Dryad documents and Pelor's shield

It's about time we got the shield.

The party had decided to take some time to finish some quests around Summit.

But there was a surprise visit from the Drayds, who have willingly shared some of their old documents with them. These documents were written in all sorts of languages and it took the party some time to decipher.

They found a number of new tasks that they could complete, some of the highlights:

-Arcane monk ambush
-Drow Encapment near Argor
-The Dryads Acorn
-Pelor cleric under summit
-Pelor’s sheild
-Bronzewing’s book delivery
-Items owed to the frost giants of the Attkins province

After looking into each of these it was decided that they should have a look at the Dryad’s Acorn.
With Decrecious’s permission they entered the Hammerfall floor.
Erathor was currently stationed there, left with one of the most honorable tasks of guarding the sacred level.
Decracious was busy and left this matter for the heroes to solve.

The party was divided whether the Acorn should be removed from the Hammerfall floor as it was one of the 12 major artifacts protecting Summit, yet it did not belong to them.
Sagla had noted that it was of a significant power.

Gotta had stated that he would meet with the Dryads and would share this information.
This led to a debate with a conclusion that they would need another item to replace the Acorn.

The only other item of this power they knew about was the lost shield of Pelor that was meant to be delivered a couple of months ago to Summit. Sagla had also discovered that a chamber was being built for the 13th item, shaped like a shield.

The party then needed to find where this shield was and had decided to deliver the books of knowledge to Amara in hope she could she some light on this matter.

Decracious authorized the use of the portal travel and they had left Summit.

During travel, the party was split and upon arriving in a large dark dry cave right next to a wall made out of bronze scales most had hit the ground.

As they arrived they sensed a great fear and some fled the scene, immediately.

The wall of scales moved and what appeared in front of them was so colossal that even after the dragon had greeted them, most were still running.

Fury was one of the ones who was able to overcome the dragons nightmarish fear aura and spoke out.
Amara had a kind voice and was please her books had finally arrived after 3 centuries of waiting, she was also saddened by the news that the old king was dead.

She was glad to assist in finding the items they were looking for.

Amara was asked to scry on:
Drows camp
Decracious’s medallion
Pelor’s shield

The party then returned and started on a quest to return the shield back to Summit, about 5 days of travel north of Summit.

The party geared up and left, with no encounters on their first day of travel.
On the second day, they met up with some of the Summit guards who gave them a ride and traveled twice as fast.
On the third day they were bitten by bugs during their sleep.
Forth day was the worst; they kept getting attacked by juggernauts.
Having realized that they were essentially a big bright target for the juggernauts, they had buried some of the items they were carrying.

The party rested near an old barn.
A castle not far away sat on a large stone hill with crows circling it.


So Pelor’s shield eh, any chance that this could be used in the meantime by those sensible enough to follow the true and powerful god Pelor?

Dryad documents and Pelor's shield

If you ever get to it, you may find out :)

Dryad documents and Pelor's shield

For such a long session, there was not as much killing as anticipated..

Dryad documents and Pelor's shield

You missed the bit where we cut open a juggernaut, found the undigested items of a powerful monk, and effectively doubled my attack power.

Dryad documents and Pelor's shield

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