On the way to the Erythnul camp

Have it now or leave it for later?

Encounter roll:
Xan rolls: 17 + 2 = 19!

Eximere rolls Survival: 15! (7 + 8) – just made it!

Knowledge (Geography) On the way, you dont encounter any Acid based Gorillas, but Eximere’s extra cautionary measure lands you on a slippery slope. Fury does not pick it up as he has also rolled exceptionally low.

As you are walking, close to the edge of a hill, the rocky ground starts to crumble below your feat:
No reflex or jump check allowed as the it’s a large area that slides.
Balance check to stay up and avoid damage:

Fury: 13 + 1
Eximere: 11 +9
Thundor: 5 – 1
Xan: 16 + 6
Sofir: 15 + 10
Sagla: 7 – 6

Sofir, you manage not only to balance on the landslide, but also help Thundor avoid being totally buried (it was too late for the dwarf as his weight (and his equipment) made him quickly become unreachable). Essentially a +2 bonus to one ally.

Eximere and Xan also manage to avoid damage.

Fury, you managed to avoid major injury but still take 3 points of damage.
Thundor, you avoid being totally buried, being saved by Sofir in the last minute and take 3 also.

Sagla, you are buried. You take (amazingly) only 4 damage (3D6) and roll a Fort vs Suffocation 6 + 5 and you manage to stay alive.
Xan finds you (Search) and the party digs you out.

As you recover, you hear a scream coming from the the rocky area beyond the next hill.
You investigate and see a very rocky area (large rocks) at the foothill. You notice 3 humanoids and a large creature. On closer inspection (party Spot) you pick out that the large creature a heavily armoured Ogre with a whip and a battleaxe. Periodically he whips the three humanoids (A fat Male Dwarf with a young red beard, A firm Human female with short black hair and a half-orc with a dominating physique. As the Oger chants (Religion check: Sagla 8 + 10?, Fury 18 + 8, Thundor 18 + 3 and Sofir 19 + 1)

Sagla: The people being whipped are not resisting and could be allowing the Ogre to whip them!
Fury, Thundor and Sofir: This is some sort of initialization ceremony to join the service of Erythnul. If they survive hours of punishment and a night in the wilderness, they are accepted.

Eximere: “We should take out that Oger! It’s attacking? the three humanoids… maybe not the half-orc.”

Pause and turns to the party

“Or do we let this one go and continue to the main camp?”

(Spot) It looks like there is no one else around.

Estimated HP after Sagla’s and Thundor’s Heal checks:

Eximere 35
Fury 18
Sagla 14
Xan 19
Sofir 20
Thundor 28

Sagla, you are also bestowed with Speak with Dead spell and can prepare it the next time you prepare your spells. If you already have it, good for you :)


Those poor misguided fools, we must save them from their own stupidity. Quickly lets slay that ogre and prevent that group from joining the evil forces of Erythnul.

On the way to the Erythnul camp

I forgot to mention (not sure if this will make a difference):

The humanoids being whipped have all of upper torso clothing off which is sitting about 10ft away with all of their weapons and equipment in a pile. They are not restrained in anyway.

AS the ogre whips, he chants in a language not known to any of you (Fury could possibly know it but I dont have a list of his languages in his character sheet). The language is similar to dwarven.

On the way to the Erythnul camp

Common, Elvish, Draconic, Sylvan, Undercommon, Gnomish.

<whisper> “I say we leave them; if they are subjecting themselves to this, they have chosen this path anyway. We should press on while the huge ogre and these three zealots are distracted.”

Religion (or can I use my last roll?) to see how close to the end of the ritual they are?

On the way to the Erythnul camp

“Eximere, they are letting the ogre whip them. They’re trying to get accepted into Erythnul’s cult. I say press on; they won’t have a cult to be accepted into if we push on…”

On the way to the Erythnul camp

You can use your last Religion check as the question is regarding the same subject.
They are about half way through the first stage (cruciation) but they will have to stay overnight here and can only return to the camp in the morning, if they survive.

