The Old Holborn
How did we not know about this place?!

Moving on, the party’s general vote is to move on, so I will.

You pack up and Eximere tries to orientate to find the direction to travel North.
Also, from now on Knowledge (History) will be used to find places of interest, while Survival will be used to get to them if a road is not available.

Fury Knowledge (History) 17 (12 + 5). You know it is North of the Erythnul camp.
Eximere tries to get you there as quickly as possible: 19 (11 + 8).

Luck roll (encounter roll) (Thundor): 14 (11 + 3) – You do not encounter anything on the way!
It takes you a whole day and as the last rays of light disappear behind the horizon, you reach Old Holborn!

You are told you can not enter the fort without a pass, it is too late to find one as everything is closed.
You do find a tavern. It is called “The Sword and Scripture Inn” It’s 10 SP per person, but Thundor, you manage to decrease this [Diplomacy 20, 9 + 11] and he charges you only 50 sp for the group and that includes dinner and breakfast!

The tavern is actually quite empty …

The children also take you to their parents, the crying human kid’s parents pay you a significant sum of 20 copper pieces. The elven family pays you 10 silver pieces and offer you 10 MW arrows. The lord kid tries to escape into the crowd (party spot: 15 + 6) 21. You manage to spot him and catch him! He says he is actually a begger here Thundor (sense motive: pass) He is definitely lying!!! Again?!

The draconian kid doesn’t actually live here…

The Strike Against Erythnul.
Just in time...

Encounter roll: Sagla 3 (1 + 2).

As planned before, Eximere, Xan and Fury had put on the rusty coloured hoods on and Xan had put the manacles on Sofir "Disable Device 21 (10 + 11), it looks like they are actually locked, but it takes only a move action to unlock them, without the key.

As you arrive you see the Erythnul camp, the stink of rotting flesh is present in the air.

There is a 5ft tall stone wall around the north edge of the camp, as well as parts of the east and west side, rubble (difficult terrain) surrounds the damaged areas. Three tents and a watch tower (15 ft high, with a Gnoll in it) (m:n,4:5) make up the main part of the camp. A rubble (Archtecture and Engineering Fury 18 + 5) that formed a chapel sometime ago and a well (V:W,9:10)

There are three bodies, one of a heavy warrior lie on a large wooded circle, next to it a table full of small torture like equipment. Another table, with some leftover food is located S,8:9 with a Gnoll eating some meat and a Bugbear barking orders (Unknown language).

Large rocks around BB,17 and O,19 provide some shade as they are almost 10ft tall at their peaks. Two large bushes (difficult terrain that provides cover and blocks line of sight).
A tree growing in S,15 provides cover bonuses (+2 AC and +1 Ref) if you occupy the same space (S,15)

You notice an Ogre sitting against the ramains of east wall, resting.

The fire in Q,1 has been lit as it is _just _ starting to get dark.

All enemies look like they are doing well and are healthy (eating their 5+ a day, except the ogre… for him it’s more like 25+ a day).

A Gnome in rusted coloured robes stands in O:4, a frog sits on his sholder and two hooded man stand in P2 and S2.
There are a total of 5 Gnolls around the camp that you can see.

Erythnul camp11b

Xan, you talk to the Gnoll and easily convince him that you have a prisoner. 13+ (6 + 7 + other bonuses including your hoods and the fact that he wants to believe you). Sense Motive Gnoll 6 + X. He wags his tail and barks in crude common “Master, they caught the last one!”

You make your way closer and at that stage Thundor and Sagla appear from behind the rock.


Notes: when using the horizontal scale past z, just use double letters to indicate capitals (FF:GG,7:8 is the area the Ogre occupies)

Health Stats:
Eximere- Near Death
Fury- Near Death
Sagla- Near Death
Xan- Near Death
Sofir- Near Death
Thundor- Slightly Injured

ogre – Unconscious/Dead

On the way to the Erythnul camp
Have it now or leave it for later?

Encounter roll:
Xan rolls: 17 + 2 = 19!

Eximere rolls Survival: 15! (7 + 8) – just made it!

Knowledge (Geography) On the way, you dont encounter any Acid based Gorillas, but Eximere’s extra cautionary measure lands you on a slippery slope. Fury does not pick it up as he has also rolled exceptionally low.

