Druids, Drow, Dryads and Summit

Solving Summit issues, one at a time

The party had strengthened ties with the Dryads and had used tree travel to get quickly to Argor to sort out their drow issue.

The party had traveled through and had encountered a juggernaut, which they eventually dispatched.

Arriving at the drow secret entrance they managed to disable the magic fire that shot up from the 200th hole. They ascended into the lair and killed every single drow.

They also managed to find documents describing the retreat of the drow due to political disputes and the use of other forces: Undead, Fire Goblins and Dryads!

They disabled the giant fire caldron and caved in the entrance to the underworld.

On the way back to Summit, they stopped by the Dryads home tree. Gotta had taken this opportunity to tell the dryad’s elder about their findings. Unfortunately his delivery of the information was “rough” to say the best and the dryads were deeply insulted. Gotta and the party were immediately escorted out by armed guards.

They came back to Summit, just in time to do Summit rolls.

They had decided to elect the following Lords to oversee the twelve kingdom attributes:

Derek and Domonique were not available so all 7 Lords could help. Derek had taken a small party to visit Amara. No other information was available regarding this.

Attribute (Ability) Invested Points Character Previous Score D20 Current Score
Military (Str) + 12 Eximere 1 20 1
Scouts (Dex) + 10 Eximere 2 13 1
Espionage (Dex/Int) + + 12 Sofir 2 28 4
Royal Guard (Con) 1 Sagla 1 6 -2
Mining/Industry (Con) + + - - 6 Sofir 3 12 1
Arcana (Int) - - 12 Fury -1 29 0
Treasury (Int) 8 Fury 3 20 3
Trade (Wis) - 20 Gotta -1 30 0
Agriculture (Wis) + + + 5 Gotta 4 22 5
Religion (Wis) 16 Sagla 0 32 2
Politics (Cha) - 6/6 Thundor/Xan 0 31* 1
Diplomacy (Cha) - - - 9/4 Thundor/Xan 0 31 1

Some of the attributes are affected by the races that reside within. Miscellaneous bonuses are represented by pluses and the penalties are with minuses. Usually the bonuses outweigh the negatives.

  • Are the rolls affected by the poor Arcana.

There has also been a positive effect from the donations made to the churches in Summit. This effect had an impact on Religion and it’s related attributes.

Derek also took part in more diplomatic missions and sent Thundor on those he was not able to attend.

Summit rolls:

The lords also had to show an example of why they were handling their respective duties.
The highlights were:

Espionage had risen, this had led to a halfling bragging about his feats (such as sneaking past a dragon) and starting to cause a negative atmosphere in the barracks. Sofir had a “sneak off” and showed how it was really done.

Fury had taken upon himself to do his best to calm the Summit population regarding rumors about the firestarter. He went to all of the sites the Firestarter could have a small cult in a searched for magic signs.

There was too much food produced and Gotta showed how to dry the food out and preserve it for later.

The lords were also attacked by frozen ice bolts. This attack was on the first day after they had finished managing Summit.


I think the title should also include dragons seeing as Derrick went to meet Amara

Druids, Drow, Dryads and Summit

We disabled the magic fire that shot up from the 200th hole? Wow that’s a long golf course.

Druids, Drow, Dryads and Summit

Sleight of hand for politics roll totally should have happened. Alas, no. In other news, last grisha led dnd forever makes a rogue sad.

Druids, Drow, Dryads and Summit

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