Spinal delivery and the return to Summit

Your spine has been sold to the highest bidder.

As the party returned to Crown in the early morning, they had a small problem, which church would they return the Dragon spine to?

They also had to fund the 10,000 gp return to Summit as they would be starting their next cycle of Lord duties tomorrow. They could not disappoint Derek.

They went to their respective churches…

Sagla and Thundor went to the church of Pelor, where they were offered a 6,000 gp reward, to be spent at the church’s armoury and a substantial reward for the return of the spine. They could not get any more details regarding this “mystery” reward as it would need to be approved by one of the high clerics who were very busy. They also enquired if they could get any aid getting back to Summit and were told by the clerics that their church does not specialize in portal travel and they would need to see another church.

Eximere took Fury and entered the church of Corellon, here they were immediately directed to the high priest because in elven culture, great deeds are personally congratulated by one of the elders.
Fury had given the large “sapphire gem” that he picked up in the dragons pile of treasure as they escaped the dungeon. This “sapphire” was actually a draconian egg!
They were given four items that magically improved their specialized skills.
Although the church had initially declined the spine, on their way out they were offered a powerful item, worth around 5,000gp for it.

Xan had the most distance to travel to his church, church of Ehlonna.
There one of the elders had given him her audience as she had her hair braided.
She offered him 2 items of protection and 3 more items if he was to leave the spine with the church.
Xan had asked about portal travel, but unfortunately Ehlonna did not have any influence in the Crown portal travel. But because Xan had completed his mission successfully, he was made aware that another form of travel was available to his church, tree travel.

He offered to forgo the reward and give the spine to the church in return for the safe travel to Summit.
The offer was accepted, but another 1000 gp would needed to be given to the guide for the trip as it was to be taken immediately and the usual precautionary measures could not be taken.

The party agreed on using Xan’s idea.
Eximere sold his Halberd and Xan gave the funds to his church.

The guide, Flynn had explained the travel to such a distant place would need a big tree to initiate the process and they would arrive not far from Summit, from another very large tree.

They began their travel and it seemed effortless for them to travel through ever forming corridors of bark.

They exited right out of the Dryad’s home tree!
The surprised dryads scrambled for their weapons as they tried to understand what on earth was going on. One of the elder dryads was actually having a bath not 20 feet from the tree!

In Sylvan he demanded an explanation for this invasion, from his naturally made bathtub in the tree’s roots.

Gotta managed to defuse the situation with only a 500gp penalty imposed on the safe exit from the dryads territory.

As they traveled back, closer to Summit they managed to get a ride from a couple of traders.

Derek was very happy to see them upon their return and they had a midnight feast to discuss strategies at tackling lordship duties tomorrow.

The next day they started to prepare for their Summit duties.

They had decided to elect the following Lords to oversee the twelve kingdom attributes:

Attribute (Ability) Invested Points Character Previous Score D20 Current Score
Military (Str) + 12 Eximere 2 15 1
Scouts (Dex) 12 Sofir 2 20 2
Espionage (Dex/Int) + + 4/8 Xan/Sofir 0 25 2
Royal Guard (Con) 4/2 Eximere/Thundor 1 24 1
Mining/Industry (Con) + + 2 Thundor 3 18 3
Arcana (Int) - - 8/12 Fury/Xan -3 28 -1
Treasury (Int) 4 Xan 3 23 3
Trade (Wis) 5/4 Gotta/Sagla 1 11 -1
Agriculture (Wis) + 15 Gotta 3 35 5
Religion (Wis) 5/8 Gotta/Sagla -1 24 0
Politics (Cha) - D/3 Decrecious/Thundor 0 15* 0
Diplomacy (Cha) - - - D/6 Decrecious/Thundor -1 23 0

Some of the attributes are affected by the races that reside within. Miscellaneous bonuses are represented by pluses and the penalties are with minuses. Usually the bonuses outweigh the negatives.

  • Are the rolls affected by the poor Arcana.

There has also been a positive effect from the donations made to the churches in Summit. This effect had an impact on Religion and it’s related attributes.

Gotta had made an epic effort in the Agriculture section with some aid from the dryads. This would have increased to 6, but because the related attributes are not high enough (needed at least a 3) it could only be raised to 5.

Also as noticed, Scouts had increased even though the total didnt reach the 25 points it needed. This directly reflects the party traveling around Summit and taking care of threats they find on their way.

Derek also took part in more diplomatic missions and sent Thundor on those he was not able to attend.

Summit rolls:
Summit rolls 18042011

The lords also had to show an example of why they were handling their respective duties.
The highlights were:

Eximere was trying to show the Royal Guard how to spot and hunt underground enemies. This didn’t go so well as the guards were stationed in the strategic places and were unlikely to go down in the mines/dungeons, Eximere is also an elf.

Agriculture had flourished so much that it opened up diplomatic relations with the dryads for the first time since centuries ago. Gotta took this advantage and with his recent “surprising diplomatic visit” managed to talk the dryads into integrating into the fragile Summit economy.
Information about the dryad race: Rules for running a small province

Although trade in summit was doing well, with the introduction of the dryads it became unbalanced. It also made general trading hard as the dryads demanded to know which tree was hurt in the process of creating any wooden item. This had a negative effect on trading and made getting simple wooden items difficult to trade.

By suppressing the minor cults in Summit, Sagla was able to take an opportunity to reinforce favour in deities. Religion was once again a positive topic to talk about, that didn’t make conversation awkward.

Summit was on the rise.


I also forgot to mention, that by having Agriculture at +5 and the Dryads on your side you gain access to all +1 wooden and leather items. This includes magical hide armour, wooden shields, quaterstaffs, bows, arrows and darkwood items.

The other rewards are:

+1 Leather armour
Wand of Woodland Veil (25 charges) Races of the Wild
10 potions of barkskin


Darkwood = ? :o

But oh my god yay potions of barkskin!
Fury and Sofir will both xxx buckets.


Another thing, I think I’m going to commission that masterwork fullplate afterall. With the money from running Summit and what I had from last time it should be enough to cover it. After that, I should be sweet for items (and not be so dependent on getting more magical stuff)

However I call dibs on anything that’s +X to concentration…

Also I’m just going to put this here because I know I’m going to forget if I don’t.

  • Get Fury to appraise my gems.
  • Sell my +1 magical runed warhammer that did NOT get disintegrated.

also is D&D going to be on Monday again? I’m not sure if I can make that :(


Addendum: Monday afternoon would actually be perfect for me.

(Okay enough of the spam!)


I would also like to point out that since xan didn’t get any items of worth from the bargaining in Crown (xan gave up his items for safe travel for the entire party to Summit), and as per the agreement last session, xan is to receive from all of you compensation dolla bills. Which will be promptly funnelled into the church of ehlonna :)


You mean the Church or Heronius right? I’ll just cut out the middle man and donate directly to the Church of Heronius on your behalf.


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