want to take the entire humanoid group with us at the start.

The Old Holborn

Sagla, they try to give you more information, but its just what they had said before. “We have not seen any ‘master’ with the giants”

Hard ride (as defined by Fury) about 3 hours.
The cook is at the camp up ahead.

Eximere: “We have the directions, lets go rest at the camp, sort out our new friends and get ready for tomorrow. Perhaps the giants dug into a drow clan lair and learned their ways of magic?!”

Eximere comes up to the humanoid group and says: “Did you see any drow? Any evil looking, dark skinned elves?”. The group avoids his awkward and sudden confrontation and some shake their head and mumble that they have not seen any drow."

Eximere: “Perhaps the drow charmed this group not to see them… or they were invisible! I’m pretty sure drow are involved.”

After a short time you arrive at the camp.

There are about about a gross creatures in this camp clearing.
The camp is based under a hill, with a couple of caves used as living quarters. Not far is a small stream, the bush and forest had been cleared, so there is pleanty of warning if someone is coming from the forest (about 300 ft). A score of earth elementals guard various stretigic points (like on/in the hills). A couple of the earth elementals are of a large size, with one that is partially inside the middle of the hill, of a huge size. A couple of trade shops are open (with very limited stock and just your very basic items). People go about their business. A couple notice the humanoids you have brought and change their stance to a more protective one. The earth elementals are also aware of your group, but no one is either challenging you or welcoming.

You can see the cooks large tent, which is connected to the hill side.

The Old Holborn

Quietly the party: “The reason that I ask is that we can send Eximere to Holborn in the morning on a disposable mount(Fury pats his spellbook) to check if these guys are who they say they are. Eximere is a good rider and he made friends among the Elven community. He would be a good person to make inquiries.”

Fury ponders whether magic is permitted in the camp (Local + 6). If he is unsure, he asks a humanoid guard. If there are none he asks an elemental.
Fury shows his Elementalist ring to one of the guards. “We are here on business from Old Holborn. What is the policy on the use magic in this camp.”

The Old Holborn

Eximere likes this plan. Riding horses is one of his favourite hobbies, only second to killing drow.

Local: pass. Although magic is not forbidden, using it in any significant way may cause unwanted attention.

The guards tells you: “Since you are an elementalist you may use magic freely at this camp, but nothing too fancy and certainly nothing destructive. You may also keep a close eye on your buddies there… they have ruffled a few feathers here.” Sense Motive: pass, the guard also nods in a direction of an unused area near the hill where it is well out of sight of the rest of the camp.

Thundor Sense Motive : pass (separate check), You are not sure if he meant for Fury to use the magic there, or move your “buddies” there. But it is really obvious he doesn’t want to discuss either subject any longer.

The Old Holborn

Fury thanks the guard.
He positions himself somewhere the elves and the camp are mostly within 60ft.
He casts detect magic and surveys the surrounding, including the tents, shops and guards and the elves focussing 3 rounds in each cone for a total of up to 5 minutes, or as required to do a full sweep of the area.

Spellcraft +15 for determining schools of magic.

Grish, have a look at the line in the link about elementals.

The Old Holborn

If required to cover all the things, mentioned, Fury casts detect magic a second time after repositioning for greatest effect.

The Old Holborn

Fury, you are overwhelmed and explode into a million pieces…

So, you detect pretty much every aura about, three dozen of them (some are unrecognisable as a more powerful aura is distorting or concealing a weaker one) Most of the auras are faint and just a handful are moderate. The guards are carrying what appear to be magic weapons and the senior members of the guard have magic armour. One of the shops has a number of faint auras coming from it. The elves/humans you are travelling with, have a faint aura coming from their bandaged foreheads (arcane mark), a couple of the auras have obviously slightly faded with a couple of the elves having no universal aura coming from their foreheads. Some of their blades are also magical as well as some of the jewellery they are wearing. One of the elves is wearing a cloak with a moderate (spellcraft 14 + 15) transmutation aura, another is carrying a ring with a moderate aura (spellcraft 4 + 15) abjuration. The other moderate auras are coming from the tent of what seems to be HQ of the camp. The doors are closed and you do not detect any faint auras (possibly blocked by tent material or something else).

The huge earth elemental is emitting a moderate (spellcraft 18 + 15) illusion aura.

The Old Holborn

You have to use two castings of detect magic.

Some of the elves, guards and other villagers sense or detect your castings. They slightly move/turn away. Nothing out of the ordinary, but people are aware of who you are.

The Old Holborn

Fury mentally notes the elves with the cloak and ring to see if they seem to speak for the party more than the others or if the other elves defer to them.

Fury also notes the senior guards and the HQ tent. Is the shop with the faint auras still open?