As you are walking, close to the edge of a hill, the rocky ground starts to crumble below your feat:
No reflex or jump check allowed as the it’s a large area that slides.
Balance check to stay up and avoid damage:

Fury: 13 + 1
Eximere: 11 +9
Thundor: 5 – 1
Xan: 16 + 6
Sofir: 15 + 10
Sagla: 7 – 6

Sofir, you manage not only to balance on the landslide, but also help Thundor avoid being totally buried (it was too late for the dwarf as his weight (and his equipment) made him quickly become unreachable). Essentially a +2 bonus to one ally.

Eximere and Xan also manage to avoid damage.

Fury, you managed to avoid major injury but still take 3 points of damage.
Thundor, you avoid being totally buried, being saved by Sofir in the last minute and take 3 also.

Sagla, you are buried. You take (amazingly) only 4 damage (3D6) and roll a Fort vs Suffocation 6 + 5 and you manage to stay alive.
Xan finds you (Search) and the party digs you out.

As you recover, you hear a scream coming from the the rocky area beyond the next hill.
You investigate and see a very rocky area (large rocks) at the foothill. You notice 3 humanoids and a large creature. On closer inspection (party Spot) you pick out that the large creature a heavily armoured Ogre with a whip and a battleaxe. Periodically he whips the three humanoids (A fat Male Dwarf with a young red beard, A firm Human female with short black hair and a half-orc with a dominating physique. As the Oger chants (Religion check: Sagla 8 + 10?, Fury 18 + 8, Thundor 18 + 3 and Sofir 19 + 1)

Sagla: The people being whipped are not resisting and could be allowing the Ogre to whip them!
Fury, Thundor and Sofir: This is some sort of initialization ceremony to join the service of Erythnul. If they survive hours of punishment and a night in the wilderness, they are accepted.

Eximere: “We should take out that Oger! It’s attacking? the three humanoids… maybe not the half-orc.”

Pause and turns to the party

“Or do we let this one go and continue to the main camp?”

(Spot) It looks like there is no one else around.

Estimated HP after Sagla’s and Thundor’s Heal checks:

Eximere 35
Fury 18
Sagla 14
Xan 19
Sofir 20
Thundor 28

Sagla, you are also bestowed with Speak with Dead spell and can prepare it the next time you prepare your spells. If you already have it, good for you :)

Undead Ambush!
Very unexpected...

The party had continued on through the light fog and reached, what appeared to be a camp site.

As soon as they heard the enemies (Gotta 16 + 8, Party 3 + 6) they armed themselves.
They could not have seen the enemies approaching (Gotta 6 + 8, Party 6 + 6) and so were partially surprised. The enemies were not able to capitalize on the surprise, except for the two hooded humans who were wearing medium armour.

They began casting spells and the undead skeletons near them bolstered, with brighter red eyes and unholy strength.

Mushroom battle 1
Minimum Initiative required: 0

The skeletons were armed with shields, swords and torn banded mail, while the dwarf was wearing plate armour with a light shield and a warhammer. The humans have two-handed flails.

Nature: (Gotta 16 + 12, Eximere 4 + 4 (Fail), Fury 16 + 5) The Mushrooms are extremely poisonous to humanoids and cause eye irritation if anyone comes within 5 ft and possible blindness.

Spot: (Party 8 + 6, Gotta 12 + 8) There is some highly flammable dead grass around the P13 square, so is the tree and the branch in the M-N:3-4 area.

Nobility and Honour: (Thundor 7 + 4, Fury 7 + 5) (Fail)

Religion: (1 rank required Sagla, Thundor, Fury) The skeletons look better preserved than usual…

Other notes: M-N:3-4 is difficult terrain, so is 5D as it is the trunk of a dead tree. The area around the tree is not difficult terrain.

Xan is F6 and Gotta is 5H.

The area you are in had the fog disperse to the limits shown…

Round Two View so far :
Mushroom battle 2

Round Three View so far:
Mushroom battle 3

Round Four View so far:
Mushroom battle 4

Round Five View so far:
Mushroom battle 5

Round Six View so far:
Mushroom battle 6

Round Seven View so far:
Mushroom battle 7

Round Eight View so far:
Mushroom battle 8

With Ehlonna's blessing they went forward.
To the Watt.

Xan had talked with his contacts and was able to convince the party to go on a quest in the name of Ehlonna in the Watt’s province.

The party used tree travel and soon found themselves in a land depleted from life. Even the mages (Fury and to some extent Sofir) could feel sorrow for the dead tree trunks that had spaciously littered the fields ahead of them.