You dont understand what they are saying.
To make this easier, does anyone speak Giant?

Also, I had counted your Knowledge (Religion) result as 24, as it’s actually 26, here is the additional info:
This particular ritual is for those who are changing faith (ie change of deity). Only about half make it through this ritual as they must be “purified” of their past “sins*”. The ones that don’t survive, get turned into undead survants.

Sins* are from the point of view of Erythnul’s church.

Eximere frowns and looks back at the Ogre in disgust …

“It doesn’t look like there are any drow helping him out, that I can see. So either way is fine for me. As long as we do come back and finish them off later. It really depends how the rest of the party feels about this.”

On the way to the Erythnul camp

“I think we should attack them now while their guard is down. For all we know these guys may be part of a different Erythnul cult and will not therefore be stopped by our killing of our targets. Or alternatively this could fuel their desire to impress Erythnul even more and could lead to them becoming even more zealous in their spread of pain and destruction. If we take care of them now then there are less traitors in the world.”

Thundor also wants to know if there is any sign of what religion the 3 initiates used to be, asking the party if they can see anything themselves.

On the way to the Erythnul camp

A grim look crosses Sagla’s face. He whispers, “I agree that we should destroy any saplings of such an evil cult, but I’m not sure if I am in any condition to fight right now. I do not wish to return to Pelor’s Halls quite so soon.”

“Either way,” he continues, “I need some rest and I need to be able to pray for Pelor’s guidance before I am comfortable with another big fight.” Squinting his eyes at the clothing of the three initiates, he tries to make out any religious or territorial symbols. (4]Spot & [6] Religion?)

(Side note: I’ve updated my character sheet (that 3.5 template is awesome) and my religion is only +6. I still have 4 unassigned skillpoints but I can’t for the life of me remember where they went, so they’ll stay unassigned until we Grish gets the character sheets, I guess.)

On the way to the Erythnul camp

“They’ll be here till morning, we can leave them and come back.” Fury feels intimidated by the ogre “should we be able to take on the challenge. If we attack them now and they scatter, they will warn the camp of our approach.”

On the way to the Erythnul camp

Ok so we have Sofir and Thundor for attacking right now, Fury against and Eximere and Sagla undecided.
Unless Xan posts something I will draw up the enounter and I hope you guys have a plan.

On the way to the Erythnul camp

When does Xan need to post an opinion by?

On the way to the Erythnul camp

Thundor tried posting something but ut didnt seem to work – it was along the lines of"Fine lets keep on going past them in order for them not to alert the camp, but rest assured we will be back to show them the Light of Pelor, through their skulls if necessary!"

On the way to the Erythnul camp

Sorry, Sagla is against! Hence the “I’m not sure I’m in any condition to fight right now.”

On the way to the Erythnul camp

The party moves on, after an hour or so [Eximere: Survival 12 (4 + 8)] the party takes longer than thought to get to the BIGGER camp. The sun is now starting to set. You start executing the plan.

On the way to the Erythnul camp

Quietly, Sagla whispers to the party: “I’m going to need a decent dose of healing, anyone have any potions I could drink?” He then turns to Thundor, “I hope you also have a spare shield of faith to offer me, as the only spells I have left are my orisons and a light healing spell.”

On the way to the Erythnul camp

“Sagla, take this last potion.”
As no one has written it down in their character sheet you now use it: 4 (3 + 1).
I am now going to be posting the next encounter, so all items not written down in the character sheets will not be “automatically” taken, from now on.

On the way to the Erythnul camp

“Yes Sagla, I can cast Shield of Pelor’s Supreme Magnificence on both of us but the spell wil only last a few minutes, so we should do it just before we head in to be the divine beacons.”

So just to confirm – is the rest of the party going in disguised in the rust robes then a few seconds after that happens Sagla and I show up to distract from you guys, they then all attack us, then you guys launch your counter attack against the squishy guys at the back before returning to help a by then decimated Sagla and I?

On the way to the Erythnul camp

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