The Old Holborn

Both the elf with the cloak and the elf with the ring do not seem to be contributing any more than the others in their group.

The shop looks closed, but it doesn’t look like there is anyone guarding it… The nearest guard is about 20ft away.

The Old Holborn

Hmm… I assume Sagla would have noticed what Fury was casting. In which case, he asks Fury, “Did you recognize anything on their scars?”

In the meantime, Sagla keeps an eye over the group of elves and humans, ready to bullrush any aggressors from the group. Unassumingly, if possible, I don’t know if this needs a bluff roll. If it does then Sagla won’t ready an action and will just keep an eye out for any appearances of spell casting and/or aggression.

Now that we have travelled with the elves and humans for some time, are there any other religious markings that they may have inadvertently revealed? +4 spot and/or +7 religion. Assuming the group has not quite split up yet, he whispers to Thundor (and/or Xan) “Try to eavesdrop if you can… I can’t understand elven and I still don’t really trust them to leave them alone.”

The Old Holborn

Sagla, you do not spot anymore stange markings, only further proof of their faith in Correlon.

You do notice a new member to their group… then you suddenly realise it is Eximere. He has almost submerged himself with the elves of the group. Talking in elven. You notice that the humans also speak elven.

For those that understand elven, Eximere talks about how great Corellon is and recalling the amount of drow he has slaughtered, as well as orcs (Diplomacy:8 [9 – 1]). This seems to be a mutally accepted subject and some of the group are enjoying the discussion, although they are still semi on guard. (Think of someone who you have an indifferent attitude to, talking about something you are interested in. You dont become friendly with them, but continue the conversation)

The spokesperson asks you guys: “Now that we are here, safely, what is the next move? We are tired and hungry”

The Old Holborn

“The guards suggested we all set up camp over there (points to where the guard indicated).”
To Sagla and Thundor: “Do you guys want to go talk to the cook and we’ll get settled in?”

The Old Holborn

Satisfied with the authenticity of the group of elves, Sagla begins setting up his camp. (i.e., dropping his things around his bedroll) Settling down, Sagla mutters to the group, “I wish you weren’t so reserved about what happened to you lot. We’re only trying to help.”

After removing his armour in preparation for the night, he also offers, “Do any of you require any healing of magical nature? The order of Pelor is only more than happy to provide aide to its Corellon brethren.”

To his own party, he says, “Now I don’t believe any of us got hurt during that trek, but if you guys also need healing let me know.”

The Old Holborn

Oops. Didn’t read Leon’s post.

Sagla also goes with Thundor to talk with the cook, but lets him take charge with his silver tongue.

The Old Holborn

As Sagla and Thundor move off, Fury casts Light to help the other set up camp.

The Old Holborn

Sagla: Some of the elves/humans are a bit “roughed up” a few show you their wounds.
“All of our clerics were killed, they were protecting our sacred temple, which was raided by the giants.” Only 4 Cure Minor and 2 Cure Light wounds are required. Make a note.

Fury you help where you can, you also note how organised they are. Everyone putting in effort to setup camp.

Eximere talks directly to Fury: “So will I be riding anywhere tonight? I think there are a lot of guards in this camp. Especially the all of the earth elementals, do they even sleep?! I should probably know this…” Eximere: Nature check: 2 + 7 = 9.

Sofir, Sagla and Thundor you are in the cooks tent. The smells coming from all of the ingrediants are amazing. Effex (a large green draconian, with a large scar across his right eye) welcomes you in, while his assistant (another medium sized green draconian) takes over the cooking. Effex is wearing a white toque, chain shirt and no shoes. He is not armed (if dont count his claws, large fangs and his large spatula!) He is a very scary looking but unusually friendly draconian.

The Old Holborn

Greeting the cook cordially, Sagla walks up slowly (but trying to appear casual) to the draconian. “Hello! I hear that if we wanted to make donations, we do that here?” he asks.

His stomach begins growling as he also mentions, “Damn, that does smell good. What’ve you got cooking in there?” he asks, (This part doesn’t happen if the books are inside the kitchen where he should not really be walking into) as he begins to peer at the cookbooks. He lights up somewhat when he notices the topic of some of them: “Sun-powered roast? That sounds interesting!” A grin spreads across his face.

The Old Holborn

Fury says to Eximere: “No, not tonight. I can summon you a horse in the morning. I haven’t really used my spells so I can take a watch tonight. Or if anything goes amiss in the night, wake me up.”

The Old Holborn

Sagla, Effex looks at you, studying you for just a bit longer and then swings his spatula towards some food and says “You are free to eat this food” and points to a number of dishes which have been cooked earlier on in the day. “… but only as long as those rings you are wearing are true, ha-ha”. He then sits down and grabs a large brown book with golden plated edges. He readies his quill and is ready to take down your name and the reason for your donation.