The mission was clear, the undead were a threat to Summit and the party pressed on.

Passing by a very sickly skinny looking girl near one of the hand-full of trees that were not cursed with the almost inevitable death.
They approached with caution, only to find it was a nymph. The nymph had been slightly tainted with the undead stench, but seemed to be partially resistant to it.

There was nothing they could do except to give her water and the party continued.

Not an hour had passed when they had entered light fog. As cautious as ever they had bunched together to give better protection to each other. They were only partially surprised when a huge undead giant, and warrior like skeleton and a meaty humanoid with missing flesh charged them head on.

The combat was fierce, but the party was able to get the upper hand on the battle with Sagla using his undead turning powers and Xan skillfully striking from behind. Fury hurling his spells at the easy targets while Thundor, Eximere and Sofir took the undead head on with their weapons (Thundor’s and Sofir’s weapons proving effective at breaking the undead bones). Gotta’s bears had some resistance but managed to take the majority of the damage from the undead who could not perceive summons from the living.

The battle had taken little of their resources.

Xan had searched the corpses to find that these undead were not marked by the usual mark of Nerull, but a a mark NONE of them had seen before. Although some of the mark was decipherable.

Druids, Drow, Dryads and Summit
Solving Summit issues, one at a time

The party had strengthened ties with the Dryads and had used tree travel to get quickly to Argor to sort out their drow issue.

The party had traveled through and had encountered a juggernaut, which they eventually dispatched.

Arriving at the drow secret entrance they managed to disable the magic fire that shot up from the 200th hole. They ascended into the lair and killed every single drow.

They also managed to find documents describing the retreat of the drow due to political disputes and the use of other forces: Undead, Fire Goblins and Dryads!

They disabled the giant fire caldron and caved in the entrance to the underworld.

On the way back to Summit, they stopped by the Dryads home tree. Gotta had taken this opportunity to tell the dryad’s elder about their findings. Unfortunately his delivery of the information was “rough” to say the best and the dryads were deeply insulted. Gotta and the party were immediately escorted out by armed guards.

They came back to Summit, just in time to do Summit rolls.

They had decided to elect the following Lords to oversee the twelve kingdom attributes:

Derek and Domonique were not available so all 7 Lords could help. Derek had taken a small party to visit Amara. No other information was available regarding this.

Attribute (Ability) Invested Points Character Previous Score D20 Current Score
Military (Str) + 12 Eximere 1 20 1
Scouts (Dex) + 10 Eximere 2 13 1
Espionage (Dex/Int) + + 12 Sofir 2 28 4
Royal Guard (Con) 1 Sagla 1 6 -2
Mining/Industry (Con) + + - - 6 Sofir 3 12 1
Arcana (Int) - - 12 Fury -1 29 0
Treasury (Int) 8 Fury 3 20 3
Trade (Wis) - 20 Gotta -1 30 0
Agriculture (Wis) + + + 5 Gotta 4 22 5
Religion (Wis) 16 Sagla 0 32 2
Politics (Cha) - 6/6 Thundor/Xan 0 31* 1
Diplomacy (Cha) - - - 9/4 Thundor/Xan 0 31 1

Some of the attributes are affected by the races that reside within. Miscellaneous bonuses are represented by pluses and the penalties are with minuses. Usually the bonuses outweigh the negatives.

  • Are the rolls affected by the poor Arcana.

There has also been a positive effect from the donations made to the churches in Summit. This effect had an impact on Religion and it’s related attributes.

Derek also took part in more diplomatic missions and sent Thundor on those he was not able to attend.

Summit rolls:

The lords also had to show an example of why they were handling their respective duties.
The highlights were:

Espionage had risen, this had led to a halfling bragging about his feats (such as sneaking past a dragon) and starting to cause a negative atmosphere in the barracks. Sofir had a “sneak off” and showed how it was really done.

Fury had taken upon himself to do his best to calm the Summit population regarding rumors about the firestarter. He went to all of the sites the Firestarter could have a small cult in a searched for magic signs.

There was too much food produced and Gotta showed how to dry the food out and preserve it for later.

The lords were also attacked by frozen ice bolts. This attack was on the first day after they had finished managing Summit.

The return of The Dryad's Acorn
Green Summit, can you see it?

After defeating the Hextor cultists the party sent Eximere to find the wild elves.
Little did they know that two elven scouts were already watching them from the trees.

They then went to the place the elves ambushed them, this time the elves were not pointing their weapons at them.

Thundor talked to the Elder Sentinel Guard Kieth and the party gifted a short bow, the one the cultist used. The Elder guard promised not to shot straight away next time they met.

On the way back to Summit they came across four wild elves, they seamed feared and tough. The elves were quite hostile, but Fury managed to smooth talk his way out of a bloody encounter, giving them gold and the elder guards name that they befriended.
The elves let them go, but not before Thundor thought that he saw a dwarves head at a side of one of the elves. He was also pretty sure he had met the dwarf before, but the rest of the party saw nothing like that.

As they were walking, Xan had found a massive pit trap. At the time of his finding he was right in the middle of it and if they were walking in a tighter formation, only Ehlonna knows what would have happened. Fury used his magic and detected something of a magic nature in it, of the Conjuration school. Eximere covered the tracks and they left it.

As they had setup one of their last camps, Xan setup a handful of crude traps and during the night a wolf had come into the camp area, setting of the crude trapstrap. The wolf was scared off before he got close.

Upon arriving at Summit they were greeted and decided to put the Pelor’s shield on the Hammerfall floor. They would return the Acorn back to the dryads on top of the Summit in a private ceremony. They had used the Summit’s natural supplies, agricultural output and their dryad favours to organize a magnificent and significant ceremony. They decided not to have the ceremony at the current Obad Hai forest area which was a small clearing in the nearby forest that had “Obad Hai rocks” hanging from a tree made out of vines and roots.

What used to be a small garden grove on top of Summit was now a dozen of matured trees and thin roots rising from the ground below the fort and climbing the southern wall all the way into the garden, intertwining with the other trees.

As the Drayds arrived they were just as supervised as Derek when they met in the new Summit Grove.

The dryads accepted the Acorn and thanked the party for returning it. After the ceremony, they were gifted with Dryad like items.

As the Acorn was placed, the roots system strengthened allowing the dryads to travel further from the Home tree. This also meant that they could now travel from Summit to the Drayds home tree in less that an hour, making it easier to protect Argor.

The thin roots on the Summit wall were also thickened and the Dryads volunteered to guard it with their own soldiers, station up and down the wall.

The gods were also happy and gifted more spells to the following:

Cure Moderate Wounds
Spike Growth

Detect Animals or Plants
Charm Animal

Summon Monster III (Small Earth Elemental)

They had decided to eliminate the Drow once they geared up.

The shield of Pelor has been found!
Can we keep it?

The party had decided to investigate the barn first, the castle was quite far away and Fury was certain that the vision he was shown by Amara was in a barn style enclosure.

On the way to the barn they were ambushed by a pack of Wild elves. The elves had them outnumbered and outarmed. The party had made a deal by paying about 70gp they could visit the barn, but would need to come straight back, otherwise the elves would hunt them down before they became undead.

The party learned about the strong presence of death magic in this area and that the castle not far from here could possibly be an undead stronghold … or just an abandoned castle.

The elves let them go and as they left, some of the elves had disappeared into thin air and others were just puppets!

Before approaching the barn any closer, Fury had used his magic to detect the undead and had a spell cast on him to make him invisible to undead.

As he approached the barn he found a number of auras, a couple were originating from inside the barn and one coming from the corpse next to the barn. But as he approached closer, he set off a trap and he fell into a pit of spikes.

The barn gates flew opened and inside two large zombie like creatures stood, each stitched from parts of hominoids, behind them 5 humanoids stood, each clearly displaying the mark of Hextor.
The barns top window was also also opened and a handful of arrows were directed at the party.

Sofir was hit by a spell that blinded him, he hid in the ditch with Fury, aiding him in his escape.

The rest of the party split up; Zan was sniping targets with his magic missile, Eximere engaged in melee, Sagla got closer and prepared to turn the zombie corpses and Thundor used magic to protect himself from harmful spells. Fury was using his magic from the pit to target anything that came close.

Sagla had great success in turning the zombies and in destroying the stray undead, during the rest of the battle he was not blessed and his mace did not find any more enemy flesh, only the bark of trees and air.
Ranger, outnumbered, used his blade to parry enemy attacks.
Xan, using his magic missile wand, was able to skillfully hit the main Hextor priest and force him to miscast his powerful spell, as a result, an earth golem appeared and started attacking the Hextor followers inside the barn.

For this the Hextor priest had cast blindness on Xan as well.

As the party killed off the last Hextor monks they discovered that one of the zombies was missing… it was turned and ran straight into the dense forest, never finding its way back.