Eximere: “Although i think it is safe here, I agree that we should just have our usual watch. I’m getting a strange feeling camping here.”

The Old Holborn

Thundor asks Effex “Is the small donation likely to forgive the transgressions of the Elven party, or does it mean that they would simply be barely tolerated by the Old Holborn guard?”

The Old Holborn

Fury wonders why Eximere is getting a strangefeeling… He does a knowledge Nature check to figure out if there’s anything in the lay of the land worrying his elven senses (+6)

The Old Holborn

Thundor, Effex – “It depends on what you call a small donation”. He closes the book.

Fury: Nature: (14 + 6) There seems to be nothing worrying about the surrounding area, perhaps its the constant and surprising movements of the earth elementals as they glide through the earth?

The Old Holborn

Thundor, Effex also says in a very calm and friendly manner “A number of factors effect the outcome of your donation, such as the reason behind your donation and the amount. I have heard almost every reason east of the Dragon Spine, so dont be tempted to blur the truth” He then tells his assistant (apparently called Southwark, or something similar to this as Effex pronounces his name with a very heavy draconian accent.) to turn and add more seasoning to a large marinating piece of meat in the corner of the tent.

The Old Holborn

“The reason that we are offering this donation is that we wish these mostly Elven humanoids to go to the place that they tell us their kinfolk live. Our group feels an affinity with them as we ourselves as a great many of us are at least of partial Elven descent. We offer this donation so as to ease the tensions that have arisen between the group and the Old Holborn guards. We also understand that they have recently been attacked by a group of magic wielding giants – and we ourselves have been tasked with removing the presence of nearby giants from the area. So by helping them get to their brethren, we hope that they will provide us will valuable information and possibly resources and/or manpower to help us achieve our task. We offer 30gp, and ask of you if you also would be able to offer us any assistance with our task.”
Diplomacy +12

The Old Holborn

Diplomacy 31 (19 + 12)!!!

Effex, looking a bit surprised, puts away the the brown book and opens up another, much larger grey coloured book with some writing that mentions Old Holborn.

He takes the gold and says “Sirs, I would now need your names.”

He then tells Southwark in Draconian “Artu hortz idunu zabil, ish min”. [Sent Sofir a pm]
Southwark moves quickly to the door and closes them, making sure they are sealed well. He then gets a small box from behind a desk and puts it next to Effex.

Effex: “Take this with you”.

The box is about 1 ft long, 1 ft wide and 6 inches thick. It has a number of markings on it and looks to be locked (it has a key hole). “This will weaken the Giants against some magic and magic weapons. Make sure only warriors of light use this, as it is our secret.”

The Old Holborn

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of posting – work has been terrible and all I want to do when I get home lately is sleep :( (I have not had a real weekend for 8 weeks.)

“Our names are Sagla, Thundor, Fury, Eximere, Xan and Sofir.” says the dwarf, pointing out the members of the party.

Then, peering back and forth at the brown book that and Effex’ bracelet, Sagla pipes up, “Were you by chance a member of the church of Pelor…?” Holding up his own holy symbol, he continues, “The symbol on your bracelet looks like an older version of this, and that book reminds me of some of the old tomes that the old priests of my congregation used to have.”

There is a large grin on his face, obviously excited to have potentially met an older and more experienced member of the church of Pelor.

The Old Holborn

Southwark: Covers the bracelet up and continues with his work. (Southwark is wearing the bracelet)


“As I do not have you on any of the readily available documentations, you must prove yourself before joining The Shadow Guard. As you are already venturing into the giant’s dungeons, I have something you must recover for me. One of the elves who was taken alive a few months ago carried a shadow guard ring of significant power. We had sent earth elementals to recover it with a few of our own, but they were not able to penetrate deep enough and had to return empty handed” He turns and looks at Southwark… returning back to you he continues. “The ring looks like this” He pulls out one of the cooking books and finds the page with the ring. The ring is a thick gold band with rays of light piercing what seem to be the clouds, with the words inscribed in Celestial “Forever bright is our light”
“The elf is most likely dead, probably eaten, but I am sure the ring is still there as I have not heard of it being available on the market place.”
He opens the box that was placed on the table by Southwark earlier on. It contains 8 potions. He points out the 6 light yellow potions and tells you that they make any giant take extra damage from magic weapons and some spells. The other two, clear potions, lower the giants defences. All eight potions can only be used on giants and will have no effect on any other creature. You must throw the potion at the giant (ranged tough attack), it has to fully hit and any splash has no effect.
He closes the book and tells you “You should leave before anyone gets suspicious of our dealings” He nods his head at the entrance where someones shadow is partially shown.

The Old Holborn

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