The party searched the bodies and the barn, finding a number of Hextor items.
They had also discovered a trap door and a painting which had illusion type magic protecting its actual purpose of a document stash. The trap door led down a very narrow and short tunnel. At the end were a pile of old, rotting and rusting shields.

Only one had no markings of age on it.
Thundor and Sagla identified it as the Pelor’s shield.


Thundor had no success activating the item inside the barn. Sagla had picked the shield and also had no luck, until he went outside…

As he went outside, into the natural daylight, the shield’s gems had started to glow in their different shades of yellow. The shield was activated and Sagla could feel the powers of Pelor invigorating his body.

Dryad documents and Pelor's shield
It's about time we got the shield.

The party had decided to take some time to finish some quests around Summit.

But there was a surprise visit from the Drayds, who have willingly shared some of their old documents with them. These documents were written in all sorts of languages and it took the party some time to decipher.

They found a number of new tasks that they could complete, some of the highlights:

-Arcane monk ambush
-Drow Encapment near Argor
-The Dryads Acorn
-Pelor cleric under summit
-Pelor’s sheild
-Bronzewing’s book delivery
-Items owed to the frost giants of the Attkins province

After looking into each of these it was decided that they should have a look at the Dryad’s Acorn.
With Decrecious’s permission they entered the Hammerfall floor.
Erathor was currently stationed there, left with one of the most honorable tasks of guarding the sacred level.
Decracious was busy and left this matter for the heroes to solve.

The party was divided whether the Acorn should be removed from the Hammerfall floor as it was one of the 12 major artifacts protecting Summit, yet it did not belong to them.
Sagla had noted that it was of a significant power.

Gotta had stated that he would meet with the Dryads and would share this information.
This led to a debate with a conclusion that they would need another item to replace the Acorn.

The only other item of this power they knew about was the lost shield of Pelor that was meant to be delivered a couple of months ago to Summit. Sagla had also discovered that a chamber was being built for the 13th item, shaped like a shield.

The party then needed to find where this shield was and had decided to deliver the books of knowledge to Amara in hope she could she some light on this matter.

Decracious authorized the use of the portal travel and they had left Summit.

During travel, the party was split and upon arriving in a large dark dry cave right next to a wall made out of bronze scales most had hit the ground.

As they arrived they sensed a great fear and some fled the scene, immediately.

The wall of scales moved and what appeared in front of them was so colossal that even after the dragon had greeted them, most were still running.

Fury was one of the ones who was able to overcome the dragons nightmarish fear aura and spoke out.
Amara had a kind voice and was please her books had finally arrived after 3 centuries of waiting, she was also saddened by the news that the old king was dead.

She was glad to assist in finding the items they were looking for.

Amara was asked to scry on:
Drows camp
Decracious’s medallion
Pelor’s shield

The party then returned and started on a quest to return the shield back to Summit, about 5 days of travel north of Summit.

The party geared up and left, with no encounters on their first day of travel.
On the second day, they met up with some of the Summit guards who gave them a ride and traveled twice as fast.
On the third day they were bitten by bugs during their sleep.
Forth day was the worst; they kept getting attacked by juggernauts.
Having realized that they were essentially a big bright target for the juggernauts, they had buried some of the items they were carrying.

The party rested near an old barn.
A castle not far away sat on a large stone hill with crows circling it.

Spinal delivery and the return to Summit
Your spine has been sold to the highest bidder.

As the party returned to Crown in the early morning, they had a small problem, which church would they return the Dragon spine to?

They also had to fund the 10,000 gp return to Summit as they would be starting their next cycle of Lord duties tomorrow. They could not disappoint Derek.

They went to their respective churches…

Sagla and Thundor went to the church of Pelor, where they were offered a 6,000 gp reward, to be spent at the church’s armoury and a substantial reward for the return of the spine. They could not get any more details regarding this “mystery” reward as it would need to be approved by one of the high clerics who were very busy. They also enquired if they could get any aid getting back to Summit and were told by the clerics that their church does not specialize in portal travel and they would need to see another church.

Eximere took Fury and entered the church of Corellon, here they were immediately directed to the high priest because in elven culture, great deeds are personally congratulated by one of the elders.
Fury had given the large “sapphire gem” that he picked up in the dragons pile of treasure as they escaped the dungeon. This “sapphire” was actually a draconian egg!
They were given four items that magically improved their specialized skills.
Although the church had initially declined the spine, on their way out they were offered a powerful item, worth around 5,000gp for it.

Xan had the most distance to travel to his church, church of Ehlonna.
There one of the elders had given him her audience as she had her hair braided.
She offered him 2 items of protection and 3 more items if he was to leave the spine with the church.
Xan had asked about portal travel, but unfortunately Ehlonna did not have any influence in the Crown portal travel. But because Xan had completed his mission successfully, he was made aware that another form of travel was available to his church, tree travel.

He offered to forgo the reward and give the spine to the church in return for the safe travel to Summit.
The offer was accepted, but another 1000 gp would needed to be given to the guide for the trip as it was to be taken immediately and the usual precautionary measures could not be taken.

The party agreed on using Xan’s idea.
Eximere sold his Halberd and Xan gave the funds to his church.

The guide, Flynn had explained the travel to such a distant place would need a big tree to initiate the process and they would arrive not far from Summit, from another very large tree.

They began their travel and it seemed effortless for them to travel through ever forming corridors of bark.

They exited right out of the Dryad’s home tree!
The surprised dryads scrambled for their weapons as they tried to understand what on earth was going on. One of the elder dryads was actually having a bath not 20 feet from the tree!

In Sylvan he demanded an explanation for this invasion, from his naturally made bathtub in the tree’s roots.

Gotta managed to defuse the situation with only a 500gp penalty imposed on the safe exit from the dryads territory.

As they traveled back, closer to Summit they managed to get a ride from a couple of traders.

Derek was very happy to see them upon their return and they had a midnight feast to discuss strategies at tackling lordship duties tomorrow.

The next day they started to prepare for their Summit duties.

They had decided to elect the following Lords to oversee the twelve kingdom attributes:

Attribute (Ability) Invested Points Character Previous Score D20 Current Score
Military (Str) + 12 Eximere 2 15 1
Scouts (Dex) 12 Sofir 2 20 2
Espionage (Dex/Int) + + 4/8 Xan/Sofir 0 25 2
Royal Guard (Con) 4/2 Eximere/Thundor 1 24 1
Mining/Industry (Con) + + 2 Thundor 3 18 3
Arcana (Int) - - 8/12 Fury/Xan -3 28 -1
Treasury (Int) 4 Xan 3 23 3
Trade (Wis) 5/4 Gotta/Sagla 1 11 -1
Agriculture (Wis) + 15 Gotta 3 35 5
Religion (Wis) 5/8 Gotta/Sagla -1 24 0
Politics (Cha) - D/3 Decrecious/Thundor 0 15* 0
Diplomacy (Cha) - - - D/6 Decrecious/Thundor -1 23 0

Some of the attributes are affected by the races that reside within. Miscellaneous bonuses are represented by pluses and the penalties are with minuses. Usually the bonuses outweigh the negatives.

  • Are the rolls affected by the poor Arcana.

There has also been a positive effect from the donations made to the churches in Summit. This effect had an impact on Religion and it’s related attributes.

Gotta had made an epic effort in the Agriculture section with some aid from the dryads. This would have increased to 6, but because the related attributes are not high enough (needed at least a 3) it could only be raised to 5.

Also as noticed, Scouts had increased even though the total didnt reach the 25 points it needed. This directly reflects the party traveling around Summit and taking care of threats they find on their way.

Derek also took part in more diplomatic missions and sent Thundor on those he was not able to attend.

Summit rolls:
Summit rolls 18042011

The lords also had to show an example of why they were handling their respective duties.
The highlights were:

Eximere was trying to show the Royal Guard how to spot and hunt underground enemies. This didn’t go so well as the guards were stationed in the strategic places and were unlikely to go down in the mines/dungeons, Eximere is also an elf.

Agriculture had flourished so much that it opened up diplomatic relations with the dryads for the first time since centuries ago. Gotta took this advantage and with his recent “surprising diplomatic visit” managed to talk the dryads into integrating into the fragile Summit economy.
Information about the dryad race: Rules for running a small province

Although trade in summit was doing well, with the introduction of the dryads it became unbalanced. It also made general trading hard as the dryads demanded to know which tree was hurt in the process of creating any wooden item. This had a negative effect on trading and made getting simple wooden items difficult to trade.

By suppressing the minor cults in Summit, Sagla was able to take an opportunity to reinforce favour in deities. Religion was once again a positive topic to talk about, that didn’t make conversation awkward.

Summit was on the rise.


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